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1 if you used to know mechanics you should read it. Overall its 98 positive changes per 1 negative and 1 weird. Anniversary is a good feat, Ragnarok on the other hand...

1 - Nordic replaced nonfunctional MP with something thats supposed to work. Strange, but I never tested it.

2 - See the changelog.

3 - Yes, but they will gain a few levels and some skills might work different, see the changelog.

4 - No.

5 - most people here are not into meta, its a group of modders each into their own thing, so no. But maybe check this post

Farming Runs / Re: Act V - 200 farming runs
« on: 30 January 2019, 09:51:10 »
I got substantial number of Ragnarok legendaries from other sources, than bosses. Like chests standing on the fringe of Lower and Higher ashes maps.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Fun fact: you can open Loki's chest before you kill him. Just run past him, open it and take what you need. You won't be able to open the door though and progress the main storyline until you fight him.

Of immortality 400-500 hp, of supremacy 75 DA or OA, of focus -18 recharge, of rumination -13 recharge. Purifying 40% poison res, impenetrable 40% pierce res.

Anniversary Edition - General discussion / Re: Ragnarok Question
« on: 25 January 2019, 15:36:36 »
What I don't like is the imbalanced amount of throwing weapon drops. now, I'm not sure if these drops overwrite the "normal" drops, as far as I can tell I think they are seperate from them, and it feels like the devs are pushing their new class/exp pack a bit much.
Someone somewhere around here explained the issue with thrown weapons drops, it has nothing intentional in it of course. Because the pool of these weapons is very small, you see that many of them drop.

I should separate anniversary game and Ragnarok, which I'm not used to do. Anniversary changes are almost all positive. These are mostly bugfixing and balancing. Community asked for them and Nordic delivered. Very little to complain about. Some build went extinct, but these were overpowered broken ones, and then there are several times more that became viable.

Ragnarok expansion is mixed, there was some effort put in, but not consistently, probably due to financial limitations and mismanagement. Its lower quality than the original game and IT, and its balance was screwed. Its very long which can be good or bad, depending on how you see it.

Would I be playing without it? No. New content is what has drawn me back into it in the first place.

General Discussion / Re: Russian Titan Quest Gold box (unreleased?)
« on: 17 January 2019, 10:52:40 »
Unfortunately I stopped using trackers several years ago and the one in question ( does not exist anymore indeed. But if there were disc images, there was a disc they were made from.


Found it on rutracker. But it looks like my account was deleted for inactivity. I only see one image in the post, maybe there are more in the files there

General Discussion / Re: Russian Titan Quest Gold box (unreleased?)
« on: 15 January 2019, 15:56:13 »
While I came to TQ myself a little too late to have CD versions I do remember this gold edition made an appearance on torrent trackers (pirated). That was several years ago. Probably even these trackers do not exist anymore.

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 11 January 2019, 16:21:14 »
You got to name it to summon it by proverb

Spoiler for Hiden:

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 11 January 2019, 12:32:29 »
I met something unusual in act II recently, dune raider assasin hero called the Faceless. Have no screenshot for now. I think I met this one before but instakilled without noticing anything. He appears to have a combination of lethal strike with phantom strike (which gives out a new design - there was no dream mastery in the first three acts of the original game). Thats a lot of burst damage.

I think in Grim Dawn there is no difference whether a skill has %weapon damage component in it or not. It only affects whether it can carry special effects from the weapon or not. Procs, debuffs, etc. No definite answer for you about this particular game, but I would bet on armor always working.

.. both have at least 500 str and 500 int.. on my mage haruspex, EBD still seems to deal higher damage than physical..
Physical distortion wave is around 320 (instant, with chaotic resonance), and electric burn - 750 (over 4 seconds). These are the base damage numbers you scale with %damage and stats. Can be found in the skills screen tooltip. I don't remember the exact numbers though and Titan Calc is not displaying +4 all skills values.

Of course EBD is stronger than physical, about two times stronger if you scale them equally with strength, int and respective %damages.

Your stun resistance is prohibitive, its the first one you should have tried to improve at all. With vitality very low too surely demon's blood can save you. You need a green ring for that. So best find some hale ring and put demon's blood on it. It will improve your hp too. You should try to get 5K hp for legendary. Better even more, 6K+. Also 1200 DA. Thats some numbers to strive for.

