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General Discussion / Re: Anyone getting the console version?
« on: 19 March 2018, 22:21:39 »
Can't see it myself gasconron.  Apart from the game itself, it's the physical goodies that make it a collector's edition.  Might make a Steam Collector's Edition with some sort of extras possibly.

Can't give up on this since it was my idea in the first place so here's my third Illusionist - very originally named Aritha3. ;) Forgot to take a screenshot of the satyr kill so had to go back - which is why she's L6.

Thanks botebote77, just started a new toon in the Naked HC. Very encouraging advice!  :o

Added to the leaderboard Tauceti and good luck with her.  :)  Is she twinked or are you going self found?

Updated gasconron and well done.  :)

Is Nastahya a new toon?  Because I already have Cristina L20 Battlemage at Parnassus Hinterlands on the list for you.  Did you retire her and start again with Natashya or are you running two different Battlemages in the challenge?

May try and have another go with the same build idea.  It was working well up to that point, though I wasn't really meleeing much - using the bow mostly along with the pets.  But with the expansion as well that would allow me to max some skills that weren't before or maybe add one or two more.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone getting the console version?
« on: 17 March 2018, 15:30:16 »
Just been looking at the titan quest page and see that they're also bringing out a collector's edition for all versions.  Might get that just for the heck - it never hurts to have a disc copy as a backup.  Interesting though that only the PC collector's edition will include Ragnarök.  Is that because the expansion isn't ready for consoles yet?

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello!
« on: 17 March 2018, 14:40:39 »
Welcome to the forum Shazen.  :)

gasconron, it was my own fault, I was a bit impatient.  The 3 of them wiped out my pets a few times so I was trying to deal with them by standing just inside the door and potshoting them with a bow, but made the mistake of going too far inside and the door closed behind me.  I got penned aginst the door by all 3 and died.

General Discussion / Re: NEW CAVE - Quinba Bamboo Forest?
« on: 15 March 2018, 21:44:41 »
Yeah, I would have thought that, but either Nordic couldn't be bothered to do it that way or it's a bug and maybe they'll get round to it eventually. 

General Discussion / Re: NEW CAVE - Quinba Bamboo Forest?
« on: 15 March 2018, 21:35:59 »
It's a Ragnarok quest item so if you don't have the expansion you probably won't be able to pick it up.  Cave and item are part of this quest.

And the jade idol quest is bugged, it spawns in both of its locations when it should be one or the other.

I doubt it.  BG has been working on LoC v2 for quite a while so no recent updates to v1.0.  No idea if he changed the icons along the way though.  Maybe AER makes them look funny, the mod isn't designed for Ragnarok yet.

Update for Piggy.  She's up to L12 and at Megara Bluff.  Had fun running around in the Tegea cave trying to bring the spider boss down, but she managed it.  Now have 2 wolves and bogdwellers and heading for the falcon next followed by piglet.  Struggling with energy at the moment, she had a lot reserved so not much spare and something I've just equipped is causing her to have negative regen so she's losing it slowly as well.  Couldn't spot what it was on a quick look, but may need to find a relic/charm to boost her energy regen. 

Also a funny thing when I started the session.  She was at the Spartan War Camp and I got the Ancient of War side quest and then double checked that I'd got the main one too, only to find I had no quest info at all.  Talked to the guy in Sparta and got it, but a bit later when I went back to Helos to put stuff in the caravan I noticed the guards were blocking the road out of Helos.  I talked to the guy there and triggered the main quest there too, but when the shepherd arrived I was able to get the quest from him to do again.  It seems all my quest progress has been wiped from the quest log for some reason.  A bit strange since this is a new toon started in the game since the last update. Weird.  ???

It'll be a desert - in that sense I suppose it is though other games feature deserts as well.  But otherwise I think Crate will give us their own unique take on it.  :)

Thank you.  :)

I get it's a guy thing and you could always PM Zantai over on the GD forum, but let's keep this forum friendly and welcoming to everyone please. 

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