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Cheesed him.

Wolves kept dying on the path to Typhon so I went in without them. Went a lot faster than I remember! Might have helped that I had 2/3 Shen-Nong and a 2/3 Monkey King to tap him with.

1cec0ld, my you have been busy.  How do you find the fast speed play-wise?  I've not tried those options yet.

I wouldn't dare do it without a pet, but otherwise it's a great refreshment from the sluggish start of the game. By the time I got to the tigermen though, my wolves were getting low health frequently, and some of the dragonians were far too fast at running. I think I'm going to turn it off as I progress through here, probably until I reach Epic again.




Also, while I was in the Chumbi Valley, I took some pictures of the armor I was wearing, for future benefit:

PHEW. I've never used Very Fast speed before, and with 3 level 20 wolves, that setting is a RUSH. I've never gone through Act 1 so quickly in my whole time playing!
Especially when those wolves get a Battle Marker bonus, nearly everything just falls over as fast as I can run past it!
Surprisingly untwinked, I've been incredibly lucky with Mastery Shrines, I had about 4 or 5 "spares" that I could go back to if any wolf every fell, which was only 4-5 times total. Barmanu got one, Alastor got all 3, two crocodile heroes took out 1 each, and SlobberJaw killed all 3 before chasing me to the end of his "leash," so he gets an honorable mention in my photo gallery.
Level 31, just entered the Jinghe Wetlands, ready to save the 3rd sister!

Yeah, think I'm going Illusionist so I can let my wolves carry me to Athens instead of attacking everything myself.
I'll name the character... Illusion. Level 1, Helos  O0

I've only seen Shadowmaw one time ever, during an unchallenged xmax run. I still need the achievement, and none of my challenge characters can say I've beaten him either. I check every time, but he's afraid, I know it!

YellowTrappe is on my home computer, this one is during my not-answering-phones moments at work  :))

Killed Minotaur without a problem, this is the first time in a while that his Ground Stun attack didn't mean instant death right after!

Telkine fell just as fast, traps made quick work of the statues when I wear 2 physical Beastcaller rings and an elemental Beastcaller necklace.

Scarab, I even took a direct hit from a poison projectile, just to see what happened, and it brought me down to 2/3, then I was back to full 9 seconds later.

But I got cocky. I was clearing the cave just to the north of where you first find crocodile people. Couple worms, couple scarabs. Exit to the north, and there are some crocodile people there, and a hero. Drop a trap, tap him with poison, then run around him to tap his allies with poison-oh, I'm stunned. I'm still stunned. POTION! STILL STUNN-dead.
Came back and got a pic of his name, he seems like a Defense Storm hybrid, likes to summon a wisp, then run at you and keep you stunned for ages.

RIP level 19, Hathor Basin temple

New Entrant: Irrationality, a level 18 Trapsassin who is 1/3 through the Minoan Labyrinth as I write.
Rushed to 12 Poison, used that to get to Traps, but put more points into Rogue to reach Rapid Construction.
As we speak, Rapid Construction is maxed, traps at 13, warfare with 1 point to reserve it so I don't change my mind later.
Something you might notice in my later pics is my health regeneration at 25+
That's what happens when you stack 4 ____ of Recovery Armor items. I've been playing naked for so long, I feel like a god now. I actually stood in front of a harpy hero's thunderball attack just to see if I could.
Spoiler for Hiden:
I could.

My mistake, won't happen again. I also replied there, trying to be helpful in my own way.

Assuming you're using SimpleMachinesForum software, a forum admin should be able to disable the ability to post attachments.
Admin -> Members Submenu -> Permissions
Navigate to the group you want to change, then Modify.
Toward the bottom, there will be a submenu about Attachments.

If you want this for every group, there's a faster way via Advanced Settings, at the bottom of the Permissions Groups List.
Select all the groups, then scroll to the bottom, use the last row to "Clear Permission" - Post Attachments

It might help to make this a software enforced situation, at least to help with people who don't read (like me)

OOOOOOK. After so many months, and discussing challenges on Discord, I was motivated to jump back in.
Tried a character, died to a centaur. That sad soul will remain unnamed.

Now, meet Insanity, a (currently) pure Rogue, using traps as main damage, and flashpowder+mandrake+flurry of knives to spread confusion everywhere.
Got SUUUUPER lucky with a Staff of Magi from the pile of dead bodies near Hippius, kept using that until I maxed Rapid Construction, now just toting a Beastcallers elemental bonus staff. Self found so far, but if I don't find a puppetmaster's staff soon i might change that. Energy regen is a pain.
Level 27 in the Parthian Highlands, still going strong.

and it wont let me attach any more than my last 5 images xD

Edit: I just noticed that I killed all of 6 monsters in all of Egypt. Wow.

I still remember I only saw him when I was running xmax. So, I killed 3 of him. And got no achievement.

Running mods disable achievements. If you killed 3 of them by running Xmax, wich is a mod, you obviously got no achievement.

Or maybe you reached the Egypt act before killing them?

Oh, it was certainly the mod issue. I knew exactly what was going to happen, I'm just bitter about it being my only encounter with him lol

I was using some twinked EBD focused build, so I was able to hit and run with Distortion Wave and burn him/them en masse

I still remember I only saw him when I was running xmax. So, I killed 3 of him. And got no achievement.

No one naked can handle Shadowmaw? Challenge accepted.

 Good luck in the Athenian Passage!

Close call, but ThirdDegree made it past the Chimeras. I was playing without sound and didn't have the gong to warn me when her health got down to 50. Happened to glance up and mash that R button like a madman.
Level 33 at the Babylon Outskirts, respecced everything to max the Mastery trees so I would know how many attribute points to spend in each thing to wear my future gear. Also picked up a lot of Dream-specific gear from my vault now that shes over 30. 85% twinked now, just waiting til 47 for that Eye of Reveries, and for a good amulet.

Does anyone know if/how Throwing Knives work with Psionic Touch? Can I throw a flurry of knives and spread EBD that way? Do I have to wait for my 3rd basic attack to prepare the burn, and then throw? Is it possible at all?

Got trapped by a Neanderthal in the Bactrian Woods. Then trapped by another one. Then another one. Then dead. Level 34
I think I'm going to try a different route, a Ritualist or Haruspex for this, since I hardly used Rogue for anything except the early levels.

So I took a break from the other one, and started ThirdDegree, who was initially meant to be just an attempt at finishing Normal with the Freddy Krueger build, but started Xmax and will officially put her ticket in for this challenge, since she just got past Triton's Ridge, and is moving onto the Minos Labyrinth, without any deaths!
Have to say, the real difference this time trying it, is a single point in Distortion Field, it gives me 8 seconds of basically immortality since the trash hordes cant really get past the flat absorption protection. 8 seconds is long enough to have maxed ToW sprint in and level the field, and using 1-0-12 Distortion Wave clears the stronger heroes in 1-2 hits. (Shadowmaw was 4 or 5, i dont remember)
Level 24 and ready to push onward!

Oh and very twinked, but only the Skyfire Pendant is really abnormal. The rest were just Tainted/Poisonous rings that made early levels faster, and self-found ____ of Recovery items.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 16 January 2018, 07:00:31 »
Aw darn, this wouldve been a great place to post a zombie mage I fought to the right of Tegea's exit, by that lake. He was a Seer clearly, with ToC, Sands of Sleep, and he would periodically summon 2-3 Zombie Soldiers to fight with him. Super fun fight, I had to be careful how often I hit him with my maxed poison for fear of killing myself.

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