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dem that's a very good armor.. but what is that? weightless of? that's very good for a lightning + cold paladin

and for you to find that on a legendary MI? dem luck

BTW it is legit to find Veteran's Master Seer Robe of the Gods (confirmed drop). Happy farming  O0
And maybe Veteran's Boots of the Valkyrie of the Pegasus (not confirmed).

3)  Hybrid stat style caster. Actually, there are some veterans that play casters investing on all 3 stats, even though they know they will only deal elemental damage. Self-proclaimed mage boy has learned many things from at least one of those crazy guys. Sadly, they are not around anymore so the things you'll get from me is mostly theoretical and i can't give any assurances:
At 400+ int, you can already wear most high end mage items except staves. If you invest another 400, you get about +61% ele damage. But if you put all those on str instead, you can get your str to about 500 - 600. At 500 - 600 str, you can equip items like Lykaion Malleus and Visor of the Shadowlord, plus high end shields. See the lightning and EBD damage? With the right items, it's possible to get back the damage you lost, and also gain way more survivability. The main goal though of course is to have enough survivability. I've said this before somewhere: "less running equals more attacks, more running equals less attacks". You might need 1 socrate's ring and 1 hale ring (maybe). But it'll probably be worth it. Or maybe the 10% str from jade emperor artifact will suffice. Don't know but eh experienced hybrid players will know what to do once they play it. If you want to try this for the first time, do at your own risk.
if i am to re-run this right now, 90% chance i would've taken this route.

I'm not sure which version it is refering to, but I disagree with this especially in TQIT.

First, int bonus to ele damage and ele% are MULTIPLICTIVE, NOT ADDITIVE. Given the example, 400 int deals approximately 72% damage of 800 int. We do know in TQIT it's not hard to have 1000+ or 2000+ int with all the int% gears, so the difference would be even larger.
Second, even if you do wish to wear str gear and shield and get all the benefits, it is not the best choice to invest enough str to wear them, instead find some gear with reduced stats req, then invest calculated minimum str. Odysseus' Armor, for example, is one of the most used armor for hybrid builds. This is also true if you want to wear int gear as str/dex build, for example 0CD Dreamkiller could use Archmage's Clasp and Tracker's Hood and also other str gears at the same time while maintain very high damage. I would say before do any hybrid build, calculate your stats (several side quests also give your some permenant stats) and your current gears, find the best str/int/dex req combo, then invest points carefully. Each point matters, at least for me.
Third, "less running equals more attacks, more running equals less attacks". This is very true. However, the reverse statement is also true. Pick gears that increase your damage will reduce your survivability, but it will also reduce your survivability requirement, which is easily neglected. You only need to survive 4 seconds if you can kill enemies within 3 seconds, but you need to survive 7 seconds if you need 6 seconds to kill enemies. Damage and survivability are not mutually exclusive, it's not a zero-sum game. I do not encourage full damage gearing though, it's about finding a balance in gear. From my experience I don't think use str gear for pure casters worth the opportunity cost.
More importantly, as a caster (or any ranged build with cc abilities), more damage may result in significantly reduced damage taken since some enemies won't be able to attack you in the first place, which means the effect of damage is not linear, it has a "threshhold" for a certain monsters or area. I call this "safe time", during which you can fire at will and do not need to concern about your own safety. It is not hard to find that even in Legendary Act 4 in IT. In AE or Ragnarok monster speed has been increased notebaly, and "Very Fast Game Mode" is added to reduce player's reaction time, "safe time" has been drastically reduced, but still exists. Yet also in Ragnorok, several new int purples as well as amulets, grant huge amount of resistances. To conclude, if you choose to invest str or maybe dex to get more tankiness from str gear/shield and sacrifice some damage output, does not garentee to result in actual higher survivability.

