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Other Modifications / Re: Horse Rider Mod (WIP)
« on: 11 August 2018, 07:27:03 »
I won't post the tool here, that's up to koderkrazy.
I've posted it in tools section:

It would be great if you add it to your Tools Database collection and the post.

Installation and Tools / [Tool] TQ Anim Bone Renamer
« on: 11 August 2018, 07:21:38 »
I've created a tool that allows you to rename bones in .anm files.
To understand why the tool? read this tutorial

Here is the link for the tool TQ_BoneRenamerV1.7z!HehT0brT!fSaecQLacXy-OMjw4NY5VA
To test it I've given a female anm. If you use as it is then hairs won't move. But if you remove '_MOUNT' from bones using the tool then the hairs will start moving again.

About the other two - "repeat shorter" and "crop longer", i haven't tried them yet and cant say what they are for.
These are my findings after looking at code:
Freeze - It sets all AnimationFrames of a bone to first animationFrame of the bone. This applies to all eligible bones based on shorter or longer.
Repeat - Increases number of AnimationFrames in shorter bones and repeats existing AnimationFrames till new frame count.
Corp - Reduces the number of AnimationFrames in a longer bones, hence it crops the animation for those bones.

You need animations for it to work. Use these:
If you want to make it an actual mod, i can tell you the steps. The tutorial is only a crude example how it works.
No no. I am not complaining about the tutorial. I updated the male anm bones with _MOUNT by referring to neanderthals.
I think I renamed wrong limbs or and I completely lost track of which were original files and which were modified. :(
I'll modify .dbr than renaming anm\msh files in next attempt.

Here my male pc riding saber tank!!    >:D
My fault, looks like I've renamed wrong bones..

Wow!  I'll definitely try this. :P

Thanks for thorough documentation!

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Earth and Rune
« on: 14 July 2018, 21:04:28 »
For some time, I've been thinking if it could be possible to swap some skills in certain masteries with the skills monsters use..
But the most I have wanted to use is the Distortion wave which the Furies use.. @koderkrazy please see this ^-^
Monster skills could easily be given to player character in a bounce mod. But updating skill tree UI is lengthy part. Except buttons rest of the entire UI is an image. For monster skills we'll have to create a new UIs.

If you are talking about only the special effects and not the entire package of Distortionwave then it could be done easily.

Other Modifications / Re: undead absorbation removel
« on: 14 July 2018, 20:32:50 »
you are right but....
i realy want to play poison only build
i currently  learning to use art manager but for the love of god i cant find the absorb value :(
first of all welcome to the TQ modder's club  :))
All creatures who have characterRacialProfile=Undead are undead. Like skeletons, zombie, ghosts, ancestrals, mummy, wraith, spectre, abbysalliche, drawned sailors, lostsouls, draugs, some bosses etc.

Then look in the 'Skill Tree' section of the monster for passive skills like Resist_xyz.dbr. Yup, developers didn't add poison, bleed, life resist on monsters directly, they added passive skills...
These are main such skills:
Records\Skills\Monster Skills\Defense\Resist_Undead.dbr - Description in comment section of the file says: 50% Life / 1000% Life Leech / 1000% Bleeding res & 70% Poison Absorb
In this skill look for damageAbsorbtionPercent:70 and poisonDamageQualifier:1

records\skills\monster skills\defense\resist_ghost.dbr -  50% Life / 1000% Life Leech / 1000% Bleeding / 1000% Poison res & 60% Physical+Pierce Absorb
In this file look for defensivePoison:1000

If you modify these most of the undead will get affected. But not all.., people like Toxeus have got some more special skills.

@Hector good that you looped me in :P

Other Modifications / Re: QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 13 July 2018, 20:51:31 »
Thanks for the effort, but what is this, a compiled exe? I have both autohotkey and autoit installed, a script would suffice. Or you can even tell me what to do. This exe file does nothing.
Change extension to au3.
While doing save as i put wrong extension.  :P

If you want to modify keys then open the au3 file in any text editor.
And update these sentences : If _IsPressed("31") Then
here 31 is key code for key '1'
You can find all key codes here:

Other Modifications / Re: QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 13 July 2018, 16:58:21 »
It would be awesome if it worked with 1 2 3 4 q w e r a s d instead of 1234567890. But I have no idea how to do it.
I've updated it:!zWJVRKpI!4Nq4yKTMp-w9LkiaJZ8KS7JpA6f3pPjoCS7Uy8PNDZs

Other Modifications / Re: QuickFire/Instant Cast
« on: 13 July 2018, 16:33:49 »
I'd really like to see an update for Fast Skill since that was the one that I used in TQIT.. but I didn't have Autohotkey, just the program itself was able to work without any issue..
The program still works!!  >:D

There is a simple workaround:
FastSkill.exe scans for application with caption 'Titan Quest: Immortal Throne'
So we change AE exe caption from 'Titan Quest Anniversary Edition' to 'Titan Quest: Immortal Throne'.  8)

Back up your TQ.exe. Now edit the exe in hex editor. I use Hex workshop.
Search for string 'Titan Quest Anniversary Edition' and replace it with 'Titan Quest: Immortal Throne'.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Note after throne put 00 00 00. Because AE name is 3 character bigger than IT name.
Run the game with new exe and run FastSkill.exe.  Enjoy fast keys!!

