Author Topic: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods  (Read 7938 times)

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Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« Reply #15 on: 20 October 2018, 19:12:22 »
Would this be fine in multiplayer, specifically the ones that only matter client side like the item filter and damage numbers?
These are just cosmetic changes, in other term QoF(quality of life). They don't affect player stats.
So these should work in multiplayer even if you are client:
  -Filter dropped items
  -Set/freeze time
  -Show Damage
  -Show Pet Damage
  -Mute Zeus
  -Set potion stack limit to 200
  -Enable Logs

These won't work on clients, because server handles these
  -Invisible as ghost
  -No gold drops:

Also curious if there's any chance these get added to the workshop so I don't have to deal with cheat engine. Thanks in advance :)
Developers of the game have not made these features configurable. So they can't be affected in traditional mods.  >:(

Also, item filter code(for other items) is not even implemented in the game. New implementation had to be injected. This is where Cheat Engine is good at. It can inject code and data without modifying any game files on disk!

I've never used cheat engine before.
Try it! :P
It is not for just cheating in games...

Is this still something you are developing?  In terms of information, how much can you access?  Is there any way you can display variables as they change?  Like, I put a shield on and a shield block number floats up?  I put on a weapon with fire damage and my Fire Damage% floats up? 

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Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« Reply #16 on: 21 October 2018, 10:32:29 »
I did run into an odd problem today while using nargil66's nymph mod. If I minimise the game, to run your CE script, it messes up my char model.

It looks like you can't tab out of the game without messing up custom character skins. I guess I have to edit the dll file now, if I want custom skins and displayed damage. :/

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Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« Reply #17 on: 02 November 2018, 06:46:41 »
Hey guys, just found this site tonight. Found this thread just skimming the forums and wanted to share some of my personal info from a while back. I made a giant cheat table for the game as well over a year ago that I can share parts of. It's partially broken currently since the game has updated a lot since I made this, before Ragnarok was released as well but most of the table is very easy to fix. Here's info on what it includes if there are any specific parts people are interested in:


This cheat table is for the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition which was released on Steam.
The version of the game is current v1.43 as of this post.

Cheat Scripts

Note: Scripts that start with a (!) mean that they require the master code to be enabled to work properly! If a script is a child script of a parent that requires the master code, the child script will not work without it as well! Child scripts will be hidden until their parent script is enabled anyway.

