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Death Effects Mod for TQ:AE
« on: 09 August 2018, 04:02:25 »
This mod is not made by me, I just imported it to Anniversary Edition. The original creator is i.n.s.a.n.e. from old
I changed few of the effects, for beast/beastman blood, crow blood and insect/insectoid blood. You can see screenshots here:

Original description by i.n.s.a.n.e:

It is a mod that changes almost all death effects of creatures to make the game more realistic. Check it out if you like realistic death effects in games.


Real blood (I think this one is one of the closest to the really real blood).
Insectoids kinda body fluid (should be changed, it does not look good much).
Crows body on stage! Lowered feathers amount.
Plague crows have diseased cloud around their body. Feathers amount lowered.
Demons are taken by the flames from hell itself…
Green and blue djinns have kinda spiral-magical disappearance effect.
Big dragons before last Telkine are also taken by hell but differently.
Fire demons disappear in flames…I am still thinking if the hell should be here also.
Harpies – each kind (8) has its own coloured feathers (the ending one for now)
Ice creatures shatter into ice shards.
Plants burst perianth (?) and also some leaves.
Big trees (Jungle creeps) burst leaves, twigs and barks.
Smaller trees burst the same stuff as Big trees, but different kind of leaves and such.
Vultures have own feathers.
Zombies have a diseased cloud around their body.
The real blood amount is tweaked for the size of monsters. Small creatures have small amount of blood, medium has medium amount of blood and large ones have large amount of blood…
Mummies do not dissolve anymore. (thinking about strips of theirs in new version..)
And more…
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