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hm...I'm thinking maybe I'm relying too much on pets.
Maybe something like an elementalist would work out better.
Or Dream+Storm

There are still pets (I like using summons on mage type characters) but not as many so easier to manage and plus it means I have to put in more damage myself.

perhaps ARPG games are not for you.

I get this a lot with any game I play.
I only really play game types I like the best.

I think the mastery combos I most enjoyed were

mage types in general (just need to find the right one)

Though I'm probably better off with ranged types overall. Like you said, kiting is a big advantage in this game (I know you can kite as melee but obviously more risky)

i have no ideia why "you are failing", you seen have good gear,  just try find sone new rings , since you dont use pets atm.
I think I'm just being really super careful because a lot of hits almost kill me so I run back a lot. Wouldn't be so much of a problem if I could pretty much melt everything (The whole point of a mage-type character right? Can one-shot but can also get one-shot sorta thing)

Basically I'm struggling throughout late Act IV and I'm getting stuck in the same place a lot, usually because of that Dactyl or a group of enemies in a certain spot.
If this is how I'm progressing I don't think I will stand a chance with hades and even if I do barely defeat him, I'll then have problems with Act V. I mean I already had problems before Act IV with Typhon (I could only fire staff and dodge, took ages. Didn't get a chance to do anything else)

about the skill, just use squall+ plague and ice shards and everything will die super fast.
That's actually what I had been doing, both with pets and without (with shards instead)
Things take a long time to take down, especially if I haven't found a mastery stone yet and boosted my pets.
and with ice shards, they use a ton of magicka so I often find myself running away anyway before recovering it.

i have a ritualist ( have way crap gear than you) and its fine, no deaths and is in epic , using mostly the plague skill, if you have problem with survivability, use briar ward, its a great escape tool.
Maybe that's just the right mastery combo and build for you?
I still don't really know what's right for me.

about your resistance, their are fine, maybe except your pierce resistance, enchant hag skin and it will fix some machae issue.
Yeah I'm not quit used to using them, keep forgetting about them.
I just never used to use them either because I'd save them for relics or because I wouldn't know if I'd still be using a gear piece or if it's a short lived one and wouldn't want to waste them.

Also heart of oak will boost your survivability.
I was using heart of oak when I was doing pets.
I think I got mixed up when I tried to follow a build that doesn't use pets.

bit off topic:i will not judge you our anything , but being passive-agressive isnt the right decision, people are trying to help you and posting " i will be banned / hated person" doesnt help the case. in this case you.

.....I know
Any community I'm in I just get the same results. I'm just more annoyed with myself, I keep saying "this time will be different" and yet it never is, sometimes I don't even understand how it even started, I'm just suddenly back to the same again.
Except for when I was in the old forum, but then I didn't really post much since most members posted about the more advanced stuff in TQ and I had no idea what they were talking about.

I was trying to use pets before but I figured I'd try a non pet build since the pets were dying in seconds but that wasn't really working either since I was so used to using pets and I'm getting all the attention from the enemies.

I think the only reason I never used relics or charms is because I'd never know how temporary gear would be

Well like I said, I can only do what I can do.
If nobody likes that, then so be it.

*shrugs* could have sworn both were maxed, well I did take a long break.

But at least I'm right, this place doesn't like bad players.

I think I only got 8 deaths because I was really careful, didn't just run through everything really fast and slip up. Also stayed far away.
Although that's not helping now since I'm not doing much damage and my pets (main source of damage) don't survive long.

Edit: Ok I checked everything again and only 3 deaths.
Seriously weird I could have sworn I died more, but then again I don't really check the 2nd stats page much.
Or maybe that was the previous char I got stuck with in near the same spot.
Maybe it was all the near deaths as well, like one hit and I'm gone.
I was also doing a lot of running away in hades palace, not being able to even set foot near an enemy without losing almost all my health and having to flee again.
Like I said, being super cautious.
Probably all of these things made it feel like more deaths.

Low death count alone doesn't entirely mean I'm any good though, like I said, I'm mostly being very careful and at Act IV, progress is incredibly slow due to low damage and running back a lot.
I mean maybe a ranged caster/petmaster char is right for me due to ranged but since I've not entirely got it working right (low damage and slow progress), it's only really halfway good for me right now (low deaths due to range and running away a lot)

As for the health, I have no idea. I just always figured mage types had low health because that's how I've always seen it

sword and shield warrior: high defense, low offense
mage/archer: high offense, low defense

I dunno, I'm trying my best.
That's all I can really do.

