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but now sauruz said he is a bane for melees.. and melees are usually single target toons.. so clearly there's just something I'm missing
Deathchill aura - you are slowed, losing health and have to pot every 5 seconds. And he is a ghost, so your spear is terrible for the fight.

Runemaster AE / Re: Rune Weapon Dragon Hunter Build showcase
« on: 03 June 2019, 18:15:01 »
Hi, I don't have a pc with titan quest at hand at the moment, but last thing I did was getting the runic mines upgrade.


In order to do so you have to take some skills out. I removed energy drain - even though its actually useful to a degree to restore mana. And thunder strike: did not want to remove seal of fate because there is debuff there, removing wps in an autoattack build is also not an option, and thunder strike works better when dual wielding. Here it was a non-critical extra damage source and point sink. You can do the opposite though - remove the mines completely but keep thunder strike.

Player only overgrowth had always been there.
As a bug, or as a feature? because I can swear I saw her casting it on one of the wolves as I mentioned in the previous post.
I think it was there in IT pre anniversary. Occasional casting on wolves happens even now and I don't know by which logic. Instead she will cast it zealously on NPC shadows passing by in the Tower of Judgement.

By looking at this thread, I see now that I made a mistake by creating a soothsayer (as a petmaster of course).
The only thing that was not discussed in there is Liche King's ability to benefit from flat pet damage bonuses from gears while he is using the skill Arcane Blast. but I think this is not a reason enough to keep going as a soothsayer.

So my question is, which petmaster class combination could be the ultimate choice here? Ritualist or Summoner? I also heard that Hunting might be a good choice but I'm not sure. BTW, warfare is out of question, because I have never been a fan of Battle Standart and the ghost warriors no matter how viable they are.
There is a mistake there by the way, arcane blast does convey pet damage. Though it does not change anything, as it was made into rarely used skill on cooldown, and lich frequently misses mobs with it. If only he knew how to shotgun consistently.

Ultimate petmaster is champion or assasin for battle standard support and ancestral horn. Traps are better than wolves as they attack more consistently from range and do not need heal or resist or other support. Even though they do less damage.

Question 3: What is this big deal about the skill "Maul"? everyone seems to swear by it suggests maxing it, but the damage and effects it provides look pathetic on the paper. Is it really worth 12 skill points? How can this skill have priority over other important skills such as plague and its synergies?     
You are sure you're not confusing negative for positive? From what I remember people advised to avoid it in guides pre anniversary, and reasonably. I don't think it improved after anniversary either.

Can't comment on nymph as I used to keep her in normal. Player only overgrowth had always been there.

Titan Quest - Update 2.4 - 15th may
Changed Life Drain Cascade to fork to targets rather than arc

No entries about lightning in any recent patches though, unless I'm missing something. Looks like either silent change or unintentional - but it shouldn't be done that way, changes should be documented.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Why waste such a good guard model, right? It worked just fine before.

Huh?  Squall is great for CC and Lightning Bolt isn't bad.
Yes, squall is not CC, thunderball and freezing blast are. Storm surge too. Thats a lot of CC skills in one mastery actually, but they are pretty terrible for a mastery called "storm". Thunderball is a small projectile on cooldown that is very easy to miss. Mobs actively avoid it by stepping to the side too when they see it. Freezing blast comes with a drawback of 80% damage adsorption for frozen mobs. And there are plenthy of stun and freeze immune mobs in the game, some are immune to both. Storm surge is a proc on taking hit so unreliable to build around. You can't, say, stun one particular pack of archers with it,  when they proc it with a single arrow from range, and then its on CD when you're close.

Compare it with menhir wall or core dweller that just work on anything. Or mandrake that also has no drawbacks if you use plenthy of weapon damage, and works on anything except bosses.

Its strange that something likes this happen when the community was involve in the first place. When they start recruit some long time player i was thinking that this Will have solve the most problem before It present itself  at the release. But It seams this isent the case. Maybe they Will need to open some poll for let the player choose what skill has to be modified and in what way.
Indeed, I have less time to play games than I'd like to now, but thought with community involved they will fugure something out in whatever they were doing. And yet they did not. How did that happened? Was community involved with the skill design at all? Or was it done in Ubisoft way, "We do what we want while the community is free to upvote it" - ?

