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Gaming / Re: Diablo Immortal - siigh
« on: 06 November 2018, 03:23:02 »
I think there are a few things at play here.  First, Blizzard makes a ton of money off of Hearthstone and micro-transactions are a money maker.  Second, they are working on Diablo 4 (according to them) but the problem is that they aren't so far away from Diablo 3 were it would be considered such an upgrade.  Third, they are just releasing Diablo 3 for the Switch which would definitely take a hit if Diablo 4 was announced for the PC and other gaming systems at the same time.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Regen Build
« on: 02 November 2018, 21:28:57 »
So, I decided to try out a Regen/Reflect build.  I felt given the items in Ragnarok, there is pretty good synergy between these two archetypes.  Now, I don't know how legendary viable this is, I am just in Epic, but here is what I am working on.

It's a templar build, and I know it isn't the first reflect Templar, but it's my first, so that's all that counts.


Regarding the skill points, clearly a lot of these abilities are fill out in the end of the game.  I started a level 40 (to make things easy) and I gifted him a set of Icescale Armor, epic Vinys and Isis's and a beautiful Epic Stonebinder's Cuffs of Restoration.

So, he has 3 Icescale pieces and the Stonebinders, each with Epic Viny's with a completion bonus of more regen.  2 Hale and 1 Hardy Rings and Amulet, a Shield that I found with this character that has a 15% reflect capability and random weapon (I'll wait for the big time regen weapons later).  While I gifted him a bunch, most of this is easily farmable with maybe the Isis being the hardest as you just gotta go all Egypt.  Icescale and Viny's, the most important part, took little to no time.

Anyway, he is sitting with about 5400 HP and a base 240 HP regen.  He had half his life taken once for a half a second and rarely sees his HP go below 5300 on Xmax.  Again, just early Epic, but it's not like he has any epic or legendary gear.  It's all green except for his weapon that I don't even remember what it is.

So, Trance of Empathy is always on providing 77% reflect.  3 Icescale armors providing 15% chance of 200%.  Shield with 10% and Emobodiment of Archimede's Mirror which is giving a nice 21% chance of 100%.  Rally is providing like 80% when it is active and I can keep it up 75% of the time with no CDR items.  I still have to attack to make things die faster, so I have psionic touch and distort reality with temporal rift for that.  Distort Reality is key as it scales with strength and can stun everything next to me for a few seconds which is all I need to heal right back up.  Colossus form is for bosses so that they can kill themselves as I absorb damage.

The dark horse ability has been adrenaline.  Now, it seems to disappear really quickly maxed out on very fast, but when it triggers which it always does, coupled with the 150% regen from rally, my 240 hp regen goes up to like 900. 

So, anyway, I really haven't faced anything yet and I'll see how itemization goes later, but I literally just can walk around and watch things melt as my HP barely even nudge.  I don't know if that is really awesome or kinda boring.

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] Enhanced Gameplay for TQ: Ragnarök
« on: 01 November 2018, 22:01:08 »
Very nice

Wanna put target dummies in Corinth?

TQ Designers would have been in a inspired moment if they have put dummies in Corinth. Instead we have turtles to make tests  ::)

In your 2nd pic, the burn proc likely comes from puncture shot arrows (chances to pass through) not from scattered shot arrows. It would be interesting to check the numbers when your line of sight is perpendicular to the 3 targets (ie, you are in front of the middle target).

Anyway, as you say, MM does more collateral damage in your pic  ;)

Agreed about target dummies.

So, I posted this in another thread (which inspired this build to begin with)...
"I went to Sparta in the enemy camp where there are three targets side by side.  I did two tests.  I stood perpendicular to the middle target and started markmaning.  Both side targets got hit with scattershot and both procced Runeword Explode EVERY time my main target did.  It appears that the proc is checked once on the initial throw and then if you hit 9 fragments, then 9 runeword explodes.  Wowzers.  I then decided to test Punctureshot and lined up all three targets in a row.  If I targeted the first target, passthrough seemed to go through it every time.  I figured it would have been only 55% of the time, but it actually went through to the third target like 75% of the time.  Not sure how that is all calculated.  Even more so, if I targeted the last target, it seemed every attack went through."

Scattershot procs explode.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Regen Build
« on: 01 November 2018, 17:53:52 »
If you want a truly tanky toon, you should not aim for this Hp-regen gimmick and go for a classic Guardian. Have maxed recharge for permanent Colossus Form, Quick Recovery, Rally and Briar Ward for near 100% damage absorption, reflection and block chance.

