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Installation and Tools / Re: TQCollector v1.1.0 - Ragnarök Support
« on: 19 January 2018, 23:24:39 »
Tanks for the work man  :)

Hey guys, happy to see that we have a new home.

Concerning the forum, personally, I fell a bit overwhelmed by the long list of links on the forum front page.

I think the anniversary edition should be put higher the list than Immortal throne. I have to scroll too much to reach the anniversary edition section. After all that's the newest version of Titan Quest.

I also think the gameplay subsections should be higher the list, it seems lost between all the mods.

That's just a few thoughts. If anyone can suggest ideas that would be great.

Modifications / Re: Modders hangout
« on: 19 January 2018, 18:48:28 »
Hey Vio!
Good to see you here!

i saw a youtube video , while ago, cant find it now.

the trick is cast a portal on the edge of the cliff , then when you will be down there, something like that.

Yep that's the trick. There is nothing behind the door though. Just a black room.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello
« on: 25 December 2017, 18:51:13 »
Hello and welcome Diego!

New Members Introduction / Re: greetings and happy holidays
« on: 25 December 2017, 18:49:27 »
Welcome back!

Around the world / Re: Merry Xmas
« on: 25 December 2017, 18:47:48 »
Merry Christmas  :)

I was very happy to see these changes. Especially for the MI as they seemed broken. Unfortunately my side quest log is now blank :(

New Members Introduction / Re: Hi everyone
« on: 05 December 2017, 18:17:26 »
Hey man! Good to see you here!!

Items / Re: Item Reference - Weapons
« on: 29 November 2017, 00:20:32 »
Thanks for sharing. Indeed the first time seeing this.

New Members Introduction / Re: [New Members Introduction]
« on: 24 November 2017, 09:05:35 »
Hey Croc!
Good to see you here and nice work with your avenger

New Members Introduction / Re: New but old
« on: 24 November 2017, 09:01:48 »
Hey Old Bugger!
Welcome here

Hey defboy!
Happy to see you here!
BTW i vote for defboy to be a moderator here as well ;)

New Members Introduction / Re: Well, better late than never, eh?
« on: 20 November 2017, 06:23:14 »
What's up man?

New Members Introduction / Re: Back for Ragnarok-n-roll!
« on: 20 November 2017, 06:22:03 »
Hey seventh,

Glad to see you here. Well no news for now but we can only hope for the best..

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