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New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 23 February 2021, 00:18:03 »
Reworked Wraith types in Greece

Wraith mage have a more lich look

They now cast skull bombs and bone prison.

Wraith revenant have a different looks to be different than the regular wraiths.

They have a self aura that boost their physical and vitality dmg with a % of attack converted to health.

Siren Family have a new look ( no more "gorgonish" faces)

New Members Introduction / Re: Greetings to everyone!
« on: 20 February 2021, 11:07:54 »
Welcome to the forum.

Glad to see theres still people who loves the game :)

Modifications / Re: How to build one file into an existing mod?
« on: 20 February 2021, 11:06:49 »
If im not mistaken, that is the only way.

You need to export whole xmaxftw mod files and change the potion cap in gameengine file placed (xpak) on Art manager.

Oh that is a incredible!

Im also using that quilin model as well.

Music / Re: What Music are You Listening to now?
« on: 06 February 2021, 16:16:33 »

C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\Working\CustomMaps\Your mode name

check the dbr that are giving error, as Nargil said, most of templates in XPAK3, have wrong template linked, you must correct then via notepad+++

There are features that we couldnt believe that would ever be ingame, like transformation.

I dont see any problem with that, is just change the visual look of the player with some random monster, if im reading correctly, plus if nargil like it ( pretty sure more will love as well) i dont see any reason to stop/throw the ideia out.

Also Nargil is working in another lvl in TQ Modding, its original and its not one of another loot-plus versions that is half of steam workshop mods.

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 23 January 2021, 02:27:50 »
Looking and updating some older content in ACT 1

-Updated Zombie soldiers ( they look like soldiers now) and created zombie villagers for Tegea Event

-Updated skelleton Captains and Toxotes looks to be more different than the rest of skelletons

-Updated Skelleton Assassins to have a more "rogue" look

Mhm ;D

Quest Modding / Re: [Tutorial] Create your own quests!
« on: 19 January 2021, 01:21:30 »
Sorry , im not able to help with quests, as the only i edited was the starting one in helos ( and isnt even a quest).

Speaking about that quest, idk but time to time, when i log with a character i still receive the pop up telling that i get the bonus from that quest, even after i complted from last play season.

I advice you to try on another xpac quest to see the results.

Lol, why did  they make Onslaught colorful? Anyway, its good news for Android players, I'll stick on PC version though. Hope they fix a lot of bugs...

If im not mistaken, that onslaught effect was the original ingame , it was replaced by the one we have right now, i remenber from the demo back in 2006.( if im correct)

well, I had hopes that on android version it would have or contain some diferences than PC version.

Then i saw this on the official trailer

So i imagine all bugs and issues will be ported as well...

New Projects / Re: Titan Quest - Titanomachy Mod ( Development )
« on: 10 January 2021, 16:00:16 »
Happy New Year , first of all!

Wish 2021 would be a better year than the previous one.

The progress is going smooth, in ACT 3 , the content is ready until Mongolia, asie few heroes/bosses to be placed wich they will be placed soon

Heres a small preview of gameplay, on act 3

Note that the quality might be litle "meh" duo of pc and usuing bandicam. That will be the last one because i upgrade the old laptop i had and this one is ideial to make videos  duo of more modern ram and engine,

A new feature that mod will provide is new Boss door. While Doors arent new , i will place that system on some bosses. For Now Nessus and Tegean Zombie (Leimon i think?) have then, but more will have in future. Not all will have it, aside of main bosses. Just to make the world bit more dynamic.

Heres the picture of arena entrance

I will also design in future new doors looks for boss arenas, like door made of bones, or soulless face placed on spirit barrier, time will tell.


While the progress in 3rd act is going well, i decide to go back at 1st act and redone few things that i wasnt really happy, in terms of updating some monster models/texture , skill effects , monster pools and few polish on some maps ( pathing  etc)

While in looking on it i will as well add few new foes. Here is a exemple

"Foulspawn demons or Tainted as you might know"

Another error I encountered is that my armors and weapons are not displayed on the Main Menu although they are working just fine ingame or in the inventory.

Do not worry, it happen with every mod custom itens, as the base game cant read or isnt set to read custom assets without mod file.

Modifications / Re: How to update D2 Lilith for Atlantis
« on: 04 January 2021, 15:35:27 »
Legacy mode is runing the game on DX9 , how the game always as played in the past.

With DX11 brought with Atlantis, game plays that edition by default you need to select the legacy manually or doing a shortcut , is know to causing some issues on game specially with mods. Since Atlantis changed the funcionality of mods, all previous mods existing are outdated, that measn D2 lith needs to be re imported back to Atlantis, well you need to extract the whole mod files are rebuild again.

Sorry, but sadly its how it is.

Modifications / Re: Modding Question
« on: 04 January 2021, 15:31:24 »
I believe so.

You could also test ingame if you still have acess to 40 lv skill without Atlantis instaled, but mostly i think you need both installed.

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