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[REL] Bugfix patch 1.17
« on: 20 November 2017, 13:47:35 »
Dragged this one up from the depths as well. Seems like I'm a thread necromancer for hire now :P

old thread from 2009, orginal author: YerkYerk, applies only to old unpatched TQIT!

                     Latest news: balance patch is in the make.

Titan Quest bugfix patch 1.17a
About the patch
Titan Quest, and its expansion set, Immortal Throne, were the flagship products of IronLore Entertainment. Unfortunately, the studio has since closed down and there will be no more fixes or additions to the already great game.

This is where the Fanpatch comes in; the Fanpatch fixes many remaining bugs and flaws within the game and is the culmination of the hard work of many modders from The goal of the patch is to ensure that even though IronLore has closed its doors, Titan Quest will be continually updated through the efforts of its fans.

The patch tries its best to fix the game such as to the intent of the designers and does not make any balancing changes or creative changes (unless as necessary for the resolution of a particular problem).

If you use this patch online, we would request you to put 1.17 somewhere in your name, so people can recognize you're using the fanpatch - thus preventing matching errors (1.17 users can see 1.1 users, but get an error when trying to connect).

Download locations

Notice: The patch 1.17a installer triggers some virus detection software and gives false positives. There is no virus or trojan in the patch. This statement applies to the following download locations. If you have further concerns about the warning, or need further reassurance before installing, do not install the patch.
Patch 1.17a Download locations: (approximately 56,8MB)
Download location #1 - RapidShare (broken link)
Download location #2 - FileFront (broken link)
Download location #3 - Gigasize (broken link)
Download location #4 - The Patches Scrolls
Download location #5 - Gamershell
Download location #6 - AtomicGamer
Download location #7 - spectre's Dropbox (possibly only valid working link)

(Mod edit - If the links become fixed please tell a member of staff. Thank you - Batman)

Text files with fixed non-english files for fanpatch 1.17 - fixes some text display issues for non-English versions
German readme for 1.17 - made by vorbis

Old versions:
Can be found in this thread

Bugfix List
Bugs fixed in patch v1.17
(more info on the fixes can be found here)
- Outsider's damage does not increase past level 15.
- Liche King's Soul Blight projectile has no sound and no visible impact.
- Nymph has no aggressive or defensive controllers.
- Nymph's weapon attack does not use flat damage from pet bonuses.
- Briarward does not get Epic or Legendary health boosts.
- Shaman's Leggings give double recharge bonuses.
- Spellbreaker projectile fails to affect targets half the time.
- Revenant Greaves don't drop, and Epic and Legendary variants aren't linked.
- Gigantes defensive auras fail to activate because of an animation problem.
- Gigantes monster gear and monster infrequent gear is a mess.
- Normal Scepter of the Liche King has irregular damage values.
- Monster Infrequent leg armor from Act 4 monsters can drop without affixes.
- Percentage poison damage completion bonuses on relics and charms do not work.
- Percentage poison damage boosts on Battlemarker shrines do not work.
- Ravages of Time icon is too large.
- Traps became dumber in 1.1.16.
- Inzu the Dune Raider is a Beastman (should be Demon).
- 6678 should be 6788
- Removed fix notes from previous patch change logs that have been confirmed as not having been implemented, or not working as intended.

Additional Features of v1.17
o AllSkins mod: a version of the AllSkins mod 0.8 has been included on the 1.17 fanpatch. That means that all the skin bottles from the latest AllSkins mod 0.8 have been added so players can see each others' skins online and trade bottles, and we've also included optional vendors so that players can purchase skin bottles from all versions, past and present, of the AllSkins mod inside the main game. To access this option, use the menu's "Unlock Content" button and type in this code: 123. This will drop 2 artifacts, each of which will spawn the appropriate vendor when equipped. Additionaly, we also included specialty skin vendors for adult skins, dress-mesh skins, and skirtless-mesh skins (unlock code: 12345). Note: a player must be using the dress mesh or skirtless mesh in order to properly display skins purchased from those vendors (found in AllSkins 0.8). Also, summoned vendors will not disappear until you exit the game, so we recommend summoning them in a city.

