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Forum News and Info / Re: Birthdays
« on: 18 October 2020, 22:14:06 »
Happy birthdays!

Updated and well done.   :)

Forum News and Info / Re: Birthdays
« on: 12 October 2020, 20:52:38 »
Happy birthday champ.  Have a great day WNG.   :)

Updated and takes you to the top of the leaderboard.   :)

Never played it so can't help with that.  I find endless dungeons boring.

Welcome back and good luck with the challenge.   :)

I'd say Dream for the extra health/energy regen that Nightmare's Mastermind synergy gives for pets.  Combined with Trance of Convalescence for more health/energy regen pets should be pretty sturdy. 

Yay!  Well done!   :)

So close to overtaking your Stonespeaker.  Well done so far and good luck for what's ahead.   :)

Updated and good luck in Atlantis.  :)

Nearly caught up with your Stonespeaker letsrock. 

Updated and good luck letsrock.   :)

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 15 September 2020, 07:14:25 »
Indeed it is, looking very good Sauruz.   :)

Welcome to the forum.   :)

Rune/Defense should be pretty strong.  Defense is the tankiest mastery in the game with plenty of shield passives to help you out.

You could probably edit a previous post if it's the last one in the thread currently, but no guarantees I'd see the change. 

And yes - Screenshots of boss kills plus one of your toon to show they're still naked required.

Obviously we don't all manage that, but the main ones at least you should post. 

And added to the leaderboard - good luck markotuna.

Welcome markotuna.  Good to see you here.   :)  Good luck with the Guardian.

I need your character's name amd where they are in the game atm to be able to add them to the leaderboard. 

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