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General Discussion / Re: TQ Fans Forum Layout Ideas
« on: Today at 01:44:45 »
Hey guys, all suggestions are not ignored and for long time I was thinking to little re-organize it, but some facts should not be ignored:
1. We don't want to go with boards which have child-boards inside child-board, that makes those not visible and searching very difficult even for very experienced SMF members, so if something is not visible, that means completely inactive board.
2. We have Tags system in every topic and Tags page, I have to check permissions again, but that it is supposed to help users to navigate, but it require help from everyone so more relevant tags should lead to important topics.
3. Anniversary Edition and Immortal Throne have to be separated. More confusion if they will share same space.
4. AE and IT Masteries have to be separated, and also each mastery should be separated with classes displayed so users can easily find everything they need. It was really hard job to find each class name from mastery mods and then to create board (child-board) for each.
5. Kirmiziperfect site with redirect have to stay since its official place to read or download mods and stuff, also our good friend.

Starting with Boards organization:
- There is no need to change how Announcements are organized, 1st is forum info for which I failed to go with regular updates, but that was main idea, and 2nd is important game info which is left to Medea since I'm not involved that much in game related things.
- General, purpose of this board is to be place to discuss about everything related to forum, game, members, some cool stuff, questions and answers. I would not touch much this category.
Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition/Ragnarök, here can be done some changes, I can make it shorter, so under "Anniversary Edition - General discussion" as child-boards can go "Technical Support" and "Lilith map AE" (lilith can go inside Custom maps where can have its own child-board as well),  "Diablo 2 Immortal AE" can be removed. Now about New Projects and Legion of Champions AE, maybe to change place to place LOC to be last on the list since that way it should be easier to notice, but 1 place bellow also means that someone won't see it if not scroll enough to bottom.
 - Anniversary Edition - Mastery Mods - will be renamed to "Anniversary Edition - Masteries" this has the most important role on forum, in combination with Tags any member can easier navigate to find what he is searching for, also for many mods most of us have no clue about mastery classes, so this is there to help. Also discussions about mastery which player is playing should be in main mastery board or in child-boards for each mastery class. Plan is to expand Masteries list when new masteries project became official, when testing phase is finished.
- Titan Quest - Immortal Throne, similar to AE, as child-boards of "Immortal Throne - General discussion" can go " New Projects " and " Technical Support ", bellow Modifications should be "Gameplay", then "Lilith map IT" with new child board "Custom Maps" where users can finally see their options for more maps to play.  "Underlord IT", I believe that is now Soulvizier, was searching for Underlord info but found nothing, so I guess there is nothing about Underlord to find.
- Immortal Throne - Mastery Mods - same as for AE, " Immortal Throne - Masteries".
- Downloads, I'm against removing it since creator of kirmiziperfect site is with us from beginning, he wanted to help community, helped a lot to save all important stuff that was found from old site or content which other members had. It has to be 2x downloads, 1 for AE and 1 for IT with link to his site in description so users can see where they will be redirected, also it is confirmed that his site is safe source to use to download or read stuff.
- Markets of Megara - can be moved as child boards of Gameplay for both IT and AE.
- About offtopic boards bellow, Anniversary child-board should be added for birthdays and similar stuff?

About console versions as you wish guys, we can make however you decide, just think how it should be done and present idea. It can even go between AE and IT, there probably won't be need to go with masteries like it is for AE and IT.

Definitely our #1 problem so far is "mastery mod"="mod", that bring confusion and should be changed to just Masteries or Mastery.
I gave my vision, provided some details what should not be changed and how to keep some things, but to little re-organize forum.
Opinions? Also if possible, @seventh please try to make new image from my post like you did here, see spoiler bellow ,
Spoiler for Hiden:

Do you have contact for Koderkrazy? He is offline 2 months already.

New Members Introduction / Re: Hello :D
« on: 18 March 2019, 13:49:17 »
Hello seventh. There are still people writing about their progress, off topic stories as well.
If you are interested you can become TQfans journalist?    ^-^

Not sure, but there is always some extra boost if you have more attack speed, but based on what weapon you are using. If weapon is with some cool passive or granting bonus skill which is usefull. For example dream active left skill gives bonus damage after 3 or 4 attacks and there are more similar skills, apply for most or all other mods. I'm always trying to make more attack speed than damage unless if damage is lacking.

Farming Runs / Re: Doppelganger farming runs & statistics
« on: 10 March 2019, 19:18:51 »
Hello and welcome to the forum :)

New Projects / Re: [PvP Map]TQ 2000
« on: 10 March 2019, 00:27:42 »
This left me without words, so strange and so new :D

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 05 March 2019, 11:57:44 »
It should be something from your mod or from WNG mastery icons but I think he edited existed models. So something existing or cut from some nice screenshot like that one with horns. I never made favicon icons, someone told me that have to be done on favicon site or something like that.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 05 March 2019, 00:48:42 »
The thing is to be visible, maybe 2nd could do its job, head with horns, or something similar
Red icon before Videos part
Spoiler for Hiden:

Forum News and Info / Important News
« on: 05 March 2019, 00:28:33 »
This topic will be about regular updates, problems, etc...

We had some weird problem with forum email, so there was no email notifications for about 3 weeks. Problem was noticed and solved, but all these emails from queue will probably spam your email inbox in next 24 hours, like crazy (max 50-100 emails if there was a lot of posts + private messages) if there was a lot of activity on your forum account, but after that everything will be normal once again. Thanks for understanding.

New Projects / Re: [CustomMap] Oakfall WIP
« on: 04 March 2019, 12:03:56 »
Lilith2 announced  ^-^

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 04 March 2019, 00:21:00 »
Awesome eyes. I'm still searching for perfect favicon for forum and maybe something from last screenshots can be used.

New Projects / Re: [CustomMap] Oakfall WIP
« on: 04 March 2019, 00:11:35 »
Buri are you working on small maps or your focus will be creating some big map in near future?

What I really like when something new appear for GrimDawn game is change on GrimDawn forum theme. Now is Yellow. About 2 years ago it was red and letters were done by pro artist, that red was amazing, but changes are always welcome :)

Spoiler for Hiden:

New Projects / Re: [CustomMap] Oakfall WIP
« on: 28 February 2019, 02:17:17 »
Looks cool :)

« on: 25 February 2019, 23:45:17 »
Wait what?? Playable Ragnarok on Immortal Throne version?

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