If you get some green or yellow greaves with resistances you can use legendary Hermes sandal relic on them with DA completion, it rolls 100 DA. There are lots of other useful things it can roll though. There are also several greaves and chests with high DA in game of epic and legendary quality, so be on the lookout for such items. It does not have to be the most awesome purple item, like this

Why would you want it though, for theorycrafting? There is no endgame in TQ, so no good reason to hurry to get there.

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 20 December 2018, 15:39:28 »
I have still a question. So if a Dual wielder hits the target with two poisoned weapons, the stronger dot will apply if the weapons hit the target sucessively. On the other hand what happens when the weapons hit the target on the same time (that is when DW is triggered: 22% chance at lvl 6) ?
I think using different weapons by the same character WILL stack DOTs. If you swap weapons and both have poison that should stack. Can't give you any evidence but for all I know that would mean dual wielding different weapons would also stack.

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 14 December 2018, 10:27:30 »
I have still a question. So if a Dual wielder hits the target with two poisoned weapons, the stronger dot will apply if the weapons hit the target sucessively. On the other hand what happens when the weapons hit the target on the same time (that is when DW is triggered: 22% chance at lvl 6) ?
I don't think I know for sure about this one, sorry. I couldn't find the DOTs theory posts on this board, that were saved from the old forum, by the way. Maybe they never were.

i never said you should make it a direct damage knife thrower..
Uh I thought you're just throwing ideas around here anyway, not sure what "should" has to mean in this frame. You might, not should?

you are missing cast speed already and rune doesn't offer anything for a physical damage knife thrower.. i just said rage of Ares is good for a physical knife thrower.. how other people use that (if they want to) is up to them.. my illusionist for example can deal 3k - 4k with throwing knife and it procs everytime and it even outperforms calculated strike because it's a multi-hit spam skill.. it just uses SB cuffs with rage of ares and 1 mountaineers armor.. but nature has strength of the pack and plague RR
Yeah, rage of Ares is nice, I know, but its one proc per flurry of knives cast most of the time, so one 3-4K and many 500 or whatever your number would be. But then in legendary even most feeble mobs need multiple 4K hits before they fall. I don't think rage of Ares on its own is build enabling. You need more flat.

Basic sword with calc strike, top end shield and defense mastery WPS shield attacks does 3-4K on 60% hits except calc strike proc which is 6K for me. Its 2K on normal sword hits - the rest. If I equip a spear it does 10K hits casually instead of 4K, and calc strike is... 25K? Don't remember already. It might be second or third time I'm seriously considering sword as endgame melee weapon by the way, and its not even hybrid of some sort to stack flat elemental or vitality or anything like that. Calculated strike with defense WPS does very well.

Cast speed is a non-issue, base speed is not too slow to begin with and rogues can get themselves 40-50% total speed if you like so.

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 09 December 2018, 18:52:24 »
btw, rage of ares is very good for str build throwing knife
If the point is to make a direct damage knife thrower you can just assemble all things Ares then. Blood of Ares, mark of Ares, rage of Ares... pendant of immortal rage.

My doubt was about how to spead poison/bleed dots with rogue mastery. So throwing knives is the way to do it ?
You use one DOT source at a time, out of three (gas bomb, knives, weapon). Since you can not take all the awesome skills right away, you chose what to max first. My advice in the OP was poison gas bomb and traps in normal. Traps because they are needed for immunes and gas bomb because its very efficient in normal (like eruption) for 12 points. Plus weapon with venom sac, shen-nong or whatever else you have. Knives are good for what they do but have to be taken later in that scheme, early to mid epic.

What about a melee toon, how would you build it ?
What kind of melee? Poison as main would look very much like this trickster, just using melee weapon as main, thats all. Something like physical and pierce melee as main with poison as support might look like a build in the nearby thread.

Can you give details about this, Your deathweaver's legtip has 3 poison dots on it, they don't stack at all ?
I'm not sure where are all the old mechanics threads now, so talking from memory. Medea might know where she put them, or maybe they are somewhere else too.

Multiple DOTs on a weapon do stack and will appear as a single bigger DOT. But generally DOTs from the same source do not stack. Like multiple hits with the same weapon or different spells cast by the same hero.

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