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Caravan Drivers' Speeches Acts 1 & 2
« on: 14 August 2018, 12:33:27 »
This info was gathered to help players who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The name of the merchant is followed by their speeches when you enter their shop, leaving shop are the things they may say when you exit.

Eratodes (Helos)
Enter Shop
I can ease your load.
A good day to you.
You can store your goods with me.
I'll hold your things for you.
Hail traveller, store you things with me.

Leave Shop
Hera keep you.
Your goods are safe with me.
So long.
Hermes guide you.

Pianhk (Megara & Memphis)
Enter Shop
Our chests are spacious and secure.
I can hold that for you.
Storage for the burdened traveller.
Good day.

Leave Shop
Your goods are safe with me.
Good day then.
Safe travel.

Deon (Delphi)
Enter Shop
Make light your heavy burden warrior.
Stores deep and wide, as the poet said.
Ah, another traveller with goods to store.
Do you know, Semonedes?  Fine poet.
Be as a mouse and decide provisions, Dartasian.

Leave Shop
Safe journey.
Apollo smile on you.
Live long, o traveller.

Konon (Athens)
Enter Shop
By Hermes and Isis both, welcome.
At your service.
Well, another overburdened warrior.
What can I hold?
A caravan is what you need, eh.

Leave Shop
Athena guard you.
I keep goods safe.
Good ... bye.
So long then.

Philoctedes (Knossos)
Enter Shop
Oh - just - luck - magically.
Good day.
Goods stored and transferred.
Have something to store?
Caravan storage.

Leave Shop
Travel lightly.
Come again.

Xuthus (Rhakotis)
Enter Shop
Have you seen that good-for-nothing servant?
What? Do you need something?
Just - careful where you put everything.
I have some space - just a little.
Where is that lazy boy?  Oh, hello.

Leave Shop
Ah, I need another camel.
That's it.  We're out of space.
Yes, yes, come again.
So long.

Sinon (Thebes)
Enter Shop
I could ... store goods for you.
Do you need to ... store something?
Storage?  Caravan storage?
Can I ... be of help?
Very fine credits, keep your goods safe.

Leave Shop
Your goods are safe with us.
Thaaank you.
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