@Prosoro , try running a squishy caster on late game legendary, using lighting dash for the sake of movement speed.. you just make yourself closer to dying.. chance to dodge will not help.. that's why i play on fully zoomed camera angle.. as a caster, you have to be careful and not just mindlessly rushing in casters got the shorter end of the stick.. that much is obvious
Evasion can actually work when stacked to around cap, 80%. If you stack it with dodge attack from warfare, you should see a notable damage reduction. But there are two issues still. Stacking evasion from gear is difficult, and more so than CTAP, so its not an easy to do thing in any case. And when the hit goes through evasion you take full damage. That means you still need other layers of defense together with it, to not get 1-2 shot by some mobs when using it. High DA, armor, damage absorption, damage reduction, etc. Of these, storm has physical damage reduction in squall and impaired aim, thats all, its incredibly fragile mastery. High cold and lightning absorption in energy shield since Ragnarok, but it sort of limited to these damage types.

Nature pets are very point hungry and here I believe is where you need to make a decision. Its best done as full pet or full poison. If you play pets, leave poison gas bomb out, get nymph. If you want poison, leave wolves out, max envenom weapon and knives, and only use traps for poison immune mobs.

- Formula for piercing dmg are 2 formula. For piercing dmg on weapon
= (((pierceDamageDV / ((strengthDV/500)+1)) * ((strengthDV/2000)+1)) * ((dexterityDV/400)+1)) + (dexterityDV*0.03)
You should update.
Um, we were talking about OA/DA in relation to crit.

You can test the effect of Finese on Wolf. You will be surely surprise.
Just be sure that you test on monster, don't test on dummies.
Its hard to surprise me but I don't have any rangers or brigands and cannot test it, so I guess I can trust you on your word? That would make the skill summoner related. I mean summoner skill in hunting. After melee storm and summoner defense I shouldn't voice it I guess, but I just want to ask devs to make a cold or lightning damage spell for warfare then. So that caster thanes could use it. That would be completely fair.

Guides AE / Re: Starter Build for a beginner!:)
« on: 16 May 2019, 14:23:00 »
Em, not quite, warfare is physical damage melee mastery, rune is for elemental damage attacks but this kind of attacks wasn't supported in the base game initially. Rune mastery was supposed to introduce a simple way to circumvent that.

Berserker you would either need to build as pure physical, but in this case you lose a lot of what rune has to offer for damage. Or elemental melee, but that is not an easy build for beginner.

Easy dw melee for beginner is harbinger, warfare + dream. Most simple OP starter build is mace + shield conqueror. For spears it is haruspex or brigand. For bows it is haruspex or ranger. Throwing weapons would be dragon hunter or stonespeaker. And caster either druid or summoner.

If you insist on doing a berserker, make it physical damage with support only from rune.

- Just cast Blade Barrier and you can attack by yourselves, so you and BB attack together, it surely better than you just attack alone.
For me it results in BB doing approx 1/10 of what hero does with weapon in the same time. Redundancy.

More OA always good, especially when facing enemies that have high DA or dmg absorption, more critical hit, more good.
Not in this game and not even in GD. Crit multiplier gains from OA have ceiling. I think Anniversary edition meddled with OA/DA formula, but for max crit multiplier (x1.5) attackers OA should exceed defenders DA by 500

I think Hydra and some other mobs had 900 DA, but new acts added mobs with slightly higher. Modders can figure how much is that exactly, my guess is its around 1000 DA. So you need 1500 OA to get max multiplier, anything above that is wasted. Unless you reduce mobs DA by half with flush out. That would be 500 DA, and require just 1000 OA to get max multiplier.

i fully understand the intent on adding a melee skill on storm.. yeah diversity.. but adding an out of place skill at the top of the tree is not the solution..
Thanks for formulating this, its about what I was trying to tell. Hybrids go against the normal TQ character building schemes and need a lot to compensate for that. For damage, rune weapon stacks an absurd intelligence on player while converting all physical damage to elemental and adding more flat elemental. If its defense, the problem is in the storm mastery tooltip. Its good for attack, bad for defense. It only has damage reduction in squall and some unreliable crowd control. If you want to help strom in melee with defense, it would again require stacking multiple layers of defense to get anywhere near actual melee masteries.

Can a single skill like lightning dash do all of that? Hardly, unless its some completely overpowered skill, which it isn't.

- Blade Barrier is like the fusion of Trap + Throwing Knives, so you have a skill that can scale by character but attack separately like a pet.
I'd argue its not for melee at all. Throwing weapons perhaps, though why wouldn't you use throwing knives on them too?

- Finese: this skill can buff OA for allies in range so it very good to buff OA for melee pets ( which can't be boost OA for them before) or co-op friend.
Flush out can also do that by debuffing mobs your pets attack.

