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I would have preferred it if they'd fixed some of the serious issues, like the broken combat when the mouse cursor runs over an object or the loot that never comes to rest.
Still, at least some fixes...

General Discussion / Re: Atlantis - battle standard useless?
« on: 29 December 2019, 13:49:26 »
The problem with Atlantis is that there is no balancing for monsters. A lot of the monsters hit much harder than those in act 4 and 5 that are 10 levels higher. From the level range Atlantis should be done at the beginning of act 4 but damage wise it plays after act 5. Too bad that the devs didn't pay attention to balancing. That also applies to items. >90% of item drops are spears unless you play with Loot Plus which I highly recommend.

Hunting AE / Re: Gouge - still useless?
« on: 26 November 2019, 22:02:24 »
Gouge procs for active attack skills like Marksmanship, not just auto attacks. You can even hear it. When it procs you will hear the bow firing sound two times.

I don't remeber getting an artifact wich required a relic from a previous difficulty level.They do require lesser artifacts, wich themselves can require relics from other difficulties, yes, but not the main artifact itself.That is beacuse those lesser artifacts are found in the previous difficulty.
That's what I mean. For example my Soothsayer uses the "Hand of Gaia" artifact which is from Epic difficulty but it requires "Leafsong", an artifact from Normal difficulty. So I need to have the normal difficulty recipe and relics to create an epic artifact.

As I'm proceeding through the game and its difficulty levels I find more and more recipes for artifacts. What I don't like is that recipes from difficulty A require ingredients from difficulty B. Because of that I need to store all recipes and all relics from all difficulties which requires an enormous amount of space. I know I can offload these into the vault but I'd rather have recipes that make sense and keep the required ingredients within the same difficulty level of the recipe. Does anyone know of a mod that modifies artifacts that way?

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: War horn or plague
« on: 22 November 2019, 11:37:54 »
In my opinion plague is much better than war horn. Why? Because war horn is only useful against trash mobs. It has no effect on bosses and little on heroes.

Plague is useful against all kinds of enemies. The % reduction to enemy's health is useless against bosses, just like war horn but the synergies can turn a giant into a pup. For full effect you need to invest more skill points though.

General Discussion / Re: Game display issue (Atlantis)
« on: 28 October 2019, 09:25:49 »
The only short freezes I have happen sometimes when entering/exiting a dungeon when the game cannot decide which layer it needs to display (outside or inside). This might be caused by camera modifications that I'm using that allow me to zoom out further. It doesn't bother me much though.

You can start the TQ.exe with /dx9 or /dx11 as parameters for DirectX9 (Legacy) or DirectX11 (Enhanced).

General Discussion / Re: Game display issue (Atlantis)
« on: 27 October 2019, 09:35:03 »
I have never seen this issue. I'm playing with DX11 and vSync on.

Modifications / Re: modifying merchant inventory
« on: 13 October 2019, 11:26:35 »
I've been using LootPlus for a while now and it's fantastic. Before I had seen only a very small number of the different MIs, blue and purple items that the game has to offer. Even the fun items are nice, like Santa Claus' or Sherlock Holmes gear. The downside is that merchants have become even less useful. Now I mostly use them to shop for rings and amulets. I'm grateful that the gambler exists. Otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with all the gold.

Hi guys,
I'm approaching now TQ AE with atlantis on steam. I've seen around that the game can be ran in DX11 version using TQ_DX11.exe, and for the legacy DX9 i must run TQ.exe. But in the folder I cannot find any TQ_DX11.exe, and also running enhanced from the launcher the TQ.exe is ran. Anyone know if now they've condensed both exe in one?
It's described in the Release Notes for version 2.8 in this thread.

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] LootPlus - More Loot, Better Stuff
« on: 28 September 2019, 16:46:09 »
Thank you very much for this mod. I just installed it and played through Atlantis the second time and it was a completely different feeling. It felt like someone finally fixed the game. :D
I love it that heroes can now drop stuff and boss chests/orbs finally contain something better than just yellow garbage.

Now if THQ managed to fix the restless dropped items bug we could finally see all items that drop...

Modifications / modifying merchant inventory
« on: 27 September 2019, 10:42:24 »
I was thinking about modifying all the merchant inventories so that merchants don't sell white stuff anymore and have an increased amount of green items.

All my searches came up with nothing so far but from what I understand merchant inventory is managed in the corresponding files in item\merchants\... folders. However these files only seem to point to other records that are also used by monster drop lists. So if I modified these drop lists that would also modify monster drops, right? Is there an easier way to modify merchant inventory quality than duplicating all item drop lists to have separate lists for monsters and merchants?

Btw. I saw the LootPlus mod and was wondering if this would solve the issue of getting only white and yellow crap without hours of vendor hopping.

Btw. get as many +x to skills items as you can so you can save some skill points on the pet summons. For example on my Soothsayer I currently have +7 to all skills in Nature mastery so I only have Call of the Wild and Sylvan Nymph at 13 and can still cast 3 level 20 wolves and a level 20 nymph. That's 6 skill points that I can put somewhere else. Even if you only equip the items to initially summon your pets they will stay at the summoned level. Of course this trick doesn't work for their active skills which will be lowered when you don't have the +x skills items equipped.

I tried a melee champion once in Epic but it wasn't my style. I prefer my Soothsayer caster but that's just a personal preference.

If you want to go melee you'll need to decide if you are going to dual wield (glass cannon) or use a shield (better survivability).
Regarding attributes I'd go for 2:1 strength:dexterity. You'll need a lot of strength for damage and heavy armor. Depending on the weapon dex will help with pierce damage.

I would try to max the following skills - Warfare:
- Weapon Training
- Onslaught and it's synergies
- Dodge Attacks
- Battle Standard and it's synergy
- Dual Wield and it's synergies (if you are going to dual wield)

I would try to max the following skills - Nature:
- Heart of Oak and it's synergy "Permanence of Stone" ("Tranquility of Water" is not so important in my opinion but if you have spare points...)
- Call of the Wild and it's synergy "Strength of the Pack"
- Plague and it's synergies

On top of that you should invest some points in Regrowth, Accelerated Growth and Dissemination to heal yourself and your pets. Refresh helps to lower the cooldown of your skills.
You need to decide if you also want to use the Nymph or the Ancestral Warriors because you won't have enough points for both. From my experience the War Horn/Doom Horn is nice for standard mobs but bosses are immune to stun and reduction to health so it's use is limited. I would invest at least one point in War Wind and Lacerate so you can jump into the fray and hit multiple opponents at once. One point in Battle Rage is also good.

There are certainly more experienced players out there that can provide tips for an ongoing champion so take the above as "opinion of a rookie". ;)

I tried the current GDDefiler version but it also crashes with unhandled exception errors when loading Ragnarok characters and for other characters it displays their stats but I cannot change anything. GDDefiler even crashes when trying to set the TQ AE folder in the options.

I guess TQRespec is the only properly working tool we have for TQ AE at the moment. I'm happy with it because the only thing I wanted is to reallocate attribute points and change masteries or try out some skills without the need to buy all points back.

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