Author Topic: LoC Hunting skill changes  (Read 442 times)

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LoC Hunting skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:36:06 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills

Added %bleeding damage to mastery by level. I tried to calculate what the bleeding damage bonus would be based on DEX with the same calculation used to determine elemental boost from INT. Not perfect, but helps with bleed builds.

Ensnare: Added radius to ensnare multiple enemies.
 Art of the Hunt: Chance to cause bleeding damage. %bonus to bleeding damage.
 Woodlore: Includes Pet Bonus.
 Herbal Remedy: Toggled Buff Aura
 Study Prey: removed and added to Falcon summons


Summon Wolf: Transferred from Nature mastery. 2 summon limit. Natural Dodge Chance. Wolf – Strength of the Pack – Gone. Use Art of the Hunt and Call of the Hunt instead.
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Sharpened Fang: Converts a % of their base damage to piercing. Adds chance of additional piercing and bleed damage.
◾Level 8 ~ Intimidate small radius AoE aura that weakens nearby enemies
◾Level 16 ~ Hemorrhagic Fever: Plague-like contagious spell that does bleeding damage and lowers bleed resist.
◾Level 21 ~ Becomes an Alpha Grizzled Wolf
◾Level 21 ~ Strength of the Pack: It’s back baby! Modified skill from Wolf skill line in Nature mastery.

Wolf – Maul: Bleeding and Pierce along with Damage Converted to Health
Wolf – Survival Instinct: Below 33% health Wolves have 8 seconds of damage absorb, boosted damage, health regen, and ActH

Piglet Lure – Summon an adorable little piglet, screaming and running through mobs, drawing your enemy’s attention. 20 second timed summon. A mobile version of Monster Lure. Cooldown decreases every level so you can eventually spam them.

Piglet Lure ~ Razorback – Massive damage reflection added to Piglet, bonus chance of pierce and bleeding damage retaliation to finish them off!

Falconry: Summon a quick falcon. High dodge ability. Pierce and bleeding damage.
 Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 1 ~ Sharpened Talon: Attack that does piercing damage and has chance of bleed
◾Level 5 ~ Eye Gouge: Attack with Pierce and Bleed and chance of Fumble attacks and impaired aim
◾Level 9 ~ Stymphalian Feather: attack AoE bleeding and pierce. BAM!
◾Level 21~ Becomes a Phoenix, gaining raw elemental damage, bonus armor and spawns a new Phoenix on death!
◾Level 21~ Phoenix Flame: Small AoE aura that deals burning damage and lowers enemies fire resist.
◾Level 26 ~ Harpy Screech: AoE attack with lots of Stun and pierce

Falcon ~ Study Prey and Falcon ~ Flush out. You want to weaken your enemies? Better get a bird!