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Templar guide
« on: 23 April 2018, 02:55:49 »
Iím currently around level 21 and Iím looking for some direction regarding my build. So far I have had a moderate amount of success using Psionic Touch/Psionic Burn with the shield passives. I am using Sabretooth for the attack speed. Iím not entirely sure whether these skills will be viable in Epic or Legendary.

I am particularly interested in thoughts regarding Trances, Attribute points and skill priorities. Of course, any other insight is welcome also.

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Re: Templar guide
« Reply #1 on: 23 April 2018, 06:34:43 »
I'll try to help.. keep in mind though i haven't played melee in a long long time.. other people might be better help

there are two popular builds for a templar.. one is reflection build (ToE and defiance).. the other is straight up tank build.. i believe the tank build is the simpler one because reflection build you have to dedicate your items for a reflection build also, whereas tank build you have more freedom in your item selection.. also, it is more beginner friendly

for a defense melee i believe going for a fast weapon is still the better choice because faster attack means more shield attack procs, so sabertooth is a good choice.. sabretooth is an MI and MIs have epic and legendary versions so as you advance difficulties, you'll have to do more farming.. mostly, weapon selection is just the best you can find.. defense has concussive blow which only works for axes and clubs but i still think going for a fast attack weapon is better.. other good MI swords are kthonian razor and those act 5 MIs.. try to get life steal.. you can socket anubis wrath to your weapon to get life steal.. then remember to complete the charm in the weapon (not before you socket it)..  that way you get attack speed as completion bonus. you do not want to get over the attack speed cap as that would be useless.. attack speed cap for a one handed weapon is 222? it's been so long I'm not even sure now :)

let's talk about trances.. ToE gives life steal and thorns but i don't think it's the best trance for melees (except for a reflection build).. since it's easy to get life steal from items anyway, i think you'd be better off with the other 2 trances.. i think ToE is best for offensive pure petmasters so all your pets get life steal and thorns.. ToC is the most balanced trance.. it is good for casters and weapon users.. it is usually valued for the damage absorption but the health and mana regen also helps.. it's also ok for petmasters because it has big radius.. ToW reduces resistances and reduced resistance is always good but because it has very small radius, it's best for melees.. not that it matters to you but here's the thing, it reduces resistances by percent.. for more info on this click here  .. since physical resist is mostly low or at zero anyway, i do not think it is best for a physical damage build.. i think it's good for a hybrid melee build.. i do not advice you to go hybrid just yet.. it's safer to go str/dex.. i am not a fan of ratio stat distribution but try to keep str a little higher than dex.. i think you'll be tanky enough you do not need to put points on health

other skills.. nah this is like a novel now so just experiment :) you can buy back skill points anyway.. just get shield attack procs and colossus form.. battle awareness tree (the 2nd and 3rd synergy are good).. i like self healing so I'll put a point on rally.. i also like adrenaline tree.. it almost always procs at max level with all skills.. choose one between phantom strike and shield charge.. weh i ended up telling too much the rest is yours to explore
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Re: Templar guide
« Reply #2 on: 25 April 2018, 15:26:11 »
Psionic Touch is good if you use a spear for the total damage. Else, I would recommend batter because you can hit more enemies at once and you can use its effect right away instead of charging it also you hit with your weapon and shield at the same time.

I went for ToE, you can put 1 point in ToW to kill enemies faster in safer areas.