o Custom Item Support: items from some custom-game mods have been included in the patch to prevent their loss when accidentally loading a custom-game character into a different mod or into the regular game. If you bring these items into the original game, they will appear in your inventory as unusable parchments until returned to the originating mod.
      Custom games currently supported:
        Occult 1.0
        Uber 1.1
        StreetFighter BETA
   If you have a mod with new items, and would like take advantage of the custom-item support in the next fanpatch, register on and go to the fan patch forums to request your mod's inclusion:
Bugs fixed in beta patch v1.1.16
- Polyphemus now gets the proper resistance across difficulties
- Frozen monsters with unique spears are now fixed
- Odontotyrannus (Beast) no longer drops Demons Blood charm
- Double resistances from undead were removed

- Removed double -%recharge for normal Shaman's Helm. Normal Shaman's Helm now gets a single -5%recharge bonus.
- Night mistress' Staff projectile range has been restored, and new projectile is more visible
- Legendary Tiger Claw now gives a proper OA bonus
- Attack speed of Shiverblood fixed
- Hermes Sandals now has proper bonuses for all three difficulties
- Hermes Sandal movement speed bonus increased to 5/6/7 for N/E/L
- Scepter of the Liche King's base damage fixed
- Might of Hephaestes now activates it's granted skill properly
- Batrachos Greaves have been restored to give +%DA instead of DA again

- Coredweller now casts Taunt when in agressive mode
- Mortal Wound now has consistent increase levelling up.
- Ravages of Time icon is now replaced with a square to show it's an active skill
- Vision of Death now properly causes all successfully feared monsters to flee instead of sometimes getting stuck
- Liche King's Arcane Blast can now be used if the Liche is lower than level 5

- Persephone's mesh is now fixed
- Near invisible projectiles on staffs without base damage are now replaced by a more visible projectile

- The attribute points you get from the Great Emperor are no longer forfeited if miss your opportunity to talk to the emperor's ghost.
- Hades Generals quest reward now finally works.
- Stygian Lurker quest reward can now be regained.
- Hidden Treasure quest no longer gives incorrect experience if you complete quest before talking to quest giver.

Note: All changed quests will no longer be visible in your quest log. The game will check your character when you load a game in 1.1.16 and let you know if your character has any missing quest rewards and give you a one-time message telling you to visit Laches at the Helos portal, who will recover your missing rewards and restore your quest log entries (though other rewards previously obtained on those quests will not be displayed). For more information about Quest Reward Recovery, visit the bugfix forums at

Bugs fixed in beta patch v1.1.15
- Controllers Fixed for megalesios spirit
- Chest Traps Fixed (fire, frost, plaque, and poison)
- Dark Obelisk Soul Fixed
- Charon Minion Fixed
- Night Mistress Hero Fixed
- Many NPCs in Act 4 Fixed
- Mob pools through out all acts Fixed
- About 30 Mob Skills fixed

- Effects for Eruption, Wildfire, Arrows(default, marksmanship, and scatter shot) and Dart(default) Fixed

- Many Chest loot tables Fixed
- Loot Table for Clam Shell Fixed
- Many Loot Tables for mobs Fixed

- Few Shrines in Greece, Babylon, Egypt, and Orient fixed

- Quest Objects Mushroom Chest, Root Chest, and Urn of the Titans Fixed

- Few UI Improvements (roll over style on ground items, and main hud)
- Bug in Cliff Wall of Hades Cave Fixed

Bugs fixed in beta patch v1.1.14
Additional Features
- Added updated Templates.arc for modders

Other bugs
- Misspellings in the EN version
- Talos, Hydra and Megalesios do not drop armgear in Legendary. They drop 2x the amount of headgear instead.

