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Re: % Attack Damage Converted to Health
« Reply #15 on: 16 October 2018, 05:50:43 »
1 Q. guys:

ADCTH seems to work more effectively if its on jewellery/artifact as compared to weapon. Is that legit observation or not?

This is because ADCTH on weapons only works when that weapon is used. However ADCTH on any other source works on both weapons  (and throwing knives).
That means, for any dual wield, since both weapon has equal chance to be used, ADCTH on one weapon has 50% effectiveness compared with ADCTH on any other source. Passive or active skills that uses both weapon at same time does not change the conclusion. For Defense mastery toons, your shield active and passive skills involves both weapon and shield to attack. In these senerios, the damage from your weapon procs ADCTH, but damage from your shield does not. Since 1H+shield does not always proc shield attack, the overall effectiveness of ADCTH on weapon is higher than 50% (also note that base damage of shields are lower than those of most weapons of same tier), I think it should be around 65%.
To conclude, non-weapon (and shield) ADCTH is the more effective way if your other weapon can be used in attacks.


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