Throwing knives are a longer range way to apply weapon effects, yes. And a completely different playstyle. If you want to turn your melee assassin into a knife thrower, you are free to do so. That doesn't justify removing or changing Blade Barrier.
Giving throwing knives to a melee build for damage works fine. You get a ranged spell, and mandrake at range. Blade barrier works at the same range as your melee weapon, so its weird and redundant when you swing your weapon at the same mobs. Weapons tend to be stronger than spells too. So it goes like that: you turn on blade barrier, see mobs starting to take damage while you kill them immediately with attacks.

People already play Storm with melee characters. Giving those players another option to use a skill is already a cool thing to do. Your personal standards on what effort is required to make something "cool" might need reevaluating.
Uh, lol, what.

I do agree on Meteor. Consistency makes a skill more attractive than sheer dumb luck. I hope this does change eventually.
If meteor has some consistency in where it falls, it could be built as a physical caster with reduced recharge gear. A different playstyle than physical melee. It would have to sacrifice some defense and probably also attack speed for recharge, which sounds like a thoughtful decision not without drawbacks.

"Considering how Hunting does not need to crit consistently"
Why not? If a Hunting player picks a second mastery that wants to crit, why stop them? Also, who said only Hunters benefit from Call of the Hunt?
Hunting can already crit consistently, its common way to build a character which would normally utilize CotH, and another skill that was already there, is enough.

Again, look at other playstyles, not just the metagame, best DPS builds. They want to encourage diversification, not making OP things more OP.
Yes, sure, thats exactly what I'm doing.

Allowing a Pure Hunter to hit more enemies with a spear sounds like a great way to encourage that new playstyle.
New skill does not have much damage to be anything attractive and chance of fear is counterproductive for melee.

Everything you didn't respond to: I take it that you're ok with those skills then?
I commented on them in the first post of this thread and later, that should be enough. But if it isn't I may try to elaborate.

Items / Re: New Atlantis Items Showcase (spoilers)
« on: 15 May 2019, 21:05:36 »

Some thoughts from a high ranking source
Nope, its not a good way to reference, please provide a source so I know whom I'm talking with.

Dash - make Storm cool for melee
Like I tried to explain above, making storm cool for melee requires considerable effort in general, and a single not overpowered skill won't cut it.

Meteors - Large AoE for Str builds
Tried them again, 10 attempts, 7 misses, 3 hits. Can't kill yotuns though can kill melinoe. Thats how a single hit skill you can't aim would always perform. 40 seconds to wait after missing and I can't do anything to aim better. Can't find a use for it in a build. If its for damage, such cooldown and random target location makes it so I can't rely on it in anything.

Psionic Beam - Enable staff attack builds without Spirit
It is going to take more than piercing to compete with ternion. Crate tried that wit ranged cadence and it is still not quite there. Usable with pistols and rapid attacks, not going to do much with slow rifles without a legendary set.

CotH - Finesse - support melee hunters with thematic buff
A standard dexterity based piercing build that uses CotH for pierce buff can easily have ~600 OA from dexterity alone by late game (or 1000 with some effort). 700-800 with a single veteran's weapon. With a debuff that removes half of mobs DA its the same as having 1400-1600 OA. Easily enough to consistently crit anything in the game.

Now, 700 OA buff is crazy overpowered on its own. But considering how hunting does not need it to crit consistently, its rather pointless in this mastery.

Spear Dance - multihit & fear, compensate for shortcomings of spear builds
There are no shortcomings that spear builds have, inability to multitarget can be compensated with a second mastery skills and aren't even that much needed: spears are one of the simplest ways to play because of how strong they are, you generally just one-hit-kill everything. I wouldn't put fear on it if its supposed to be AOE - you would want mobs to run at you, not away.

Poision Mayhem - keep PGB interesting in late game
PGB is already very viable in late game if built around. Adding more projectiles isn't bad, but without ability to target them even roughly they are good for nothing.

Blade Barrier - weapon-effect based area traps, synergy with poisons
This is too slow for when mobs are already in melee range.

Line Slam - some ranged CC capability for Str warrior
If it is crowd control its duration is too short, with mobs getting stun resistance on higher difficulties its hard to keep them within other spells range.

Runestorm - crowd fight skill for everyone, esp. str melee
Hitting this button doesn't visually do anything. For people to use a skill in a build it should have some guaranteed effect they can rely on. See flash powder - if it does not confuse, it still always slows and fumbles drastically.

Runic Minefield - keep Mines interesting late game, for int chars
Rune mines damage in late game is pathetic.

Blade Barrier - The main feature here is that you put your weapon enhancements, including bleed procs and Mandrake, on an AoE spell.
Throwing knives can do that at a screen range and that is a huge advantage over blade barrier.

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