Bugs fixed in beta patch v1.1.13 and before
Bugged skills
- Ravages of Time does not reduce damage.
- Nymph actually does less damage on level 19 and 20.
- The minus physical damage from Fatigue is totally messed up
- Pets aren't able to use petskills above their max level
- Level 11 and 12 of Reflection yield no increase
- Ternion Attack,the skill of "Spirit Mastery" will not take advantage of the
  "projectile speed bonus" witch Arcane Lore offered.
- Triumph does not reduce damage

Bugged items
- Homados/Barbarian's Spiked greaves gives a wrong bonus
- Some damage bonuses don't work correctly. As can be seen in the editor, they should give two bonuses, but only one displays (and works). It concerns the  following suffixes: "of Destruction, "of Carnage", "of Devastation" and "of Annihilation".
- Normal affixes on equipment in Epic/Legendary
- Epic Herakles relics give better bonuses than Legendary ones
- The +%Armor Protection completion bonus for Theban and Battlemage sets does work, but does not display correctly.
- Armour on Ismene's Bracers is not given
- The diseased plumage and venom sac charms sometimes don't yield a completion bonus.
- -%recharge and -%energy cost on Divine scroll of Archmages Fury doesn't work.
- Schlilsh's Skinner (MI sword of the swamp Anourans); the bleeding damage it does is messed up across the difficulties
- Affixes that grant a -%recharge bonus don't work.
- Erebus Crystal completion bonus mixes up Legendary with normal bonus
- Overseer's Crest should give +2 to earth enchantment but doesn't.
- Golden Fleece doesn't give the right amount of -%energy cost cost.

Bugged drops
- The loot tables are messed up, some items do not drop correctly. A partial
  fix for this was made.
- Some bonuses that were obviously intended (+2 defensive skills on shields,
  +1/2 to certain class skills on staves and some more).
- The Hermes Sandal relic is present in the database, but doesn't drop
- The Hermes Sandal relic doesn't give bonuses on completing
- Drop rates for Ismene's Helm - enemies have 0% chance to wear this.
- Bloodborn Leggings; the correspondent table refers to helmets instead of leggings.
- Shaman Helms - gets -12% recharge at Normal, 0% at Epic and Legendary.
- Shaman Leggings - gets -12% recharge at Normal, 0% at Epic and Legendary.

Multiplayer bugs
- Phoenix (Legendary)The Heat Shield skill insta-kills allies.

Other bugs
- Some textures are not readable by textureviewer
- Numerous bad linkage errors in the database
- Blacksmith in Epic Knossos doesn't sell helmets.
- Merchants do not sell bows in Epic Act 2.
- +% damage bonuses on relics aren't working correctly in beta patch v1.09RC

Unofficial patch bugs
- Leonidas (NPC from Sparta/Athens) is frozen in patch 1.12RC
- hopefully fixed all the not moving npc/monsters, the animation files were removed from a lot of the dbr's in xxdxxd's collection of fixes that luedtke added to the patch
- Some mobs became rather powerful with patch 1.12RC, so some of their items were removed again

Performance bugs
- Tower of Judgment entrance is stuttering, which causes lagging.
- The Crystal room stuttering causes lagging.
- The game files were organized better to give a small perfomance increment

Minor bugs
- Completed Embodiment of Anubis relic displays wrong. (It's lifted).
- Spearmen from Athens have swords in their right hands.

Additional Features
- The skins of the AllSkins Mod were included in the patch. This enables you to see many skins on multiplayer and be able to trade the skin bottles from other players and apply them. To use these skins yourself use the artifacts referred earlier in this post to create the vendors on the game or use the AllSkins mod.

  • If you can't get the installer to work, make sure you don't have any mods installed that affect the files in the TQIT root directory (or use mods through Defiler, as that adjusts .dll files). If that's not the case, direct the installer to your TQIT root directory (e.g. c:\Program Files\Titan Quest Immortal Throne) and start it. If that doesn't work we advice a reinstall.
  • Avast Antivirus could give a warning that it detected a trojan. This is a false positive, which happens a lot on anti-virus programs. For more info, click here
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Re: [REL] Bugfix patch 1.17
« Reply #1 on: 20 November 2017, 13:48:56 »
Q. Will this patch make the game easier or harder?
A. The balance of the game is untouched, we choose to only fix the obvious bugs for this game. There won't be a big impact for most players.

Q. I'm not able to play online anymore! I get a message that I have to update.
A. You can only play multiplayer if other people have the same version as you (i.e. the fanpatch). Either convince the others to also use the fanpatch, or use the uninstaller (which is conveniently included with the installer) if you play online.

