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Soulvizier AERA / Re: Soulvizier AERA
« on: 13 March 2018, 20:05:00 »
Hi all,
Actually, I already started a project like this a few weeks ago, but never announced it.
So far, I only ported :
- Masteries (new skills of SV) and expanded Runes with two pets and 1 unused skill the devs left (Earthbind). Made small tweaks to skills in the 9 first masteries (unfinished skills from Soulvizier mod ; some skills reverted to their SV0.96 version)
- Creatures, FX and items from SV
- Some gameplay elements such as XP curve (needs testing because AER changes the progression), life/mana regen depending on your life/mana total, several gameplay equations tweaked, general difficulty increased (more monsters, approx x3 except bosses, more heroes encounters, general stat boost for all monsters)
- Tweaked class names

Things that are needed are :
- Adapting items (SV and Ragnarok) to the new skills of SV and Ragnarok - for now, i'm looking into relics - for some of them, the Ragnarok version is better, for others, I prefer SV version
There were tons of new items and several new item types in SV. SV_AER should include :
   *Unique Souls for most heroes and monsters, 1 version per difficulty level ; they use a ring slot
   *New charms & relics including elite charms
   *Wands from SV =>1H ranged ; 1H orbs from SV => can now receive relics (either in R or L Hand)
   *New 1h ranged items (throwing weapons)
   *Mythic formulas and items (above legendary)
   *Vitality staves
   *Mercenary contracts

- Some item features such as penetration (pierce ratio) for axes and life/mana regen for rings
- Item formulas (create equipment with a new feature from SV, forging formulas) + adding some for act V

- Creating new heroes/elites monsters for act V
- Adjusting the difficulty level of act V bosses ? They are far too easy. That being said, SV adds a general buff to all monsters, so testing is needed

- UI mod : bringing back UI from Underlord mod should be appropriate, but it needs to be adapted to the AE changes (life/mana bar...)
- Blood & Gore (Death Effects 1.6 Mod) or an equivalent should be in the mod, in my opinion - haven't tested this mod
- Main menu should be reverted to SV, or IT or AE, Ragnarok one is pretty bad
- Camera Mod : camera rotate + proxies are hidden from view - I know these features at least are possible
- Most boss fights should have a barrier that closes behind the player when fighting (Typhon, Nessus...) - remove the Benny Hill feeling

- Some items should give increased Weapon mastery (increased damage and attack speed when you use these weapons)
- Potion cost and cooldown should be greatly increased
- Incorporate Caravan XL + Inventory XL mod
- New affixes
- The forge in act V should be used an infinite amount of times, for Epic or Legendary items, and require a lot of gold and special relics.

For now, as map mods are very time consuming to make, I think map modifications should be limited to :
- adding merchants - New merchant type "Alchemist" - sells artifact formulas - these should no longer drop
- changing proxies if needed
Maybe when the mod is up and running, maps mods would be a good idea ("elite" maps at the end of Legendary)

Things that in my opinion should not be ported in this version of Soulvizier, or maybe optional. In any case, I won't work on these.
- Enchantable Epic and Legendary items (too much imbalance)
- Blood Cave, Secret Passage, secret vendors (they don't fit the original game atmosphere)
- Quest in Blood Cave
- Diablo 3 UI (not fit for this game)
- Infinite level (imbalance ; lvl 90 or so should be new maximum)
- Resistances penalties (or maybe not as much as before ; coherent with blue/purple not enchantable)
- Materials => no longer dropped or sold (inventory cluttering ; they are only needed in formulas ; should be replaced in formulas by charms or relics that were previously never used as ingredients)

blue : my personal suggestions
maroon : existing mods that should be part of the mix (my opinion)
green : existing features of SV that need to be expanded in act V
The rest in black is as in Soulvizier (last version 0.98i).

Great ! Just pm me if I can help somehow ,but there are some things that I don't agree or want to request:
- Enchantable Epic and Legendary items -let it please
- Infinite level -let it please
- Resistances penalties -let it please
- Blood Cave, Secret Passage, secret vendors -let it please
- Quest in Blood Cave - let it please
^^^^Those are things I loved in SV
-Additional skills (SV style) for new Ragnarok mastery
- Main menu - it's better to add additional option in main menu instead of deleting - I love new MM.
And one more thing ,I think we can look for some diferences beetwen classic TQ,AE and AER and find out how additional mastery was added ,maybe adding rouge or even more next to Oculltist (Eat cake and have cake) - TQ with 15 masteries ? 15 ,balanced and working together masteries which fits game well - that would be insane (f.e. something connected with ocean or sea) ,maybe Atlantis or included additional City in Egypt (there was such mod for TQ AE - we can ask). We can extend the content of the mod and TQ AER :)

New Projects / Re: Soulvizier Ragnarok
« on: 10 March 2018, 15:07:26 »
Here's place to sing in to project ,I think about starting with 5 people

New Projects / Soulvizier Ragnarok
« on: 10 March 2018, 02:41:55 »
I'm looking for group of people to port Soulvizier to TQ:AE-R ,I believe that we can make it.

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