Author Topic: Questions Regarding Affixes/other general questions  (Read 619 times)

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Questions Regarding Affixes/other general questions
« on: 18 April 2018, 17:03:31 »
Just a warning, this is going to be somewhat lengthy :) First off, it's great to see some of you all again.  I was on the original tq forums with the same username circa 2012-2014, and after quite a long break, I got the itch to play again.  I was able to import my old characters over into AE.

My main goal right now is to try and gear up a few of my higher level characters (bow brigand and conqueror) and push them into top tier status in terms of gear.  Following are my questions:

1. I guess I don't understand the difference between yellow (magical) and green (rare) items.  From the TQ wiki, magical items are supposed to have up to one affix, so either a prefix or suffix but not both.  Green items are supposed to have a prefix and suffix.  I've been finding lots of green items with either no affixes or only one.  Does this mean that a yellow or green item could roll with no affix?  Or if it's green roll with only one?  This wouldn't make a lot of sense to me as a green item with no affixes should basically just be a common white item.

2.  Regarding white items, the TQ item database (tq-db) has a lot of items, including Monster Infrequents and their base stats.  However, I can't seem to find a list of white items and what their base stats are.  I know that in different acts and areas of the game there are different styles of shields, greaves, etc.  It would be nice to know what the white items are in that area to know if I might get a desirable green item.

EDIT:  Ok so I found a half-decent list of common armor types on the TQ wiki, but no stats for them.

3. I know that well-rolled greens can be the best items in the game, depending on the affixes you get.  As I farm items, I'm realizing I'm not sure what I should be looking for in terms of stats for each piece.  For example, +%damage or +%attack speed might roll higher on my weapon as opposed to my torso or helm.  Also, certain charms and relics can give stats, but only to specific armor pieces or weapons.  I know that there isn't a hard rule, but in general on what armor pieces should I be looking for which stats?

4.  Why is the bramblewood bow so good again?  I have one that I farmed on my bow brigand a long time ago, but looking at the stats again I'm unsure as to why it's so amazing.  I think I just got it because Irma2's guide said I should use it lol.

5.  What are some of the "S Tier" prefixes/suffixes?

Thanks guys!

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Re: Questions Regarding Affixes/other general questions
« Reply #1 on: 18 April 2018, 22:44:49 »
Hello and welcome to the forum  ^-^ . You should use >> THIS << board to open a new topic to introduce yourself and get few posts on forum with which you will get more options and access.
About your questions, I'm not right person to answer.
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Re: Questions Regarding Affixes/other general questions
« Reply #2 on: 18 April 2018, 23:50:13 »
I'll try to answer

1) can you please post the link? because those are flat out wrong.. I'll try to give a more accurate description just based on my experience (i have plenty though :)  ).. yellows and greens can have either 1 prefix, 1 suffix, or both.. there are yellow affixes and there are also greens.. scholar's, summoners, of mana.. those are yellow affixes.. examples of green affixes are hallowed, of the gods, of reckless power.. a yellow item can have 1 or 2 affix but if it has only yellow affix, it will only be yellow colored.. a green can also have 1 or 2 affixes.. if it has 1 yellow affix and 1 green affix, it's a green

this is a yellow with 2 affixes:
this is a green with only 1 affix:

there are no yellows or greens that has no affix except from some new ragnarok MIs but from my understanding, it's because the devs are/were still working on them.. lots have been fixed with the latest update but i don't know if there are still unfinished ones

2) maybe the author does not want to include whites because they're too many.. i don't know the stats though

3) what stats you should be looking for? i think you can answer that better than we can because it depends on your char ;)  but try to get resists, damage, attack speed, some form of survivability

4) flat reduced resist.. reduced resists are powerful attributes that is sadly ignored by many.. it's easy to see how important resists are.. fight Hades with 30% vit resist.. then fight him again with 70% to max resist and see how much easier it is.. it's just the same with reduced resist but opposite

5) sacred (+2 all skills).. wraithlord's or allfather's of convocation would be dope for petmasters.. i used to have a tyrant's of speed sword, enhanced with anubis wrath i consider that S rank
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Re: Questions Regarding Affixes/other general questions
« Reply #3 on: 18 April 2018, 23:53:56 »
Thats some nasty confusion you have here  :)

1 - affix determines grade, if an item has at least one rare affix, it is rare, if at least one magic and no rare - it is magic.
2 - ehm, what stats do you want to know? Armor has armor and stat requirements, weapons damage range and stat requirements again. Maybe pierce ratio if it has any piercing. Thats all you can learn about a white item
3 - Its very build and situation dependant really, I don't want to be too generic here so won't give any advice. Sometimes you want resistances more, other times maybe something damage related. Then there is attack, cast, total speed, life and mana regen, mana cost reduction, -recharge etc etc which you may or may not want depending on what you're doing
4 - because it has a debuff on it (chance to reduce all resist). Debuffs are one of the strongest means to multiply damage in this game.
5 - No idea what is s-tier, really