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LoC Warfare skill changes
« on: 08 December 2017, 12:32:47 »
Warning - may not be up to date!

Player Skills Added %bleeding damage to mastery by level. I tried to calculate what the bleeding damage bonus would be based on DEX with the same calculation used to determine elemental boost from INT. Not perfect, but helps with bleed builds.

Weapon Training: Adds Pet Bonus.
Dodge Attack: Added chance for %damage resistance like the “of Succor” item suffix. Adds similar passive Pet Bonus.
Lochagos: New skill. Lochagos is Greek for Captain. Top tier passive petbonus that increases damage for all pets. (MOVE YOU MAGGOTS! HUT! HUT! HUT!)
Completely reworked Battle Rage. All 3 levels are separate on-hit proc skills.


Ancestral Horn: 3 summons max (3 at level 14). Immune to Sleep and Vitality Damage. Strong against poison weak against fire and lightning.
 Inherent petskills:
◾Level 6 ~ Jumpslash :50% damage with increasing chance to activate, and additional bleeding damage per level after
◾Level 11 ~ Crosscut: 2 target/ 90 degree arc with increasing chance to activate, and additional bleeding damage per level after
◾Level 16 ~ Tumult 3 target/ 360 degree arc. Adds +% damage, bleeding damage, stun, and reduces enemy offensive ability.
◾Level 21 ~ Warhorn: Smaller radius warhorn + doomhorn skills combined.
◾Level 24~ 3 summon limit

Ancestral Warrior – Onslaught: Just like the regular onslaught but adds life regen: if the spectral warriors are fighting, then they are healing.
Ancestral Warrior – Ignore Pain: Like the player skill, but adds %regen.
Ancestral Warrior – Ardor: Increases speed and elemental resistance.
Battle Standard Inherent Petskills:
◾Level 15~ +2 all skills
◾Level 20~ +4 all skills


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