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Ranged attacks hit the ground
« on: 18 September 2022, 14:30:46 »

I'm experiencing a strange issue with my ranged characters. When attacking with their weapons, they are very often shooting into the floor in front of an enemy instead of the enemy, despite clicking on the enemy itself. This happens in all regions and the effect is most severe when standing on a slope, where the character shoots into the floor directly in front of him, instead of an enemy at higher or lower altitude.
Also in the Seventh Branch of Yggdrasil it is impossible to hit any target, whose center is higher than a human, like the Yggdrasil Buds and Yggdrasil Eagles, using ranged weapons. With my casters I can only kill them using AoE spells and my bow master had to switch to his spear and go melee. My rune master thrower could also only kill them using spells.

This bug is extremely annoying as I can't use combat distance to my advantage. Do others experience this bug as well and is there a fix? I'm playing on the latest GOG version 2.10.5.

edit: Another thing that happens regularly is that large enemies are falling below the ground when they are killed. I don't remember this issue from earlier versions of the game.
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