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Kiting 101 by botebote77
« on: 29 April 2018, 22:09:19 »
Kiting 101 by botebote77

10 kiting rules i developed for myself over the years. You can also follow these when playing other games, not just TQ.

1.) kill every enemy you see before you advance to the next area.. you want as much running space as you can have

2.) when you're finally doing serious kiting, do not go into places you haven't been yet.. those dark areas on the map, don't go there.. go backwards to the areas you have cleared in (1)

3.) try to break up a mob.. see if you can aggro 1 or 2 at a time

4.) when kiting in open areas where you know you won't encounter additional mobs (usually against bosses), don't go backwards unless you really have to.. go sidewards.. in fact, everytime you can go sidewards, go sidewards instead of backwards.. that way you can attack easier and you also keep them in your sight while dodging their attacks

5.) look at the area and see if there's a spot where you can be in an advantageous position.. like if there's a stair, try to get the enemy below and you above.. if you're below, you're at a disadvantage

6.) use CCs.. moving faster than your enemies and being able to freely move can spell the difference between dying and surviving.. the less running you have to do, the better

7.) learn the behaviors of monsters especially bosses.. what spells they cast and what do they do before casting a spell

8.) don't drink health pots very late.. potions have cooldowns.. if you drink a health pot when your health is already very low, it only takes a few more hits before you need to drink another potion.. your health pot might not be ready yet by that time

9.) if on a 50/50 choice between attacking and dodging, choose dodging.. your first objective is to not get hit.. or not get hit much

10.) you will still get hit so don't even think you can get by without any resists
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Re: Kiting 101 by botebote77
« Reply #1 on: 30 April 2018, 07:07:05 »
Sound advice botebote77 and mostly what I try and do as well.  Though I'm inclined to go backwards rather than sidways.  ;D