Oh well, ban time for me then.

Actually I have both maxed, I maxed them both out as early as possible. Although now I'm told that's a bad idea.

I'm supposed to be a petmaster I guess, but when I posted my skill setup, I was told a different one for a regular mage (which I tried since pets are kinda useless now until the next difficulty).
But it didn't really work out all that well and I actually did worse.

Now I have to reset my skills again but I can't even remember what I had them as so I don't really know what to do with it now.

My hp is low because I was told just go with all intelligence (dunno if I did some energy too, someone said don't do that)

I did actually have refresh as a petmaster but like I said before, skill setup redo that didn't work out.

I don't actually know if I have any charms and relics with resistences I'll have to take a look. I'd mostly been keeping them for making artifacts so I never miss a chance to try a new one and see how it goes.

A lot of the times, many builds are barebones explanations, expecting you to already know a lot. So I had to guess a lot of stuff, which wasn't a good idea but didn't really have much of a choice at the time.

I probably made every singe wrong decision and now I'm screwed right?

Hmm....maybe I should have done an elementalist then, less summons but still some and more damaging attacks.
I think I focused too much on pets.

Might take me a bit of time to get that image with the gear up.
Most of it is just found stuff with like one blue piece and some bought rings and necklaces for pet bonuses and a stave for Nature+ bonus....I think....I had a break so I can't even remember.

Here's the screenshot, not sure why I did it like this but eh, convenience I guess

If I do an elementalist instead I might keep that robe, it does seem like it would come in handy.
maybe the headpiece too for the vitality resistence

Edit: Crap forgot the artifact

Wouldnt that result in lots of really large screenshots just for small portions of them?
I also don't know good image share site that doesn't require a login and definately doesn't require a paid membership (seriously, the few I've been registered to end up doing this)
I'm not going to use the attachment system because I think I heard somewhere to stop uploading there since it's getting pretty full or something.

My current char is a Druid, I have no idea if it's even right for me. (and there's probably no beginner's mage type class)
I'm using all the summons (because hell yes, personal army)
Some have suggested ways to redistribute skills but those haven't worked.

Not so much taking screenshots itself, but taking screenshots of gear.
Do I hover over each one, then crop the window out of the whole image and do that many many times?

I don't really know to post an image of my gear.
Also if I can't finish Act IV then I'm probably not even going to make a dent in the start of Act V.

Also if I'm doing poor damage as a mage type, that it kinda defeats the point of a mage type char.
I always thought the point of mage types is low defense and high offense (like the opposite of....say....a conqueror)

also if you had 100 deaths when you first started.
I've been playing this game for years, when it first came out.
Can't remember how many hours on the original, but on the Steam version I have 689 hours and 197 on AE
So I'm not new to this.

I don't really know if it's because of class combo or playstyle or what.
I've played many different class combos and I don't know if I even have a playstyle.

It doesn't help when the anniversary edition is much much harder now.
I managed to get past normal Hades on a brigand by a pattern of dodge, shoot bow, dodge, shoot bow.
Th...that probably won't work on this version.

They've never used words like "noobs" or whatever.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 14 July 2018, 13:45:13 »
Think the only time I buy them is at the very start so I have some just in case.

Ok I've taken a break and I'm going to have another shot at this.
Probably won't use my previous char because I was told that you shouldn't climb the mastery tree as fast as possible and I already did that with my current, leaving me with less points to add to skills and make them powerful enough to take on IT endgame.

I want to do a mage char, pets but I don't mind using spells as well.
I'm clearly not as good at this game as the entirety of this forum.

Still haven't made it to the new dlc yet.
Does this game really have to be this complicated and complex to even pass normal?
It's normal, not the hardest difficulty ever, why do you need to be a pro just to pass normal?
I'm starting to think this game is not beginner friendly in the slightest (and I'm not a beginner either but I may as well be)

I'm talking to myself aren't I?
I'm the most hated member (or the only) in this community, for no other reason but because I'm shit and my personality isn't perfect.
It wasn't like this on the old forum.

General Discussion / Re: Which Mastery is your favourite?
« on: 25 May 2018, 13:22:19 »
I don't really know which one is my favorite.
They're all pretty tough to use.

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