You could get well above 15k HP this way, and be completely safe from one-shot attacks.

I get that's a tanky character, but that wasn't my point.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Regen Build
« on: 01 November 2018, 15:22:19 »
With incredible optimization, I believe you can go above 3k hp. regen. per second.

But even if you get this high, you will remain potentially vulnerable to huge bursts of damage and have undesirably low resistances.

Clearly burst damage is the real threat here.  Damage over time likely has no impact so stuff like poison should be negligible.  If you are going to dedicate to HP regen and focus to overcome the obstacle of burst damage, obviously you need to mitigate as much as possible AND have enough HP to persevere, which is really the goal.  If you have 10K HP and are hit for 11K, 2K regen won't help.  But if you have 12K HP, then you shrug it off as you are back to full health in a couple seconds.  How much HP is enough though?  Originally I thought Defense might be the best second class, but it may be Nature for the HP boost.

Updated my original build links.  Clearly the end build is simply max everything that has a proc, that gives +pierce damage and all defensive abilities that you want.

Here is the visual representation of a fully maxed Rune Weapon tree versus a full maxed Marksmanship tree.

Rune Weapon:


Clearly the individual numbers were higher on Rune, but part of that was it was at maxed stacks (which takes 10 shots to get to) and I believe I didn't have any Hunter's +Pierce damage abilities toggled.  My guess is that Rune has likely a 15-20% increased damage on a single target when fully stacked, but Marksmanship does way more collateral damage.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Regen Build
« on: 01 November 2018, 04:40:25 »
Has anyone really tried a dedicated regen build?  I was goofing around with blacksmith and made an almost 1000 HP/sec build which would require a ridiculous amount of farming.  But then I looked at Ankh of Isis and Viny Growth.  So, I just created a new level 40 character and threw a bunch of yellows on him.  Give him Dream and Hunting with their HP regen skills and filled him full of epic Viny Growths and Isis's.  With no items dedicated to HP regen (I had items that gave +skills which in turns boost HP regen) and putting 4 Viny Growths on my armor and 3 Isis's on my bling, I was sporting around 450 HP/sec.  I just walked around and I barely felt a thing.  Could this work with enough HP to get through spikey damage?  Would it work better with Nature with Heart of Oak +HP and Briar Ward Sanctuary for regen?

I  am stoopid, I'll fix those links later.  She is level 55 now and pretty much melting stuff in Act 3 Epic.  We will see how it gets when I am in legendary.  I have been collecting a lot of legendary throwing weapons, which has certainly helped.

Before I begin, I am going to state that I am no pro nor do I know if this build is viable through legendary, but I plan on finding out.

Dragon Hunter is clearly a very strong build, but one thing pretty fascinating about it is that it can go all one way or all the other.  While both play similarly, they obviously have their own advantages.  I decided that since most go heavy on the Rune and Elemental side, I'd go heavy on the Hunting and Pierce side.  I also am going self-found which should determine how viable this is.

Right now, I am approaching the end of Normal, half way through Act 5 and it's been quite a breeze.  Like 3 deaths, mostly from low res (self found) and spikey damage and that one hero vitality damage dude in the mountains from Act 3.  The goal with this character is to focus on the auto-attacks and procs.  A Dragon Hunter can either go Rune, focus on INT and Rune Weapon or go Dex/Str, go Hunting and focus on Marksmanship.

The first goal is to start hunting and just build your way up with 1 point in things you use.  You could probably ignore Rune until Epic, though, I didn't.  At level 15, you have Hunting maxed out and 1 point in almost everything you need. 

Level 15

The key here is Marksmanship, Wood Lore and Volley.  Clearly those are the skills that will add to damage and benefit with you get +1 to hunting or skills.  The most important item for you to get 1 of (2 if you go Rune) is Skeletal Darts.

I picked a couple up early in Act 1 and I am still using them now.  Other thrown weapons are fine, but Skeletal Darts are your bread and butter.  They allow you to put a relic or charm on them, they have a 50% pierce ratio, they are Very Fast, they can get good affixes and they have a 20% chance of 200% pierce damage.  That is huge as you stack pierce%.  The 10% of 40% reduction in enemy's health is really just bonus.  Now, I also farmed for Stonebinder's Cuffs, which has been nice since I haven't found any other +1 skills gear.  I have found decent +Hunting gear, but nothing +1 Skills. 

