Author Topic: Lilith Walkthrough Act 3, Part 1  (Read 427 times)

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Lilith Walkthrough Act 3, Part 1
« on: 19 April 2018, 18:38:41 »
Lilith Walkthrough Act 3, Part 1

Itís very easy to get completely sidetracked by all the optional Quests that you can get once you reach Asteria. Getting back to the Main Quest, Act 3 starts after you defeat the Great Demonic Monster at MelíKaanís Temple. Return to Mordak and heíll give you a Chapel Key and tells you that you must go through The Chapel to eventually reach Hudraís Valley.

The Courtyard/The Chapel: Enter The Chapel from the nearby Courtyard portal. All of your attackers are Undead in there, so have the correct armor and weaponry for them. Fight your way to the back of the chapel, and in the upper right corner, there is a hard-to-see door to The Asylum.

The Asylum: There is a restpoint near the entrance to The Asylum, so touch it and move along. Your main opponents in the Asylum are Undead, Demons and Cyclops. Unfortunately, the mapping in The Asylum is confusing and incomplete, and many corridors donít show on the map. There is a midway Asylum restpoint, so donít exit the game until you touch it.

Once you find the correct (partially unmapped) path to the exit in the upper North corner, you will find 2 Mystic Orbs with generous rewards. Exit the Asylum and outside, you will find the nearby Hudraís Valley portal. Step into the portal and take a break! Note: you can keep returning to The Asylum from the Hudraís Valley portal, go down the stairs, fight a few familiar battles and milk the 2 Mystic Orbs multiple times for a constant source of good loot.