Author Topic: Soulvizier AERA bug topic  (Read 1495 times)

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Re: Soulvizier AERA bug topic
« Reply #45 on: 19 May 2020, 23:58:20 »
I don't see any issue in the game files. Was one of those items dropped in the vanilla game or both in Soulvizier ?
I installed the Soulvizier hard mod version. This char is self-found, therefore these 2 items are dropped in Soulvizier. That said, this bug may exist in vanilla game, i can't say.

Here, I'd have to modify manually (won't be dynamic text) the name of the skill with a different color to simulate a description, and it will look bad because if the description is too long, it will widen the window of the item too much instead of adding the text below. Or I'd have to modify the skill to make it an active buff with a separate trigger, but then it won't be the same % health trigger.
So maybe one day, because it would need to chance every skill like that, now not a priority.
Ok don't mind, the skill works.


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