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Other Modifications / Re: Enemy 'hitbox' issue
« Last post by nargil66 on Today at 05:21:57 »
Which mesh is it exactly? I can add a hitbox if you want.
Other Modifications / Enemy 'hitbox' issue
« Last post by Prosoro on Today at 04:02:10 »
Hey all, last night I was testing a priestess boss (human female pc mesh) and found that none of my ranged attacks were hitting her - my arrows kept aiming toward her feet   ???

Anyone know what needs to be tweaked in order to fix her hitbox? Am guessing its in the character variable list..
Yes those draganiarns ! They are awful .  I donít think I can do that on ps4 .. hehe I tried running back and forth and nothing worked
if you are open to cheesing, you can respec to lightning bolt temporarily again.. then don't come down to telkine.. drop lightning bolts from above

the lvl requirements in this game is not to be trusted.. there are items with 20+ lvl req but have over 400 str req.. then there are items with 400 int req but no lvl req at all

the monsters before telkine, meaning Dragonians.. trust me there are hundreds of us who have died there multiple times.. one of the most difficult areas in the game

I'm actually surprised you did not mention barmanu.. have you gone through barmanu?
At level 56 I canít kill act 3 epic telekine boss. The monsters on the way do too much damage as well, I die a lot. I canít seem to get more then 440 af and my resistances suck. I try farming act 2 telekine s and he drops level 35-40 items. Items that are worse then my greens. I feel like I am stuck in the game.  So how do u farm for gear to continue ?
New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« Last post by sauruz on 18 June 2019, 11:46:01 »
So far

-Fixed Ino mounted animations
-Added a unique Maenad only found in Ino Dungeon
-Added 8 new types of dark satyrs
-Added a forgotten dungeon in Helicos pass

Updated and nice work.

Do you know if the 3 Sisters quest is also fixed?
Maps and the Editor / Re: Using the game's existing map in your mod
« Last post by Bumbleguppy on 18 June 2019, 01:54:16 »
I would think so. Are there items in the map, like swords and armor?
Maps and the Editor / Re: Using the game's existing map in your mod
« Last post by WNG on 18 June 2019, 01:29:32 »
I'll try this as soon as I get the chance. Will say if anything is wrong...

Also, if I want to see new items in the editor, I only need to do the same with Items.arc?
Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Titan Quest Bosses
« Last post by botebote77 on 18 June 2019, 00:21:45 »
i see.. thnx for the answers
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