While you can go all Hunting for all of Normal, the real value in going the Marksman route is the combination of Scattershot and Rune Word: Explode as it procs off of Scattershot.  Actually, Runeword explode procs off of you attack and all your Scattershots carry that and perform a Runeword Explode at the same time.  It creates some nice pyrotechnics. 

Level 25

At this point, you have 1 pointed everything you need to dual wield Skeletal Darts and proc your Reckless Offence, Volley and Runeword: Explode.  I added Thunderstrike in there, and it's strong until Act 5, but if you don't put points into it, auto-attack outpaces it.  It will likely be more useful in harder difficulties with the confusion and stun. 

At this point, you have to determine where to go with the build.  Since you are using Skeletal Darts and are picking up +%pierce items/using Call/Art of the Hunt and Study Prey, it's a good idea to add base Piercing Damage.  The entire Marksmanship tree is useful.  Marksman adds base damage, puncture shot allows you to pass through enemies (which is really awesome if you are capped at 141% attack speed and you just hit everything running at you, and scattershot is solely for the Runeword procs.  I'd go 1:1:1 or 1:1:Volley1 until Volley is maxed out.  Add points in Wood Lore to max out attack, but keep it at 6 for now as there are more diminishing returns in Wood Lore than others for over clocking. 

This is roughly my build at level 40.

Level 40

While I am playing on standard, this will only be more valuable on XMax due to scattershot and runeword explode decimating everything. 

Other musings:
I got 2 Blue Dragon Scales, which seem great, but were inferior to my Darts (both which have ADCtH on them). 

At level 40, in Hades Normal a legendary fell from the sky.  A Jagged Silk.  Quite a tease since it's level 57, but it will be waiting for me and pretty awesome since this is all self-found. 

I dropped my Stonebinders for these guys Black Wyrm Guards
The +25% Pierce Damage, +25% Pierce Ratio, +3 to Runeword Explode and Burn and the other benefits made it a no-brainer.  Interesting that these give +1 to Earth which wouldn't care about the piercing at all. 

Side note, anyone know how the +25% Pierce Ratio works?  Is it additive to my weapon or multiplicative?
The darts are 50%.  If it is additive, then they'd be 75%.  If it is multiplicative, then I guess they'd be 67.5%?  Not that it matters much since their base damage is so low, but it would factor on Epic or Lengendaries more. 

I'll add more when I either hit a wall or just become more awesome.

New Projects / Re: A Few Bug Fixes AE & Ragnarok
« on: 25 October 2018, 14:39:26 »
Shouldn't the index finger go between the strings?  :)

New Projects / Re: A Few Bug Fixes AE & Ragnarok
« on: 23 October 2018, 00:39:34 »
Any chance to add vitality staves to merchants?  Sees like an oversite.

Modifications / Re: Idea - Stealth
« on: 21 October 2018, 20:13:49 »
Parry should be in warfare and it should work similar to shield block but with no shield.  Shields work similar to DW, so turn around is FairPlay.  Plus, it’s hard to parry with a shield. 

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« on: 20 October 2018, 19:12:22 »
Would this be fine in multiplayer, specifically the ones that only matter client side like the item filter and damage numbers?
These are just cosmetic changes, in other term QoF(quality of life). They don't affect player stats.
So these should work in multiplayer even if you are client:
  -Filter dropped items
  -Set/freeze time
  -Show Damage
  -Show Pet Damage
  -Mute Zeus
  -Set potion stack limit to 200
  -Enable Logs

These won't work on clients, because server handles these
  -Invisible as ghost
  -No gold drops:

Also curious if there's any chance these get added to the workshop so I don't have to deal with cheat engine. Thanks in advance :)
Developers of the game have not made these features configurable. So they can't be affected in traditional mods.  >:(

Also, item filter code(for other items) is not even implemented in the game. New implementation had to be injected. This is where Cheat Engine is good at. It can inject code and data without modifying any game files on disk!

I've never used cheat engine before.
Try it! :P
It is not for just cheating in games...

Is this still something you are developing?  In terms of information, how much can you access?  Is there any way you can display variables as they change?  Like, I put a shield on and a shield block number floats up?  I put on a weapon with fire damage and my Fire Damage% floats up? 

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