Author Topic: Titan Quest Lililth the Will of Demon Mod How To’s  (Read 664 times)

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Titan Quest Lililth the Will of Demon Mod How To’s
« on: 14 August 2018, 10:30:38 »
The Gate next to the Mausoleum won’t open until Epic/Legendary level, you need a certain item, Ssasamyr Stone??

Let the boss in Kolopsos ‘s Liar follow you into the bushes,he can’t move very well that way so you can easily kill him.
The Gate of The Forgotten Clover won’t open until you obtained the 2nd quest of the fisherman.
If the portal of A Fault in Siran’s Mines won’t activate,just go closer.
Be sure to have the Soul Gem for killing The Guardian.
Don’t let your pet kill him.
The gem has to be in the main inventory.
If it doesn’t work go back to the little room and drop the gem, leave the little room and reenter and pick up the gem again, go back to the gardens and try again.
Clear the path before tipping Gibi the White Demon, you have better chance he’ll survive and obtain the quest. Follow the flags to his home.
The gates to Pandora’s Fortress won’t open, look for an entrance in the cracked walls.
You need the mirror to kill Sashami, he’s in the Nothern Scheol.
Origins and End Key are used in the Mountain Core before entering Penitents Chamber, look for a ramp to a cave.
You need Shara’s Eye to reveal The Invisible Creature in The Great Lake Of Singing Waters.
You need another Shara’s Eye to make The Great Demonic Master (in Mel’Kaans Temple) become visible before you can kill him.
You cannot find the Great Demonic Master ?? When you reach the last chamber of the Temple of Mel’Kaan, their is a Lich King like character at the center end of the room. You’ve got to talk to it one or two times and then he gets split into 3 Lich Kings,you have to defeat them first.
After that, you have to reach the Echoes Village to talk to Mordak who will give you the Chapel key.
At The area with the spider boss in The Asylum you have to activate the 5 elements in the right order before you can access Hydra’s Valley.
How to kill the Final Boss:Draken
You need to edge around to the sides and work your way down to the end. The final map is shaped like a trident. At each trident “point” there is an object that you can destroy. Once you destroy them, you will be able to damage the final boss. But be careful – destroying them also spawns new heros that you will encounter when you head back to where the Draken awaits. You don’t need to destroy all three before you take on the big guy.However you have to defeat the 3 Lords first.

This guide is originally written by Stekel and taken from his site at: