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New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 17 November 2019, 23:43:17 »
Thats the Plan.

New Hyena I created today

"No one knows where the obsidian Stones came from..but one thing is sure...The wild life is not the same as used to be.... the corruption transform docile creatures in mindless pawns..their nature it hungers for human flesh"

I ( maybe) will  post less often,  i will not stop working on the mod , is just i think i already spoil to much. If you have any question or anything, feel free to post it here , i will still be active in the foruns.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: War horn or plague
« on: 17 November 2019, 12:25:05 »
Plague is pretty good versus groups of enemies, since its spreads faster and if you have Susceptibility modifier its reduce the target physical defense, so you can kill then quickly :)

I would say use both, since you will face undead and plague dont do much vs then.

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 16 November 2019, 23:23:48 »
Thanks once again for the feedback!

Im happy to hear you enjoyed facing those bosses :)

Since i upped the difficulty for dungeons and after some talk(s) i decided to put more majestic chests for making then worthy!  I want to turn all caves atlast the opcional ones more dangerous and at same time with goodys to get. So there is more options for farming instead of "Farming Hydra or Telkines" who knows there might be"Shadow cave" runs or "Phytian cave runs" :-)

Anyway today i created 8 new Hyenas plus 1 hero, also i started to look and doing somekind of "brainstorm" on what i will do with Scarab boss in Rhakotis, for sure i can tell you he will have better minions.

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 14 November 2019, 16:53:14 »
Lets see some action, shall we :-)

Woah, some nice modding work there Sauruz  :D

Thanks! :D

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 13 November 2019, 01:49:12 »

Did it  ;D

Now im trying to understand why it takes between 40 to 60 secs to start to summon the 1st Mummy, after that is working as intended. Its like it sleeping and it waked up after 1 minute

Any ideias ?

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 12 November 2019, 09:57:28 »
Been Testing the content that i already added in Egypt so far. It looks fun :)

Added new monster type, Tarantulas. I design as well a new charm for then "Tarantula Fang" look at it as stronger version of "Venom Sac" charm.


New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 November 2019, 09:48:31 »
I have not given up, however forcing myself doesn't make things better or faster. I do modding for fun, and im not obligated to anyone. Feeling obligated and making promises because of people's expectations is what delayed many of my projects for months. So no more promises. Sorry if someone is dissapointed.

Thats the fun part in modding, making the things we always wanted to do ! Rushed things always, well 90% of the time, do not look good as we wanted, its better delay it to polish the concept and so on. This is important when we KNOW we can do it better.

If someone is dissapointed, they dont know what quality content waits for then. 

Music / Re: What Music are You Listening to now?
« on: 09 November 2019, 15:56:39 »

^Im addicted to this music, it so relaxed and emotional, i been listening lately while working on  Titanomachy. O:-)

^ Guild wars 1 have so many beautifull musics, this one fits well for Fayum Oasis, dont you think ? :,)

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 08 November 2019, 12:55:14 »
It looks intense, dark and deadly!

Yes , remove that yellow light, let the players get killed by their mistakes :-)

Eh eh

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 08 November 2019, 12:52:00 »
Thanks :-)

One of my favourite things while modding is creating caves/playing with the outside world, there is so much possibilities, you can show your creativity,  be yourself

^ The second lvl of Scorpos cave, from "Beast of Legend" quest.

Did i say Scorpos ? well nevermind :-)

it depends on what type of character you want to build.

earth can fit in any type of mastery combos- Juggernaut ( earth + defense)  for tanky combo , hunting for bow combo , nature for safest play with heals/hp buff/ pets and plague debuff.

While gear well, dont think to much about it, since drops here can be painfull to get :-)

Forum Features, Questions and Answers / Re: fan art
« on: 07 November 2019, 21:04:02 »
Sometimes there are peaks with alot of people sometimes there are times with few people in the foruns, its perfectly normal,  doesnt means game is dead or the foruns.

This how the foruns works, if some1 have a question there is always someone that will help getting the answer needed, atlast in here.

It doesnt needed having 40+ users with 30+ post per day to have a good community and good playerbase.

You are free to create a fan art post, in fact there already funny moment topic:

For off topic pictures:


Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [RESOURCES] Custom Models & Skins
« on: 05 November 2019, 23:16:25 »
It looks very cool, still :-)

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello from hedgehog lair :)
« on: 05 November 2019, 23:03:38 »
Welcome Hedgehog :-)

I hope you enjoy staying with us

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 05 November 2019, 19:00:15 »
Hyiosouchos will come back...somewhat different!!

Fear the Power of the Sun!!!!

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