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"Another Stranger Me" - Doppelmaster Summoner
« on: 29 March 2019, 22:08:20 »

There is someone else, another stranger me, another stranger me

To prove once and for all this god-forsaken weapon works with everything, but more importantly to have some fun and make a weird build, here's uhh a pseudo-pet-no-int caster. Equipping doppels with the tooth, big oof. Reworked the setup, works pretty nicely now, but it's still mostly a for-fun toon. Flame surge does a good job at making simulacrum proc, with the other spells it's not a problem to have at least 2 dops up at all times. Heals for days+sanctuary+stone form, it can be quite a lazy, stoned summoner.

Fun facts:
- Doppels don't benefit from jewellery, just like the heroes, but they can use the granted skills from them, such as ensnare in this case, provided it's on LMB/RMB
- Doppels will heal the enemy mobs if they are provided with the spell, same thing LMB/RMB
- Doppels don't benefit from pet gear
*I'd rather not have my main source of dmg idling so I go with 1-2 wolves in case they decide to focus on the same target, wolves are useless in this case
**I haven't done excessive testing with the current setup
***Skill point-hungry and it's not high lvl

Performance in legendary: ~7/10 (killing smoothly but not ultra fast)
Performance in 6-players difficulty: ~6/10 (no bigger survivability issues)
Party support -/- (not recommended with the artifact bugging and wont work well if I'm not the host)
Fun meter: 7.5/10 (weird also pets)
Uniqueness: Torstein/10

Skill tree - earth:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Skill tree - nature:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Stonebinder's Cuffs (of alacrity)
Babeizi Gi (poison res, energy)
Giant's Tooth (relentless, of demonology)
Golden Shield of Pelaron (juggernaut's, hp)

Legendary difficulty - Fafnir:

Legendary 6-players difficulty - doppels vs doppels:
(was looking forward to an epic battle but instead they were at a stalemate casting ensnare lul)


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