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« on: 02 December 2017, 19:22:18 »
Will be there any challenges guys, like back in the day...those run by bonobo and deafboy?

Anyways, I am running now my TQAE Rang xmax zero death vault... :'(  She is just clvl 14 but progressing ok...I will be rolling golden fleece for the -8% recharge...Zuzia III...Zuzia II died to xmax gorgon queens...its been a while since i played and got careless...but this time its gonna be all right.

btw, i was farming the satyr hero act 1 and got absolutely increadible stuff of the magi  >:D

Also got a nice headgear with -8% recharge and now my VO is down to 3,7 sec from whoooooping 5 sec  :P but it does make a difference.

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Re: Challenges...?
« Reply #1 on: 02 December 2017, 19:40:39 »
All the challenges are there and ready to go Jacko.  :) The Challenges sub-section is up in the Titan Quest News and Info secton.

Oh and forgot to say, if you have details of your toons in the challenges for updating let me know and I can amend their info.  :)
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