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New Members Introduction / Re: Hello from hedgehog lair :)
« on: 06 November 2019, 04:53:38 »
Hello and welcome! :)

Yes immortal throne is also my favourite. Second would be vanilla. Third Ragnarok by a close margin over Atlantis.

Atlantis / Re: Tartarus
« on: 04 November 2019, 18:29:36 »
Yes I need to retry on legendary to see how it goes. There is not much value doing it on normal just wanted the steam achievement.

Yes I had an attack speed penalty and he had some retaliation I think. I noticed that the no pets allowed carried on even when changing area. As you said maybe it was due to the negative affix.

It will require more testing.

He is pretty hard to take down solo on normal if you are not playing one of those higher dps classes.

Atlantis / Re: Tartarus
« on: 04 November 2019, 11:55:32 »
Thanks all.

I'll try epic and see how it goes

Atlantis / Re: Tartarus
« on: 04 November 2019, 08:16:50 »

Yes I saw that other users reported the same issue. The monsters in there are level 85. Pretty insane for normal difficulty.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello...again!
« on: 04 November 2019, 08:13:37 »
Hey defboy!
Good to see you back ;D I fact I was just wondering where you have been.

Hopefully we can stay in touch!

Atlantis / Tartarus
« on: 03 November 2019, 19:17:45 »
Hey guys!

So I came back to playing titan quest a bit and tried to complete Tartarus on normal for the steam achievement, I already defeated Tartarus on legendary many times but never played normal or epic.

To my surprise defeating Tartarus it was pretty hard. My level 85 juggernaut has around 1k OA and I felt like I was missing a lot of hits or not doing enough damage.

I don't remember it being that hard in legendary. Has there been any new updates I've been missing?

New Members Introduction / Re: Greetings fellow adventurers.
« on: 21 July 2019, 15:55:08 »
Hello and welcome back!

New Members Introduction / Re: Hi everyone : )
« on: 30 June 2019, 14:24:55 »
Hey Dan! Welcome!

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello from an old stager!
« on: 25 June 2019, 17:10:27 »
Welcome Azuralian!!!  :)

It can be done now, but if the game gets harder I’m not so sure.

If you are having a hard time progressing in the game don't hesitate to ask for help. I play mostly self found myself.

That's a nice way to play the spellbinder and an interesting use of the new skills.

Good job!

New Members Introduction / Re: Greetings to everybody.
« on: 08 June 2019, 13:03:24 »
Hello and welcome Anuchyfilm!

Use either batter or shield charge. Shield charge is better if you have enough -%recharge gear.

If you don't mind having many skills to cast you may put 1 point in it and the synergy to close the distance quickly. With the Atlantis DLC there is quick cast so that should be less of a hassle.

Definitely do not change eruption for VO. VO is only for stun and uses too much energy for the damage it does.

Hope this helps.


Irrespective of gear, you can use the core dweller as suggested.

You don't need to invest a lot of points in it, only 1 point in each skill. You probably have many items that gives +skills to earth or to all skills. equip them before casting the CD. It should last a while if you heal him from time to time.

Along with the core dweller I use Volcanic orb with a few points in fragmentation to get enough fragments. Then I shield charge and kill them as fast as possible. This usually does the trick.

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