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[MOD] Egyptian Chariot (Alpha)
« on: 28 February 2020, 13:59:49 »

After a long delay, i managed to bring the Charioteer mod to a relatively playable state. Features and info:
- Play as an Egyptian royalty, riding a chariot with two horses
- The Character can use only ranged weapons - bow, thrown, dual thrown, staff. Melee weapons will not work!
- No matter what dye you use, the character will stay the same look
- Helmets are made always invisible
- The mod is more for testing and fun than for actual playing, as the chariot is sometimes difficult to control.

Known Issues:
- Weapon Attack Speeds are displaying incorectly (much higher)
- The mod can conflict with existing characters. It's recommended to start with a new one.

Link to the alpha version:!cTw3FKwR!8yKY_b4--fS2KhnYOKJkGSDY4lrjmcOLK9DU6IjjI20
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Re: [MOD] Egyptian Chariot (Alpha)
« Reply #1 on: 28 February 2020, 14:22:43 »
Great! If there is flame animation on horse's legs and Isis Wings it will even more Epic  >:D
Does it still keep the same character stats (move speed, attack speed,..>)?

- I just try it and it doesn't work with my Templar char who in Tartarus Arena. But it works with a male character who is just test guy, he has Egyptian looks too (maybe this your hidden, right :D ?)
Both using Greek white dye.
And when he using the white teutona -throwing weapon that bought from Helos shop, attack speed show 327%, but the attak animation and deal dmg just like normal attack speed speed.
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