Instead of modifying game exe I could've modified FastSkill.exe, but the author has encrypted the strings in exe.
He could've easily made game caption configurable, but instead he released two exe for both game versions.  :-\
@Hector the author posted FastSkill for TQ and IT. Now both the links are down. If you have TQ version then share. I'll compare both FastSkill exes and see if I could modify it to make it work for AE.

Other Modifications / Re: [Mod] Big Font
« on: 13 July 2018, 10:41:23 »
Here is an example with Warfare mastery description using random text:
It force you to heavily edit your text untill it fit in the textbox.
I figured it out!!  8)

Add {^n} before word that goes on next line. And add {^n}{^n} if you want a sentence to go on new line.

Here is the text that I used:
tagInstaller03_mod=It was among the Ancient Greeks that philosophy, science, math, history and the arts as we know them first began.  The independent city-states of Greece fished and farmed, {^n}dreamed and wrote poetry, warred against outsiders and amongst themselves, and {^n}observed and pondered life leaving a legacy {^n}that would be admired and imitated the world over.

takedown serves no purpose other than being a "gap closer"..
Yep, it's raise your spear and yolo   ::)
It should've been strong like Phantom and Lethal strikes.

it shouldn't be worse than your normal hit (not any shield passive triggered attacks, just normal), should it?
Shield passives did trigger more often(while collecting data) and added 800-900 damage. I haven't included those logs to avoid confusion. They make normal attack more powerful without you knowing about it.

How does life reduction work in this game BTW?
Undeads are so op in this game. This is game version of 'The Walking Dead'.

Could you please test if "take down" skill is still bugged or not?
It does consider spear damage.
Undead don't take health reduction damage, so take-down doesn't do much good there.
Also, with normal attack you get chance of  'Pulvarize', 'Disable', 'Shield smash' skills used. Which add more damage to the attack.

Damages are not consistent due to following factors:
   -region where attack hits (torso, head, leg, arm)  // this is one more type of randomization
   -enemy stats (gear, resistances, defensive ability)
So it's hard to give exact difference between the attack types.

Following is combat data(legendary difficulty) with:
Hector's spear
   +32% physical damage
   +14% physical damage
   +30% pierce damage

Take-down level 16
   45% reduction to enemy health
   187 piercing damage

Here are 3 hits and 3 Take-Downs on Zombie undead
Spoiler for Hiden:
Enemy : Zombie\Greece_AM_Festering_06.dbr
3 Normal hits
     Total Damage: 675.011658
     17.995949 of Physical  +14% Physical
     355.492493 of Physical +32% Physical
     106.209885 of Pierce   +30% Pierce

     Total Damage: 968.762146
     36.095795 of Physical
     554.903442 of Physical
     147.314560 of Pierce

     Total Damage: 663.986816
     20.220663 of Physical
     340.837708 of Physical
     103.296539 of Pierce

  3 take-down hits
     Total Damage: 782.884644
       84.261894 of Pierce
     25.579756 of Physical
     356.581787 of Physical
     106.426422 of Pierce
    Total Damage: 744.677612
       84.261894 of Pierce
     25.253668 of Physical
     325.510681 of Physical
     100.249557 of Pierce
    Total Damage: 860.756470
       84.261894 of Pierce
     23.861380 of Physical
     425.755920 of Physical
     120.178078 of Pierce

These are 3 hits on sytyr archer
Spoiler for Hiden:
Enemy: Satyr\AR_Archer_06.dbr
 Satyr archer
 3 Normal hits
     Total Damage: 1437.583618
     34.146088 of Physical
     650.855469 of Physical
     525.918457 of Pierce

     Total Damage: 968.318665
     20.475523 of Physical
     390.164124 of Physical
     357.552399 of Pierce

     Total Damage: 1172.008911
     28.510330 of Physical
     500.886780 of Physical
     426.888306 of Pierce

3 take-down hits
     Total Damage: 1257.109131
      294.916656 of Pierce
      1015.068054 of PercentCurrentLife
     18.763828 of Physical
     389.492737 of Physical
     357.131989 of Pierce

     Total Damage: 1242.278564
      294.916656 of Pierce
      622.773987 of PercentCurrentLife
     19.494986 of Physical
     379.050659 of Physical
     350.593048 of Pierce

     Total Damage: 1269.624268
      294.916656 of Pierce
      302.629425 of PercentCurrentLife
     19.119633 of Physical
     396.545105 of Physical
     361.548248 of Pierce

Other Modifications / Re: [MOD] TQ Fun - Collection of mods
« on: 11 July 2018, 19:38:58 »
Would this be fine in multiplayer, specifically the ones that only matter client side like the item filter and damage numbers?
These are just cosmetic changes, in other term QoF(quality of life). They don't affect player stats.
So these should work in multiplayer even if you are client:
  -Filter dropped items
  -Set/freeze time
  -Show Damage
  -Show Pet Damage
  -Mute Zeus
  -Set potion stack limit to 200
  -Enable Logs

These won't work on clients, because server handles these
  -Invisible as ghost
  -No gold drops:

Also curious if there's any chance these get added to the workshop so I don't have to deal with cheat engine. Thanks in advance :)
Developers of the game have not made these features configurable. So they can't be affected in traditional mods.  >:(

Also, item filter code(for other items) is not even implemented in the game. New implementation had to be injected. This is where Cheat Engine is good at. It can inject code and data without modifying any game files on disk!

I've never used cheat engine before.
Try it! :P
It is not for just cheating in games...

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