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Modifications / A curious fact about game text files
« on: 31 October 2020, 04:13:25 »
For those who are making translations or text repacks for hard mods, there is a trick that can be useful to you:
The game text files with all the tags consist of almost 50 pieces (e.g. commonequipment.txt, dialog.txt, monsters.txt and so on) BUT all these files have a root file and that root is Dialog.txt. That means if you recompile all text files into 1 big text file and you name it dialog.txt, all tags will still display if you've kept the encoding intact.
As proof I give a link to the full Bulgarian translation recompiled in just Dialog.txt:
To test, make a Text_EN folder in your Database folder and put this file in.
Moreover, if the tags in dialog.txt are duplicates with tags from other text file, they will always overwrite them, even for Xpack2 and 3.

Art Manager / Re: [Tutorial] In-Game Guide to Skill Templates
« on: 30 October 2020, 19:32:41 »
Next version:
- Removed some unusable templates by the player (like Aktaios_LightofRa.tpl) or some unusable template combinations.
- All template skills are now available from lvl 1 (right click on an empty skill slot and you will see the list), no need for the unlock code.
- Added more detailed descriptions to the first set of templates (thanks to WNG)


Thank you. I tested it today, and the problem appeared, but it doesnt look as an animation problem, and donno know how to fix honestly. The auto targeting gets indeed disrupted in the middle of a fight... Just report it to the devs if you havent already. Sorry for not being very helpful /:

About the other thing - changing day and night - it seems ill have to recompile the vanilla map to add the new quest file that contains the triggers. I dont mind doing it tho, as in the future new features can be added to the map.

@bellbell Just got an idea - Send me your character files that you have the issue with, i'll see if i can recreate the problem. My wild guess is that its an animation problem. I noticed before that for example one of the male throwing animations is slower that the female, and iirc it was corrected manually in the record file. Not exactly related to this issue, just another example for the inconsistencies that come with new expansions.

nargil66, could you have a look at this, please.
Hmm, that's a weird issue, never experienced it before, but ill check. What DLC areas it is most noticeable in?

Day night conversion mod, has been sent to your steam.
Ok, i think i got the main idea. You can indeed freeze time of day via quest. The freeze thing is located here, when set to "false":

I'm having problems with triggers and tokens though, so its not working yet.

I have a mod like this, made by my friend.I'll send it to you in a few days.
Sure, I'm curious to see how it works.

Other Modifications / [MOD] Multi-Class Mastery Mod
« on: 27 October 2020, 03:47:44 »
This small mod allows you to learn any skill from any Mastery without cheating. Requires Ragnarok and Atlantis!

- Place folder "Multimaster" in "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/CustomMaps" as you do with any non-Steam mod.
- Launch the game and load the mod from Custom Quest menu.
- This method works for Steam as well.

Features and Info
- After you enter the mod and reach level 2, in the Mastery selection screen choose Rune Mastery.
- Put 2 points in the Mastery bar, which will unlock the skill "Multi-Master Level 1". This skill is required to unlock any tier 1 skill from any Mastery.
- At lvl 3 you will unlock your second Mastery. Put point(s) to a chosen tier 1 skill from a Mastery and press the "Undo Mastery Selection" button. This will return you back to the Mastery selection screen, but your new skill will be ready to use!
- To unlock all Multi-Master tiers and ultimately all skills, keep pumping the bar in Rune mastery untill it reaches lvl 80 (its level and stat bonuses are the average of two mastery bars)
- Enjoy your new build combos!

Note: the price of removing points at a Mystic NPC is fixed at 1000 gold.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Download Link:

Hello,Whether to consider : Switching between day and night。(can choose between day and night)
Sorry, that require messing with the game engine, i dont think its achevable without coding knowledge.

Art Manager / Re: [Tutorial] In-Game Guide to Skill Templates
« on: 25 October 2020, 23:18:17 »
Here is the first and very early version of the guide:
After you enter the mod, go to menu and choose Unlock Content, then type code: god
This will give you enough skill points to unlock the tutorial skills (located in Rune Mastery for now).

Alright mod works great and is a lot of fun, but is there a x-max version?
Coming for the next patch.