  • Master Code (Gets Player Pointer) [Must be enabled to use other cheats!]
    • Player Pointer - (Visual information only, shows the current players pointer.)
    • Player Id - (Visual information only, shows the current players id.)
  • (!) Teleport To Mouse Position [Press ~ to teleport to your cursor position.]
  • (!) Teleport (Save / Load Position) [F9: Save, F10: Load]
  • (!) Force-Refresh Player Stats [To use, enable then disable this script.]
  • (!) Force-Refresh Vendor Items [To use, enable then disable this script.]
  • (!) Force Respawn Player [To use, enable then disable this script.]
  • (!) Health Cheats
    • Infinite Health
    • One Hit Kills
  • (!) Infinite Mana
  • (!) Quick Exp Gain
    • Experience Multiplier
  • (!) Infinite Gold
  • (!) Infinite Modifier Points
  • (!) Infinite Skill Points
  • (!) Increased Movement Speed (250%)
  • (!) Alter Attack Speed [Default: 0.74000000095]
    • Attack Speed
  • (!) No Item / Skill Cooldowns
  • (!) Targets Always In Range [Hold shift to attack from anywhere.]
  • (!) Offensive Buff Skill Radius [Buffs that attack enemies.]
    • Radius
  • (!) Defensive Buff Skill Radius [Buffs that buff you/allies.]
    • Radius
  • (!) Prevent Negative Effects To Character [Stun/Sleep/Trap/etc.]
  • No Potion Cooldowns
  • Potions Stack To 999,999,999
  • Ignore Equipment Requirements
  • Artifacts Do Not Require Reagents
  • Filter Out Yellow Items (Press X)
  • Custom Item Filter [Filter Everything!]
    • Filter 0: White Items (Common)
    • Filter 1: Yellow Items (Magical)
    • Filter 2: Green Items + Olive Items (Rare / Monster Infrequents)
    • Filter 3: Blue Items (Epic)
    • Filter 4: Purple/Pink Items (Legendary)
    • Filter 5: Grey Items (Broken)
    • Filter 6: Red Items (Potions)
    • Filter 7: Gold (Money)
    • Filter 8: Copper Items (Charms + Relics / User Enchanted Items)
    • Filter 9: Pink Items (Quest)
    • Filter A: Cyan Items (Crafted Artifacts)
    • Filter B: Cyan Items (Arcane Formulas)
    • Filter C: Cyan Items (Magic Scrolls)
  • No Broken Item Drops [Works best if enabled at main menu screen!]
  • Monsters Drop More Items (They equip more things, making them harder.)
  • Increased Unique Chance / Drop Rates (Monsters)
  • Increased Unique Chance / Drop Rates (Chests)
  • Force Better Loot Drops (Alters Loot Weights)
  • Override chest Item Count
    • Chest Item Count
  • Always Show Item Prefix / Suffix Names
  • Always Show Combat Numbers
    • Show Pet Combat Numbers
  • Show Anger Levels
  • Shrine Buffs Last Forever
  • Unlock Locked Items / Doors [Use carefully, can bug the story line!]
  • Duplicate Items When Dropped [Stacks will dupe only +1 of the stacked items.]
  • Use Relics + Charms On Epic/Legendary Items
  • Use Relics + Charms On Any Item Regardless of Slot
  • Make Relics + Charms Universal [Combine any together.]
  • GameCamera Hacks
    • Enable Top-Down Camera
    • Enable Camera Rotation [Use [ ] keys to rotate the camera.]
  • Disable Fog Of War [Warning: May cause memory leaks.]
  • Super Fog Of War Clearing
  • Skill Cheats
    • Give All Skills (Max Level)
    • Reset All Skills
  • Set Custom Spawn Rates
    • Minimum Spawn Rate
    • Maximum Spawn Rate
  • Always Allow Dual-Wield

Manual Edit Cheats
Cheats that require user input of some kind to use.

Note: Cheats that start with a (!) mean that they require the master code to be enabled to work properly!

  • (!) Invisible (Mobs Don't Aggro) [Set to 1 to enable.]
  • (!) Invincibility [Set to 1 to enable.]
  • (!) God Mode [Set to 1 to enable.]
  • (!) Omnipotent Mode (Infinite Mana) [Set to 1 to enable.]
  • (!) Observer Cheat Mode (Mobs Don't Aggro) [Set to 1 to enable.]
  • (!) Observer Mode (Mobs Don't Aggro) [Set to 1 to enable.]
  • (!) No Clipping (Click To Warp) [Set to 1 to enable.]

Player Information -- Player* / Character* Structure

Too many items to list here. This section of the cheat table has nearly 200 entries at this time. This includes nearly every bit of information contained in the main player pointer object, such as your health, stats, gold, world position, and so on. It includes some other information that can be useful to edit while playing that doesn't really warrant its own script.

GAME::gEngine Structure
GAME::gGameEngine Structure

Like the player structure, too many items to list here and this is ever-changing so I'd rather not list everything here. Most of the structures are mapped out so the majority of any kind of info people would be interested in seeing is available. All of the debug information settings are available as well to turn on the internal tools of the game for debugging various things and seeing info for parts of the game and how it's working. (Threading, network info, rendering, etc.) I may mention specific bits of these structures at some point if I feel they are worth talking about though.

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Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« Reply #18 on: 20 November 2018, 00:53:31 »
Is there a way to increase MI drop rates? I feel they are too low and i dlike a small boost to it.