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Quests / Re: Primrose Passage Secret Quest
« on: 11 February 2018, 19:19:34 »
Spoiler for 'If you really want to skip the fun of finding the items yourself...':
Spoiler for 'piece 1':
Ptolemy&lighthouse -> Alexandria -> Rhakotis.
Poor people -> slum.
Broken walls -> you can break a wall.
So the piece 1 is located at somewhere in Rhakotis Slum, and you can break a wall to find it.
Spoiler for 'piece 2':
Tao -> Jade Palace in Qiyun Mountain is a famous Taoism temple.
Go to Jade Palace waypoint, the correct way to find Jade Palace is to go lower left, so the opposite way is upper right. Go upper right and you will find the second piece in a cave.
Spoiler for 'piece 3':
Seashell&Aphrodite -> birth of Aphrodite -> Sea of Marmara (honestly I don't know how these 2 are related but it seems this is the closest explaination) -> Propontis(ancient name of sea of Marmara)
Piece 3 is located in a cave called "Great Hall of Propontis" near Medea Forest.
There is a fountain near the locked door, so apparently it is the key to open it.
Eye sees a path -> eye of the Grey Sisters is used to see the path of the player in main story.
So kill Grey sisters again, pick up the eye, and click the fountain. The door is unlocked.
Spoiler for 'piece 4':
"Hade's door" is kinda vague. At first I thought it was somewhere near the entrance to Undead Typhon fight, or somewhere near the passage to the underworld, but it's none of these. The correct place is somewhere near the entrance of Hade's core domain, Fields of the Diadochi. "Sailor to Siren" may refers to Orpheus, son of Apollo. So the place to find the last piece is in the Cave of Apollo. Another explanation might be that both sailor to siren and moth to fire are tragedy, which indicates Sophocles, a famous ancient Greek tragedian. There is a small area called Academy of Sophocles near Fields of the Diadochi.
Anyway we find the place, and the door is also locked. The hint is "Artemis is known to have a good influence on her twin.". Luckily near the Cave of Apollo is Cave of Artemis. Go into that cave, and find a secret lever. Push it and the door in the Cave of Apollo is opened.

I'll be honest it would have taken quite some time for me to figure out how to get piece 3. The others are quite easy though.
I really like this update and how it brings value to places already visited:

Spoiler for Hiden:
The first time I visited the Great Hall of Propontis in Immortal Throne, I thought there would be some kind of quest there but it turned out to be just a big dungeon.
And the cave of Apollo was just a regular cave

I've been able to complete the Primrose Passage but have not been able to open the monsters orbs though I cleared everything.

Spirit AE / Re: talk to me about Diviner
« on: 30 January 2018, 23:51:28 »
If you want to go melee in AE go INT/DEX. Use Mage items as far as possible and put just enough strength so you can use your weapon and shield.

General Discussion / Re: A sad rant
« on: 30 January 2018, 23:40:00 »
The route to go with the diviner in the Anniversary Edition is with vitality damage. Death Chill aura can negate any vitality resistance. And don't forget your pets. You'd be surprised how fast you can take down bosses. Health reduction is not viable anymore.

General Discussion / Re: Life leech and Life drain
« on: 29 January 2018, 16:41:44 »
I don't think there are any skills that deal life leech damage. You can get this type of damage from items only  I guess. I am not really familiar with any builds using life leech but a build could use life leech with combination of other damage types like vitality. Maybe an INT based diviner.

Use a demon's blood with vitality resistance completiom bonus instead. And use a hallowed helm socket it with something that gives vitality resistance. Use battle standard with collossus form and even hades on legendary using xmax should be a piece of cake. My conqueror uses almost the same setup.

Just give up the tracker's hood and use a hallowed helm. Socket it with whatever you are missing. You don't need all that -% recharge for a conqueror especially since you cannot reach -100% in AE

And what is your skill distribution?

General Discussion / Re: Archers Without Hunting
« on: 23 January 2018, 20:09:27 »
I realize that there is no info chart for total %block chance on character screen like it used to be in TQIT.. Is this something to be corrected in the future or does Nordic simply not want us to know the value? What kind of a nonsense is this!? Do you have AE? Is it the same in it too or is this another Ragnarok related Bulls...?

Yes it's only for Ragnarok. Would be good if they displayed it

Installation and Tools / Re: TQCollector v1.1.0 - Ragnarök Support
« on: 19 January 2018, 23:24:39 »
Tanks for the work man  :)

Hey guys, happy to see that we have a new home.

Concerning the forum, personally, I fell a bit overwhelmed by the long list of links on the forum front page.

I think the anniversary edition should be put higher the list than Immortal throne. I have to scroll too much to reach the anniversary edition section. After all that's the newest version of Titan Quest.

I also think the gameplay subsections should be higher the list, it seems lost between all the mods.

That's just a few thoughts. If anyone can suggest ideas that would be great.

Modifications / Re: Modders hangout
« on: 19 January 2018, 18:48:28 »
Hey Vio!
Good to see you here!

i saw a youtube video , while ago, cant find it now.

the trick is cast a portal on the edge of the cliff , then when you will be down there, something like that.

Yep that's the trick. There is nothing behind the door though. Just a black room.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello
« on: 25 December 2017, 18:51:13 »
Hello and welcome Diego!

New Members Introduction / Re: greetings and happy holidays
« on: 25 December 2017, 18:49:27 »
Welcome back!

Around the world / Re: Merry Xmas
« on: 25 December 2017, 18:47:48 »
Merry Christmas  :)

I was very happy to see these changes. Especially for the MI as they seemed broken. Unfortunately my side quest log is now blank :(

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