Regarding your topic. Back in TQIT, I would choose squall + ice shard + eruption. Ice shard already provided enough constant damage output, add eruption for burst damage, and Core Dweller as tank expecially for boss fight. It's not really glass cannon as long as you manually control your Core Dweller in several dangerous areas. Other skill combo also works in IT, I don't think there are major differences among them. You mentioned all offense and no defense, well squall and CD are both good defense.
Now in Ragnarok I doubt the above playstyle is still good enough although I haven't tried it yet. Core Dweller is not as reliable due to monster aggro change, its tankiness also challenged by bleeding, cold & lighting, and physical damage in Act 5. It's immune damage type, poison and vitality, which is very useful in Act 4, is not that important in Act 5 (immune to fire damage still works well). Ice shard damage output is still good in Epic, but not satisfying in legendary A3 and forward. Ragnarok gear does not increase damage output for pure casters (non-Ternion, non-petmancer, non-dagger thrower) which is sad, and you have to wear more defense gear as you did in IT. In general, you have less damage and less survivability. I guess I would prefer fire+lightning and ignore ice shard in Ragnarok.

Modifications / Re: Idea - Stealth
« on: 25 October 2018, 03:52:19 »
Phantom Strike and Shadowstalkers are the only "stealth" thing in this game I think.
However, I don't think they actually uses a stealth concept in this game. Shadowstalkers cannot attack players while they are untargetable, and when they do, they are targetable. Phantom strike, despite its description, you actually un-stealth before you perform the actual strike, which means you do not perform the strike while in stealth. When I use phantom strike on dragon mage in Act3, sometimes I insta-kill myself due to the reflection shield. Given that I use the skill while unnoticed by monsters, and reflection shield has a cast animation and cast time, the only explanation is that the actual strike happens after I become visible, and draw the aggro of dragon mage.

Technical Support / Re: Game won't connect online
« on: 17 October 2018, 08:27:19 »
From my experience, it takes some time till the multiplayer games actually show up even you connected. Usually it takes seconds, but sometimes minutes, and sometime they just don't. I quite steam and re-login if that happens. If that still can't fix the problem, I'll just play my own game.

Runemaster AE / Re: Dragon Hunter is the best Rune class?
« on: 16 October 2018, 05:59:41 »
It's true that you can get 100% conversion from gears only. However, in currect game version, skill points aren't worth a thing and every gear slot is precious. If something can be solved either with skill points or gears, it is a better choice to solve it with skill points in most cases.

General Discussion / Re: % Attack Damage Converted to Health
« on: 16 October 2018, 05:50:43 »
1 Q. guys:

ADCTH seems to work more effectively if its on jewellery/artifact as compared to weapon. Is that legit observation or not?

This is because ADCTH on weapons only works when that weapon is used. However ADCTH on any other source works on both weapons  (and throwing knives).
That means, for any dual wield, since both weapon has equal chance to be used, ADCTH on one weapon has 50% effectiveness compared with ADCTH on any other source. Passive or active skills that uses both weapon at same time does not change the conclusion. For Defense mastery toons, your shield active and passive skills involves both weapon and shield to attack. In these senerios, the damage from your weapon procs ADCTH, but damage from your shield does not. Since 1H+shield does not always proc shield attack, the overall effectiveness of ADCTH on weapon is higher than 50% (also note that base damage of shields are lower than those of most weapons of same tier), I think it should be around 65%.
To conclude, non-weapon (and shield) ADCTH is the more effective way if your other weapon can be used in attacks.

It's true. What makes the difference in damage even 2X larger is that the BiS thrown weapon, Mjolnir, has roughly 350 base lightning damage (420 if max roll), which benefits only from Storm Mastery, not Earth.

