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The Village
Sinister Underground Passage
The Dark Way
Deads Path
The Cemetary
Wurtanens Tomb
The Swamp
Level Of The Dead
The Village

You start in The Village and will be rewarded with gold.

I suggest to buy Health Potions from the Merchant, you can also look for a chest at the back of the village, you may find a weapon or some armor in it.
Talk to Kavon and Zara, they will give you your first sidequests.

Go into Souls Forest to kill the Wild Boar and find The Turtle. The Turtle is not easy to find, you don’t have an aura or pets yet, so you depend on luck. The log appears only when you mouseover it. An extra tip: the log is hidden in a tree stump, you have to destroy it to retrieve the turtle.

Note that the turtle can be in different places. (See Map)
Return and speak to Zara and Kavon again to finish the quest, you get rewarded.

Look for Zara’s chest in the fields of the village.

Talk to Rinhilion
You get another sidequest, find the Therapeutical Plant/Tree which grows in The Sinister Underground Passage.
Sinister Underground Passage

Talk to Gardakan he will give you your first Main Quest.

Find a fragment of the Memorial Tablets in the Highlands.
Find the Sinister Underground Passage east of the Souls Forest.
Note that you have to find the Red and White Key to open the Red and White Door you won’t find the plant/tree otherwise.

When you find the plant/tree return to the Village and speak to Rinhilion to heal Nithalwen.

Return to the Sinister Underground Passage and find the exit to the Highlands

When you cross the bridge you can eighter go right or left.
Going right leads you Till Took.
Speak to him you’ll get another sidequest: find his 2 statuettes.

Note this is a long term quest not directly obtained.
Return on your steps and go into the Highlands.
At the end of the Highlands kill the Boss, Brian Master Of Goats with some luck he’ll drop the 1st parchement of the Beast, you can enter Heavens Gate.

Now and pick up the first part of the Memorial Tablets and return to the Village.

Note that Sahai-Body’s Excision in the swamps can drop the 1st parchement too.
Speak to Gardakan he’ll send you out for the 2nd piece, found in Wurtanens Tomb nearby the Cemetary, go by the Dark Way west of the Souls Forest.
Don’t overlook the secret path nearby the restpoint on Deads Path on your way to The Cemetary.
The Dark Way

Find your way out of the Dark Way and talk to Lilith’s Scout.
Follow the road over Deads Path to the Cemetary. When you come along the giant tree, go west to discover another secret path.
Deads Path

The Cemetary

Talk to the Lost Ghost he’ll ask you to make the Cemetary a quite place again.
Go to the Cemetary and kill all skeletons.
Return to the ghost, he has a second request: find his grave.
Run across the tombs to find it.
When you find his grave he’ll be there also, talk to him for the last time.
You’ll get a big reward.

Now enter Wurtanens Tomb in the middle of the Cemetary and find the 2nd fragment of the Memorial Tablets.
Be sure to kill Tenar(boss) he might drop the 2nd Parchement of the Beast.
Wurtanens Tomb

Return to the Village.
Talk to Gardakan he’ll ask you to find a Nothingness Hole called Call Of The Dead, in the Swamps, North through the Souls Forest.
Invoke the Passer and travel to the Level of the Dead were you have to find his master Mordak.

The Swamp

Look for The Fishermans Statuette hidden in a tiny chest in The Swamp.

Defeat Sahai Body’s Excision, he might drop the 2nd Parchement Of The Beast if you don’t already have it.
Level Of The Dead

Defeat Bith Darr (boss) in The Dispair Plain (level of the dead) he might drop the 3rd Parchement of the beast.
Note that Kolops The Dart Of Massacre in Kolopsos’s Liar might drop it too.
And find Mordak.

This guide is originally written by Stekel and taken from his site at:
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