Q. Ravages of Time is still broken!
A. You have to activate it manually now, like the Deathchill Aura. We transformed the circle to a square to indicate it's an active skill now.

Q. Some skills can't be raised above their max level, even with +skills.. (e.g. Triumph, Strength of the Pack, Overgrowth, etc..).
A. This is a workaround to fix a nasty problem: pets would not use skills above the max level of these skills. By increasing the max level by 4 (without increasing the cap), the pets are now able to use these skills above their previous max levels.

Q. I get this "grants skills" with -%recharge on it, what's the deal with that?
A. Previously, affixes that granted -%recharge would simply not work, to make the -%recharge on these affixes work again, we introduced a "grant skill" work-around for it.

Q. Will characters who have completed the Lurker's quest or other quests with messed up rewards now get the correct reward?
A. Not automatically. But a work-around was installed, if you did the Stygian Lurker, Hades Generals, or Great Emperor quests, but didn't receive your reward, or lost it, you can now talk to Laches, an NPC next to the Helos portal stone. He will give you the correct reward. For more information:

Q. Will this patch work on the original Titan Quest game, without Immortal Throne?
A. No

Q. Are you sure? Couldn't I just ignore you and try it anyway?
A. Yes and yes.

Q. I tried to patch the original game, and now when I start the game the main menu is all messed up, and I can't see my character. Can you guys help me fix this?
A. Reinstall

Q. I heard this patch fixes Homodos. I spent a long time farming for my Homodos. Is there a way to get this patch without the Homodos fix?
A. No.

Q. Could you make the game more like Diablo 2 in the next patch?
A. No.

Q. I'm afraid this patch is going to cause all sorts of problems
A. This patch was made by community members, it fixes a bunch of bugs but it is not obligatory. We don't get any profit out of creating and distributing the patch. If you don't feel comfortable around installing the patch, than don't, it'll save us a bunch of time dealing with worried 'customers'.

Q. I have installed the patch, gone to talk to Laches, then uninstalled the patch, then installed it again, then went to talk to Laches again, and he gave me the quest rewards again. I've done this 10 times now, but I don't think the rewards are stacking like I hoped they would.
A. That's not really a question, is it?

Final Words
We like to thank luedtke6788 for everything she's done for this patch and the community. Also, thanks to Munderbunny for making this patch possible, he did all the fixes and tests. Also thanks to his girlfriend for help on the easter egg as well as missing out on her boyfriend because of the patch ;)

As a reward for reading this, here's a rather obvious hint as to our easter egg; to unlock it, try out one of the names of the fanpatch workers in the 'unlock content' menu.

A lot of people were involved with this unofficial patch. I've tried to give credit where credit was due, but I could mess up - please report if you are missing or incorrectly represented on the credit did and I will gladly rectify it. The credits are written in alphabetical order. Unless noted otherwise, the names are the handles these people use at

Current Fanpatch Team:
yerkyerk, Munderbunny, SoulSeekkor, EJFudd

Arminia, ctrl+alt+suppr, Elias (from TQHQ), Ganelon, grndr, GuardianWarrior, I_Raps, luedtke6788, Kalyan, KonataEx, Munderbunny, nemhauser, Poinas, Psych0phobiA (p0a), Pyrite, ShadowLich

luedtke6788, yerkyerk

Extrakun, yerkyerk, Munderbunny

Testing, suggestions, feedback, ideas and stuff:
Batman, Ganymed, Gene, Knivel, Kupferstecher, luedtke6788, lufe, McGyverForTehWin, pamplmoose, Pyrite, Soranor, yerkyerk and many others

Special thanks:
  • The members of the late IL development team for bringing us this great and severely underrated game.
  • luedtke6788, for her disproportionnaly large part in this project.
  • lufe and Fathersquid for the AllSkins mod, and for bringing that work to the community.
  • Munderbunny for doing all the fixes and raising the quality of the patch for  1.16 and 1.17.
  • All testers and bug reporters that I forgot to mention.
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Creator of the Patchfix for Fanpatch 1.17

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