I suggest totally ignore vit damage as a spellbreaker, especiall as a new player. Just go pure physical damage and all fine. Vit oriented or vit+physical (which is even worse) is by no means on pal with pure physical damage in endgame. Physical alone is already ominpotent to deal with all kinds of monsters with the help of undead aura (I just can't recall the name). Add vit damage to your pocket does not really help, instead it only increases the complexity of your gearing.
PHYSICAL Spellbreaker is already a very good choice for starters. Strong early game (main Warefare), low level requirement (almost full build at around level 55-60), low gear requirement (does not rely on any specific gear or affixes except ADCTH), good boss killer, can farm all bosses with relatively poor gears, strong endgame. Just...please don't go vit damage.


General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 27 August 2018, 09:28:04 »
Runemaster zero %elemental?  You're kidding, right?
You are right, I forget the effect of rune weapon itself. I had always remembered it adds huge amount of int.
But that's still not a notable number compared with Earth or Storm. So the effect of this chest armor would still be huge.

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 27 August 2018, 03:59:37 »
i don't think this is poorly thought out.. but it's too weird

looks good for a mage.. until you see the requirements

Now probably suitable for Runesmith.
Runesmith has high int but zero ele%, has req reduction for str armor, already have a lot of resistances from both masteries.

General Discussion / Re: Task for everyone
« on: 13 August 2018, 04:40:46 »
If any one of you are interested in .chm format titan calc...

 and increased Physical Damage will benefit Elemental damage as well, after conversion.

Increased physical damage will not benefit the converted elemental damage, neither will strength.

OK so my bleeding+pierce Brigand completed Legendary A5 and it worked well. It was not a self-found toon but after some analysis I think it could be done with self-found (unlike my burning damage Magician which is almost impossible). The main problem with self-found is that you will be forced to invest more str instead of dex since you are not garanteed to find all good gears to reduce str requirement. That will reduce your damage since you lose dex, but I don't think the impact will be large enough so that you can't play this build.

Under construction
Spoiler for Hiden:
The idea of this build are driven by a simple question: how to fully utilize the bleeding damage multipliers from both Hunting and Rogue mastery? The "normal" Brigand build, regardless of weapon type, focus mainly on (converted) pierce damage. Spear, bow, thrown weapon, if you take a close look at the dps numbers and do some calculation, you will find that regardless of the stats on your weapon, bleeding damage is actually a neglectable part. Or in other words, if you take all bleeding damage out, Brigand will still be Brigand, still high dps, nothing changes. This is due to two major problems.
1. DoT stack. I assume you already know that.
2. What's the purpose to have additional DoT if I can kill the monste within 3 seconds?

General Discussion / Re: Poorly Thought Out Items
« on: 19 July 2018, 11:00:54 »
IMO, items from games of this genre are generally not well thought out. Devs do not design skills and items so that each one of them could fit into a certain playstyle or build. Instead, they just design items randomly and expect players to try out and develop their own build. When players played sufficient hours and created sufficient amount of different builds, devs then balance the stats on items or redesign some of them, or add more items or dlc based on players' feedback and data collected. This could apply to Diablo II and Path of Exile, and I think it also applies to GrimDawn.
However, in this game, the original devs never had a chance to wait that long to make such changes. The current devs...well I'll just skip my comments here.

don't want to do any more tests I'm too lazy for that.. i can't even use my PC right now it's having problems.. btw those are not my mechanics too i merely provided links to

1) steamcommunity
2) titanquest.wikia
3) something that i previously debunked

and I've tested quick recovery before and it works.. so it's not useless because the only way it would be useless is if it doesn't work

one thing i noticed about your tests, you used it against empusa but empusa deal AoE damage right? shield can't block that right? it's not that i don't trust you man but i think empusa is not the right monster to test it with.. actually i don't care if it's before or after.. it's not a big issue for me
I tested mainly on Empusa's basic attack, not its aoe skills. But since you mentioned that, it seems that aoe skill is actually projectile+ranged which can be blocked, because when I use another shield (Achilles Shield), I was able to block both Empusa's basic attack AND its aoe skill. It's pretty clear and easy to observe, I stood in the flame, with quick recovery on, and took literally no damage at all.

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