On another topic I found a minor inconvenience in the sense that the Monster Infrequents have the same bright green colors as the rare items instead of the vanilla olive green. This is in the Stash/Inventory browsing which makes it difficult to sort them. Do you think it is a problem at my end or of the mod itself? Thank you in advance
I did that on purpose, because when MIs show rare prefixes, there are 2 different colors (green + lime) and it wasnt looking good.

Art Manager / Re: [Tutorial] A Brief Guide to Skill Templates
« on: 25 October 2020, 16:30:23 »
Ok, i decided to use another approach and make the guide interactive. It should be easier for anyone (including me) to learn how to make skills if they are seeing what the templates do directly ingame. First version is coming soon :D

I havent been able to track all the white items yet.

Art Manager / Re: [Tutorial] A Brief Guide to Skill Templates
« on: 22 October 2020, 23:48:48 »
Thanks for the corrections. My search was limited outside of the expansions, now i see it is a mistake.

Art Manager / [Tutorial] In-Game Guide to Skill Templates
« on: 22 October 2020, 21:25:30 »
For those who have problems figuring out what which templates to use for their skills, here are some directions. I'll try to keep things as simple as i can. There are only few template descriptions for the moment, but the tutorial will be expanded in future. Here we go:



Casts a debuff on a single target (always ignores radius of the linked skill). It can be linked to one of the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Contageous.tpl (e.g. Plague)
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)

Casts a debuff over a chosen area, affecting multiple targets in radius. It can be linked to one of the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Contageous.tpl (e.g. Plague)
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)

Similar to Skill_AttackBuff.tpl, but the spell is cast by one or more projectiles (so it can miss the target). Can be linked to one of the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Contageous.tpl (e.g. Plague)
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)


> SkillBuff_BuffImmobilize.tpl (e.g. Stone Form)
> SkillBuff_Passive.tpl (e.g. Call of the Hunt, Dark Covenant, Rally)

This type of skill can be linked to both buffs and debuffs, affecting the area around the caster (moving with him). It can be used with the following templates:
> SkillBuff_Debuf.tpl (e.g. Study Prey)
> SkillBuff_DebufFreeze.tpl (e.g. Freezing Blast)
> SkillBuff_DebufTrap.tpl (e.g. Ensnare)
> SkillBuff_Passive.tpl (e.g. Call of the Hunt, Dark Covenant, Heat Shield, Herbal Remedy, Rally,)
> SkillBuff_PassiveDebuff.tpl (e.g. Triumph)


Summon one or several pets using projectile(s) (e.g. Sylvan Nymph summon projectile).Can be made to deal damage or cause status effects like Stun.

Currently not used by any skill in the game, but its pretty cool. In difference to other pet summoning skills it can be made a modifier to one of the following base skill templates:
> Skill_AttackRadius.tpl
> Skill_BuffRadius.tpl
This means you can add Ancestral Warriors directly to the base War Horn skill as a modifier, using SkillSecondary_PetSpawn.tpl. Or you can add wolves as secondary summons to Call of The Hunt... it opens some possibilities.


(e.g. Volcanic Orb, Thunderball) - Launches one or several damaging projectiles, which can have explosion radius or chance to pass through enemies. How the projectiles will behave depends on the projectile template linked to it.

(e.g. Eruption, Squall, Vision of Death)

(e.g. Throwing Knife, Ice Shard)

(e.g. Flame Surge) - Fires a number of projectiles in an arc in front of the caster.

(e. g. Liche King's Arcane Blast) - Fires a number of projectiles in circle around the caster, or if you decrease the rotation angle, in front of him (similar to AttackProjectileFan). Rotation angle of 0 can make a focused "stream" of projectiles if their number is set to more than one.

(e.g. War Horn)

(e.g. Lightning Bolt)

(e.g. Enslave Spirit)





Found only in a single monster skill (records/skills/monsterskills/attack_melee/bogdweller_bite.dbr). I'm not sure what is the difference from normal attack.

I couldnt make this template to work or find any other file that links to it.

I've just tried changing the game speed/summoning thing and couldn't make it work  :o
It was working EVERY time last time, I summoned ALL of the gods - all summoned with the first attempt, so I considered that was a fix. Strange.
Ok, i guess i should remove that animation :( I'll miss it tho, praying to the gods was a good idea...

I'm trying to find the HP addresses so I can export those to my auto potions tool.
Where should I look and how to find them?

I'm not sure i understand. You mean the record links to HP potions?

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