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The Beginners Guide for Beginners
« on: 14 May 2019, 09:17:05 »
So; When Titans Quest Alantis came out; I decided to get and finish a complete playthrough of Titans Quest..but I ran into a problem.

What to play?

So I tried every class up to level 20; and I want to share with you what I found.

Earth Mastery. Itís Fun, itís Simple. It can easily be used with all weapon styles.

Lets take a look at some of the Masteries abilities and You can see why.

Mastery Level 1:

Earth Enhancement:
-Group effect, +%Fire Damage, +% Burn Damage and +Flat Fire Damage.

So if you are playing with others..this covers your party if they are staying in a reasonable distance from yourself..for those of you who play multiplayer. Otherwise; it Boosts weapons that have fire & Brun damage; This is why Weapons type doesnít matter to much. Just Keep and eye out for those that have Fire/Burn Damage and itís gonna get a Boost!. This Ability also provides some built in fire damage if your just not able to find that nice fire damage weapon for bit.

Flame Surge:
-Cone AOE (3 Projectiles), Flat Fire Damage, Reduces % Defensive Ability on Hit Targets.

Now early one this one isnít so good. Itís a Mana Hog. You gotta get pretty close to enemies to not only  hit them with one of the 3 projectiles at least... But it does get Bonus Fire Damage from Earth Enhancement!.

Mastery Level 4:

- +% Physical Damage, +Flat Burn Damage.

This is one of the other reason weapon type doesnít matter much. You get a bonus % to base weapon damage, even if itís not fire (so Swords can still benefit at a different degree than say a stave thats all fire damage). Not only that but it adds some flat burn Damage. So turn those enemies into cinder...a bit at a time!.

Heat Shield:
- 100Sec Duration, 60Sec CD, Adsorbs Damage, Retaliation with Burn Damage, %Physical Resistance.

This is your early Defensive Ability. With the Duration/CD itís easy to keep it up almost all the time. And it Removes Some damage, hits the enemy back with some Damage Over time AND reduces the damage you take from physical damage overall. Pretty nice.

Ring of Fire:
-AOE (caster centered), Flat Fire.

This one is pretty get a small fireball circling around you; enemies get hit, they get fire damage. Not so useful on a distance Character (Bows, Thrown, Staves) but for those meleeírs itís some nice passive damage.

Volcanic Orb:
-Grenade Style AOE, Flat Physical Damage, # - # Fire Damage.

This one is a little hard to get used to at first. As it is a bit of slow traveler..but once you get used to it which doesnít generally take long, itís going to be your bread and butter distance or even up close AOE. It gets Bonusís from Earth Enhancement's Abilities and it hits multiple enemies, whats not to love!

So we are going to pause for a moment and Talk about leveling.

When I made this character. I got enamoured because it easily has something alot of classes donít early on. Good AOE Damage.

I leveled something like this:

Level 2: 1 Mastery, 2 Earth Enhancement (for me I got a torch early on and let that extra fire damage just roll on in).

Level 3: 3 Mastery; Putting me up to a Total of 4 Mastery.

Level 4: 1 Volcanic Orb, 1 Brimstone and a 3rd Earth Enhancement .

Level 5: Mastery to level 7

Level 6: Mastery to 10

Level 7: 1 Summon Core Dweller, 4th Earth Enhancement  and 2nd Volcanic Orb.

Level 8: 6th Earth Enhancement and 3rd Volcanic Orb

Level 9: 7th Earth Enhancement and 2nd Brimstone

Level 10: 8th Earth Enhancement, 4th Brimstone

So overall I was boosting my overall fire damage, Getting my volcanic orb to reasonable levels to either one shot most mobs or take off a good % of life and getting a summon. The summon is very useful for cutting down the amount of mobs headed at me at one...or just being a nice target.

Often at the start of combat, I toss a volcanic orb in to take down what enemies I can; Let my Core Dweller go doing itís thing (which core dweller is a taunter!)

Then I just go to town on enemies with my base attack till Volcanic Orb is up..and I either target myself  or the core dweller depending on where itís going to do the most damage (or myself if Iím in danger because they all converged on me).

From Here I just basically Shored up anything I felt was falling behind. A Level in Heat shield for some defence, Volcanic Orb if I felt like my fireball was falling behind. And then anything extra went into Earth Enhancement and Brimstone as that boosts my overall damage.

This got me to level 20 and Finished off Greece for me. Onwards to Egypt!.

I hope this gives people like me who has alot of trouble finding that right class to start a play-through some help.

Please only Constructive Replies or people wanting to post their own versions...maybe with a different mastery!.