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What is PCC? - Picture Colorization Contest
« on: 25 March 2020, 02:12:29 »
Picture Colorization Contest

This is the simplest editing of given picture. As the name of this game can tell us, point of this contest is to change colors and there is unlimited ways to do that.
That includes effects/tools like: blur, dodge, burn, sponge, color replace tool, paint bucket tool, gradients (if gradients behavior is not like an object on original picture), most of adjustments and filters from your editor. So you can give some light on your picture, or you can make it to be darker, you can completely change the colors, or you might use some exact color to make your entire picture to be different than original.
Using brushes is forbidden, exception is if only change colors without acting like an object.
Local retouch brushes/tools which are changing only colors without affecting look of the original given picture is allowed.
There are many advanced effects which can be used and many online editors or apps that you can install on your PC, lap top or phone.

- borders & resizing
- smudge tool, excessive usage of sharpen tool, brush (if it will change the look of original picture which is not related with colors) and pencil tool
- tools which effect to do snow effect on your picture, stars, cartoon effects, and others...
- removing parts from original picture (exception apply for very small parts where effect can dominate over small piece with color and there that piece might be covered by effect)

Some of forbidden things may be accepted if used in very small percent, almost insensible for eyes. Example, you can not use snow to cover 30% of picture, max usage of such effects should be less than 5%.
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