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Starting With Mage Ė Classic Caster Style
« on: 08 March 2019, 23:22:41 »
Greetings TQ players. This thread, well I guess Iím just here to say that you, you have fire. You have bolts like Zeusí to throw. And I.Ö iÖ. I woke up at 3 in the morning with nothing to do so decided to write this instead.

This is about my tips for starting with a mage and playing it classic caster style. What do I mean classic caster style? Simple. A true spellcaster and kill before you get killed type of toon. Now isnít that fun? I know it sounds bad for hardcore players but trust me, I hate deaths. And I find playing this way safer than playing classic close combat melee.

I will be covering early game tips for storm, earth, and dream. Early game only because if you want mid to late game, you might as well look for class guides. This is no theorycraft. This is based from personal experiences that started from failures and little by little made it effective that finally suits me. Of these, I have most experience with storm.


Start with squall. Get your mastery bar to tier lvl 10 just enough to unlock squall. You will need to use a staff this early so also put 1pt on storm nimbus and heart of frost (this will help if your staff is cold based)

Put all succeeding points to squall. This will start weak but when you finally max it, Itís OP for this stage of the game.

After that, climb storm mastery until tier lvl 24. Put 1 pt on lightning bolt because it will help against bosses

After that, take all the points from squall and transfer it to ice shards, only 1pt on the first 2 and maxing the last

Unlike squall, ice shard is very mana hungry. So donít put additional points on the first 2 yet. Instead, your next target is lightning bolt. Just the base skill because you will need a good long range single target damage skill for bosses

When youíve done this youíre good for a long time already so you have some leeway. What I usually do is I max storm mastery to unlock eye of the storm. Then finally get a 2nd mastery and just put points on the mastery bar. That is so I get higher life and energy. Good items here are the oracle set. Just the helm and torso works well enough for me. When youíve grown tired of those, a very good torso armor is bai hus mantle socketed with golden fleece relic. Ice shard is very mana hungry so you can delay getting it but if you have these items, mana wonít be that annoying. Spellbreaker is a good skill but early game, I find that i can get by without it.


Iím going to jump straight to tier lvl 24. You also have to use a staff early game. The popular choice is of course staff of the magi

Donít go straight to eruption yet. Eruption is very good but you need lots of skill points just to unlock it. Max Fragmentation instead

I tried going straight to eruption before and when I got to the gorgon queens (9 of them because I always play x3), it took an eternity to kill them because eruption was just at low lvl (maybe lvl 1) when I got to them. I started a new char and put the points on fragmentation instead and it went so much smoother
After that you can max earth mastery then max eruption.

After this, I usually also just put points on my 2nd mastery to increase my health and mana. This is very good if you have recharge items.

edit: or you could max VO first before going for eruption

the kill speed will be faster but mana cost will also get higher.. either way should be fine


I will also jump straight to tier lvl 24

No psionic touch? No phantom strike? I told you this is a true spellcaster
Max Psionic Immolation

The first 2 skills of Distortion Wave scales with str and at this point, I usually donít have str yet. So I usually max dream and put a few points on Temporal Rift (not max yet, like 5 pts). This will be useful against tough mobs *cough* Dragonians *cough*. I also get a 2nd mastery around this time which I wonít show on this titancalc

You can put points on sands of sleep, freddy krueger style. Or you can get CC from the 2nd mastery instead (e.g.: core dweller, monster lure, throwing knife with envenom weapon)

So the trend is I tend to largely ignore my 2nd mastery at least early game. This is what I find effective for a caster. If I get nature, I get my nature bar to tier lvl 4 and put 1pt on HoO and regrowth (for pet or for self healing). But then I ignore it for a long time. I usually stop my int at about 400 and save it. This gives me the option to equip a shield or go true hybrid. Wait, a shield for a caster? Yes of course. and many regulars of this forum probably know I always do that. I just said it in case someone reads this 5 years from now. Because 5 years from now TQ will still be alive  O0
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Re: Starting With Mage Ė Classic Caster Style
« Reply #1 on: 09 March 2019, 02:32:20 »
Thanks for the mage info Bote. Being old and slow I am useless as a melee character. I use to play Dream a lot but for some reason I dislike it. Just a odd quirk.
About only use Earth, and Storm as maim. also Hunting
Irma2 was my go to guy for help years ago.
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