Author Topic: Titan Quest Harbinger The Warrior Ultimate Guide by Madrush  (Read 1504 times)

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You don’t know what build to do, and you want to go to legendary and kick every monster easy shot. This build is made for you.
After 1 weak of playing Immortal Throne, I was building an Harbinger. I’m now lvl 61 at Act4 Legendary and I found that this build is really powerfull and easy to do. Here is my Harbinger Build:
Firts of all, this build is focused on offance, speed and strong damage. I don’t really have alot of defence beacause my “pirate stuff” have only 288 Def. eash parts, but in revange I have 9200 health and 45% of damage resistance. In fact I don’t really need defence because I own every monster in a few second.
Here is my Skill build:
Ultimate build: The ultimate build is the best of the two world. Combine BossRunBuild and NormalBuild.
Warfare Mastery
For sure an Harbinger was not an Harbinger if you’re not maxed all the dual wield skills. Most of the strenght of this buill is in Dual Weild, The speed is restrict at 199% but dual = double damage and double speed. Max out the usual warface skills ( all the Onslaught branch, weapons traning and dodge attack)
Put 1 points in battle rage, crushing blow and counter attack. Battle rage is really useful, apend often and boost your attack power and critical hit chance.
Dream Mastery
The first skill that you must use in the beginning is PhamtonStrike, begin per put 1 point in phamtomStrike and then max DreamStealer. you can also use Trance of Empathy at the beginnig. (Replace it per maxed Trance of Wrath lately in the game.) put some point in Lucid dream and Premoniton. Later max Phamtom Strike, LucidDream, Premoniton and Temporal Flux. Put 1 point in Distort Reality and max TemporalRift. Petrification is really usefull, none of ennemy have resistance to this skills (WARNING: DOESN’T WORK ON BOSS)
You can also use Distortion Fiel, but not really usefull or put only one point.
When you’re doing boss run use Battle Standard and Ancestral Horn instead of PhamtomStrike and Distort Reality ( those skill are not useful against Boss(they are Immute to petrify and phamtom strike is more useful against mass of ennemis). So use the original Battle Standard and Ancertral Horn, always strong against boss.
Equipments and Stuff
Most of the stuff I wear are really easy to find in the secret passage in legendary for Iris, Aphodite’s Favor, Phobos and Epic for Buccanneer’Grab.
You’ll need also 2 ring that give you Strenght and health.
The Buccanneer’grab is really nice cause he give you a bonus of 1000 health when the set is complet and elemental resistance, poison, pierce,stun,sleep. This set give you a good attack power, +26% total damage , 400 offensive ability. Low defance but so mush power and really easy to find.
Iris, the mort powerfull weapon in the game, also easy to find (20 run in legendray’secret passage.) This weapon hit hard, elemental damage, bonus dmg, dex, and a fast attack speed for a club.
You need also a good arm bracer, I took phobos that I found in the Secret passage again. But you can easily take warrior bracer, conqueror bracer, someting that give you attack speed. (30% -40% needed)
You need 2 good ring, Strenght and healt is your priority, I’ve found some heal ring in chop (those ring are preaty easy to find in epic and legendary in shop, In normal you can have it often when you make sme spiderqueend run (just before Delfy) You can also put some Dionysus’ wineskin on it. Really powerfull for 6% dmg resistance and health bonus.
And then you need a great amulet, like Aphodite’s favor (bonus of 800 health, 2 all skill, elemental resstance)But an 2 all skill and bonus health can be found in a shop (rare but I found one)
Star of Ishtar, my divine artifact: really Hard to find all the relic, charm and Fomulas but when you found all of that Star of Ishtar is really nice (20% str and 20%dex plus a bonus of elemental resistance and dmg resistance . Alos a great summon ativate on low heath, he deal nice dmg.
So with this stuff you will have near 9k health, alot of strenght(around 800 and decent dex (400). You’ll have 45% dmg resistance , 80% elemental resitance, around 90% stun resitance.
In overall This build own, I do some secret passage run in under 2min, I beat Toxeus The murderer easily. You’ll enjoy mass of ennemis literaly exploding in front of you and aloso killing boss easily.
Future Needs: In fact this build is not perfect, I need some stuff to leash life, I’m thinking about to change my second weapon to Scepter of Thanatos that give my around 11% damageconverted to health
I need also more perce resistance and posion resistance, and maybe some bleeding and energy resistance. But where to find them?