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Icons for awards
« on: 01 September 2018, 13:21:26 »
For Renovatio:
See The Masteries , 10 clickable are bellow, Nature, Warfare... So click on each and there are already finished icons. What is needed here is changing borders to different color so they look little different than original. Free space set for avatar is 150x150 so just to know limits for space. Its optional working them in different colors. So if you are interested for this task, same thing like for la for uploading, custom site, and then depends on which awards we need, that will be on others to decide how we can use them. Both square and circle icons are acceptable.

Later if this turns good, we can go with other mastery mods.

For other members, if possible provide icons for other mastery mods or ask people around to provide. Of course if you are willing you are welcome to join in icons creation. Size is not decided yet but it should be around 30-35px, Renovatio is expert for that field. I hope more people will join this, we can make as well avatars packs like some of you guys are using and main thing, membergroup icons.

Also good idea is to provide good quality screenshots of other mastery trees, and main page of mastery mod in full size
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Re: Icons for awards
« Reply #1 on: 01 September 2018, 18:22:02 »
So let me get this straight:
You are talking only about the 10 masteries or about the skill tree icons as well? (cuse I see every mastery has a number of skills)
You only want borders for them and different color versions?

You will use them only as icons or as avatars as well?

About size: I suggest 35px for display (under avatar) and 65px for description (when you click the award/awards list).

Im not a PS master but this is easy. Will try to do something today, for feedback.

EDIT: Tried using the border from LA and then another one. Squared versions, 37, 64 and 70px. Will make more drom where to chose.
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