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Updated gasconron and well done.  :)

Is Nastahya a new toon?  Because I already have Cristina L20 Battlemage at Parnassus Hinterlands on the list for you.  Did you retire her and start again with Natashya or are you running two different Battlemages in the challenge?
for a petmaster maybe.. assassin's set requires dex then you can wear santa's shield and spear.. illusionist would still be a good choice.. but i don't know if that's what you mean.. i mean why would you go pure dex for a petmaster right? but heh i like this.. now I'm thinking crazy again >:D

edit: brigand.. then wear an elemental wraithlord's/allfather's ring for traps.. study prey to reduce elem resist.. then you help with bow or throwing weapon nah throwing knife.. SB cuffs too
The idea of going pure dex was always tempted me, but the only time i tried was with Illusionist in LoC. With all the pets i can't say if the build was good or not. Anyone tried this in vanilla? And what class did/would you choose?
Yunah (Thane) 51 - Southern Gate
Natashya (B. Mage) 20 - Parnasus Hinterlands

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« Last post by nargil66 on Today at 04:38:30 »
Good news. ArtManager 1.6 is ready and running. No more compiling meshes separately. And PS Editor, which wasn't able to locate my source files works now too. God bless you, Elfe :).
Man, I've always sucked with technology...
New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Early Development
« Last post by nargil66 on Today at 03:01:45 »
All skills for Hecate are drafted, except maybe some pet skills, but I'll think about them after I make the tree. Hecate's section in first post is updated.
The other thing I did is adding all new class names to the modstrings. Many classes will be different now.
Gameplay / Open PvP Coop
« Last post by botebote77 on Today at 02:14:43 »
Ok so i know PvP is not popular in Titan Quest. But it is possible in-game and some players may be interested

To start, me and my nephew used to have fun killing each other in gladiator PvP mod downloadable at kirmiziperfect. But it's just 1v1 because we don't have anyone else to play with. But back in my college days, we would spend hours playing diablo 2  1v1 PvP, team PvP, free for all PvP, 2v1 PvP, anything. We even came up with new strategies specially made for PvPs.

Don't worry about deaths, should you die in gladiators PvP mod, the deaths don't reflect on your main game. I don't know about other PvP mods, but in gladiator mod, what you do in PvP does not get saved on your main game. There are gladiators outside but we don't use that, we stay inside and a player signals the start of the fight. Also, there's a mystic, caravan driver, merchant and arcanist near the rebirth fountain.

So if anyone is interested, just reply to this post. I may not be even able to join because I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys.

Rules (all are subject to change):

1) matchups are to be decided by players themselves, whether 1v1, 2v2, etc

2) no use of defiler or any cheat engine. custom made items are not allowed

3) difficulty is to be decided by players, whether normal, epic, or legendary difficulty

4) i suggest a level division. like 40-50, 50-60, etc.

5) i suggest a limit to potions. me and my nephew use 10 HP and 10 MP only. that way the fights don't take very long and we find some balance for weapon users and casters

6) In the case of team PvPs, if one dies, he/she should wait in the rebirth fountain until the fight is decided

No bragging please. You might win 1 PvP but you can always lose to other PvPs :)

Players with strong PCs are requested to record and post video PvPs. Requested, not required. That way we get a small taste of the fun, even by just watching :)

Now, nobody might participate but that's ok with me actually. For those who want to join just reply to this thread. For those not interested, that's ok but you are always welcome to join should a PvP match pique your interest one day :p
Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« Last post by Shazen on 17 March 2018, 21:54:20 »
I was using the spear actually, sorry about that. Unfortunately i've got no Jagged Silk at the moment, but if the volley from them indeed stacks, i'd seriously consider using those instead of double Skeletal darts for my dragon hunter :P.
Items / Re: New Ragnarok Items Showcase (spoilers)
« Last post by botebote77 on 17 March 2018, 21:24:12 »
good eye on the rat's pack.. that probably proves passives from items and skills stack.. the only mechanic still unproven is whether passives from same items stack.. like 2 jagged silks.. but i think it does too.. i think you mean Einherjar's line though.. Einherjar's fate is a sword.. it says it grants reckless offense although you still need dual wield or reckless offense to equip two weapons.. maybe it meant it gives chance to proc reckless offense.. i have 2 Einherjar's sword i could maybe test whether the chance does stack but it only gives 4% chance to proc.. 4% wouldn't be noticeable
if it's your last quest or if you remember the day you did that quest, you can find which .que file it is.. but if you missed anything, i don't think so besides the XP reward.. me i would just back my character up and proceed to wodan
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