Author Topic: Any guide to make a skin permanent so you can still get achievements?  (Read 282 times)

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I just got into Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and I am trying to use something like the AllSkins mod (which does not seem to work for me at all with the new Atlantis patch) but I would like to maybe figure out how to make one of those skins from the Allskins mod permanent for my female character that way I could also get the Steam achievements while playing.  It would also be nice to know how to make the armors invisible if they end up conflicting with the skin so any info or help would be appreciated.
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This would probably require to add the skins and probably their dyes to the game's database (which is probably going to be updated a handful of times in the future.) With this, you would no longer need a bounce mod, but it would probably prevent you from entering multiplayer though...

Not entirely sure though, but it would be a big price to pay.