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How to Change Text Colouring
« on: 08 February 2018, 11:01:22 »

Hey there, I found this in my archives of useful info I've gathered over the years from the old forums (

These are the tags you can use to change text ingame to your desired colour.  I've only used them so far on items and region names but I assume they can be used for most other text purposes such as monster names or dialog? etc.

Using the Art Manager and your own mod (or the base game if you know how), go to the Sources tab then click on Text and double click ModStrings.txt in the right-hand pane.

This will open up a notepad style document.  Type in the tag to the item (or your own chosen record) you are adding to your mod/game here.  For example, for an item I usually write tagCMSword01 which points to the tag I entered when I edited the Item Parameters (CM for 'Custom Mod').  This will make sense if you've ever edited an item record ...but that's a whole other thing that either myself or someone else I'm sure will write a guide to in the near future  ;)

So you've got your tag in the notepad-looking ModStrings.txt document. So then just add one of the below tags directly after it to change the colour.  Eg: tagCMSword01=^R(your name here - eg: Blade of Leonidas) Now the item name will be Red.

Also, note at the bottom likewise you can change font to italics, bold or normal.

After you have entered your complete tag close the doc, switch to the Assets tab, go to Text and right click on ModStrings.txt then Build. Now it'll be added in-game!  ;D

List of Font Changing Tags:

^A    change color to aqua
^B    change color to blue
^C    change color to cyan
^D   change color to dark gray
^F    change color to fuchsia
^G   change color to green
^I   change color to indigo
^K   change color to khaki
^M   change color to maroon
^O   change color to orange
^P   change color to purple
^R   change color to red
^S   change color to silver
^W   change color to white
^Y   change color to yellow
&I   change font to italics
&B   change font to bold
&S   change font to normal

Enjoy :J

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Re: How to Change Text Colouring
« Reply #1 on: 13 February 2018, 16:22:41 »
Thanks Prosoro for the helpful post :). Here is a preview of how each color looks:

Spoiler for Hiden:
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Re: How to Change Text Colouring
« Reply #2 on: 06 November 2018, 03:47:07 »
Huh. I've always wrapped my color/font tags in curly braces like {^r}

Also, they aren't case sensitive either.

Newline is one I use alot, especially in dialogs: {^n}{^n} usually in  pairs to make paragraphs.