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What is ADC? - Avatar Design Contest
« on: 28 March 2020, 02:18:15 »
Avatar Design Contest

One of the most important things on forum is avatar. Why is that? - Because that is your identity, easiest way to remember someone is his avatar and can tell us more about that person. If case if someone is not sure what avatar is go to your
Profile -> Forum Profile -> Choose avatar from gallery

Max size of avatar box is set to 150x150 px, so idea is to work for example in size 600x600 px or 900x900 px and then to resize to see quality of our work and to submit for contest.

Avatar must have next parts:
1. custom background
2. render or letter
3. borders/no-borders - depends what we request per game
4. some avatars can have transparent background, or at least some parts transparent, especially care related with c4d
5. forum or your initials - depends if we request that

Most of avatars are without letters, and avatar can be actually a modified letter with some cool effects.
About transparent background , well avatar can be combination of c4d (google for c4d) and random render which basically means that there is no background at all, but combination of 2 renders.
Why letters? Because cools works can be made with simple 1-2 letters or more and there is sometimes better not to be background at all. Background can be transparent so avatar can look smaller, this should not surprise you, but be careful about actual size because we will demand exact size of entire picture to be as in the rules.
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