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I don't remember having particular troubles with the poison spewers. They do a lot of damage if you get caught in them, but if need be you can just send Corey ahead and let them spew poison first, then run in and hit them. In the Tower of Judgement at least you can also toss Eruption over walls a lot of the time.

Energy Drain's AdtH doesn't scale with levels so 1 point is enough. And yeah I wouldn't recommend Ring of Flame for a non-melee build. As for Guardian Stones, since my own Stonespeaker is pretty high leveled I found some free points to max it out; I use it on my fafnir runs but they don't seem to increase my killing speed noticably. Menhir I just flat out never used beyond normal act I since using F2 to send in Corey where you need it to be generally works well enough, so I guess I can't really say much about it.

I'm running a stonespeaker as well, so I'd like to throw in some opinion on the skills:

-Aftershock is pretty important because it's the only -res skill that you have. Having it can dramatically increase killing speed of bosses.
-Eruption is a good spell to have too. You can toss it in the middle of some archer mobs to kill them while you dodge or focus on something else, and using it against bosses increase killing speed too. Don't use it on golden boar or mobs with reflection though.
-Wildfire and Inner Fire aren't that useful. The main function of Corey is to tank, not do damage. There's HP Regenertion and -OA but even without them Corey can tank long enough that you can just resummon if its HP gets low.
-Energy Drain doesn't really need more than 1 point. -OA and slow are nice but they aren't that vital, and this build doesn't use a lot of MP.
-I've never actually used Menhir/Guardian Stone so I can't comment on how good or bad they are, but it didn't seem to me like I'd need another distraction when Corey does its job already.

I'd say that These[url] are the core skills of the build, and level 68 should be fairly reasonable.

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