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Last details: L66, somewhere in Gadir outskirts, died to Aegipan beastmen.
Atlantis adventure should be played as an Act VI and not as a Act III-bis.

I can't even imagine what this could be in legendary but i will take my hat off to anyone who will succeed  ;D

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 27 June 2019, 22:17:00 »
This !
Oh man keep on your work.

Lune tried to offer some resistance to successive blitzkrieg from trash mobs in the Atlantis quest.
Finally she had to resign against trash monsters before the 2nd waypoint, in a slide show not playable at all.

It remains from this build , although Lune has gone away, that Psionic Beam on staves is really a new good skill  ;)

Lune de cendre - L66 Evoker AERA (TWINKED)- Rhodes

@efko The Carnus set offers a big boost to Electrical burning damage and also offers diviner goodies. It's a good epic set. It is not difficult to be completed though (if you agree to some farming sessions). The set i would like to achieve the most is The panoply of Moirae for its look  ;) I am still lacking of 1 piece.

There is no screen of the Telkine III sorry, because when i checked it, Lune was already on elysean path and the telkine screen was black. That said, the telkine encounter wasn't hard: there was no match actually with eruption casted from stairs but Wusao is still dangerous for Lune to redo it.

At mid act III, the auramancer build was no more efficient and Lune hence weared freyja 'set. This set is no more OP. Sure it's a great set but now DA achieved is around 800.   

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Lune de cendre - L64 Evoker AERA (TWINKED)- Babylon's gardens

Lune still builded as an auramancer.

Act 2
Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Lune de cendre - L62 Evoker AERA (TWINKED)- Rhakotis

Do you know if the 3 Sisters quest is also fixed?
I suppose so Medea even if i can't test it back in normal since the quest is done.

There was a surprise in epic act I, i realize now that Xmax-steam (custom map = "xmax") is harder than Xmax-TQIT (custom map = "monsters-xmax"). In plain fields and boss encounters, it's still the same but in war camps, mobs are noticeably more crowdy on xmax-steam. I can't say why. That said, it's fun that way but more challenging and more complicated for the lack of  fluidity in war camps. Sometimes there is no room between groups, that's crazy. Hmm guess that Atlantis or trolls camps in the last act will be hardly doable...

Act I
Spoiler for Hiden:

A friend of mine has a phobia of spiders. And the boar snatcher even if we know the encounter and without phobia is still a special moment when the big spider runs out of the dark cave towards you. Devs managed a good graphical design with this fight and sure, my friend would avoid this fight  ;D
Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Lune de cendre - L60 Evoker AERA (TWINKED)- Helos

Lune finished happily normal mode without pets (the nightmare is only cosmetic with 1 pt but still useful for pulling bosses when needed)
At lvl 50, Lune has weared the Carnus' set which greatly improves EBD so that she could still run as an auramancer late in act V.

About Atlantis, when i compare the time needed to take down mobs with EBD+fire auras, it appears that Atlantis monsters have a HP pool as high as in act V.
Therefore, it would be smarter to make Atlantis adventure at the end of Act IV, not at the beginning of the act ( normal hardcore mode).
A few skill ponts and gear can make the difference.

Act IV
Spoiler for Hiden:

Act V
Spoiler for Hiden:

About Xmax mod, the Achean pass is fixed, and i learned from @botebote77 that the Sphinx quest is also fixed with the latest version of xmax mod. Therefore i downloaded this version from steam and checked that it works. All the quests now work with Xmax  ;)

just curious  ;D

why all your toons begin with Tor ?
why have you banished to the void ... a champion ?

* the achaean pass quest in act 4 is now fixed in xmax, or at least when i tried it in x3, i was able to complete it.. but i think it should be doable also in full xmax.. i remember @Tauceti said the 3 sisters is now fixed in xmax, and i was near the achaean pass quest so i tried it.. it seems every quest now is doable in xmax

yep i confirm the achean pass quest is fixed in Xmax. The Sphinx quest in act II is still bugged though.

Any change in bosses is a delicate task since it's the core of the game.
I wouldn't change the main ones: Barmanu, Minotaur lord, Typhon, Hades, Manticore, Talos, Dragon liche. They are difficult especially for people playing self-found.

On the other hand, more life and minions as suggested for the minor ones would give them more time to trigger special attacks.
In addition the spider queen needs more poison damage, Alastor could benefit from a high physical resistance as a ghost.

I would be very cautious with more attack, casting or movement speeds. But Telkines, imo are the kind of beasts for which higher speed is expected.


Lune de cendre - L46 Evoker AERA (TWINKED)- Rhodes

Late act III, Lune was able to wear the dreamweaver set which helps for fulling resistances before the Typhon encounter. Auramancer skills did the job through all the act except for the main bosses. In that case, Eruption indeed is a faithfull skill when paired with stone form. Note that the 3 sisters quest is no longer bugged with Xmax !
Spoiler for Hiden:

Atlantis was harder with Xmax. really harder. Probably because i am still learning with this act. Surely because fluidity is a main issue with Xmax and archers got high attack speed and damage. Actually Lune experienced 2 close calls with one high priest hero and rangers.  That said, i like the Atlantis adventure for its visual beauty and the storyline closer to the genuine TQ more than Ragnarok, even if i would have preferred another final boss.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Oh what an exceptional troll's branch you found !
this one paired with spirit mastery should make your toon hard to kill. A lovely staff for a hardcore ride.

That said i still can't see if bonecharmer or haruspex is better in the dps side, it would deserve some tests maybe.

Tauceti - Lune de cendre - L35 Evoker AERA (TWINKED)- Gardens of Babylon

Lune has finished rising up aura skills and now proceeds with eruption.
New Atlantis skills are tempting hmm...but they are still too high in the board and more survival tools are needed in anticipation of act 3.

Act I & II
Spoiler for Hiden:

Ah a troll's branch user !

i just found one and wondered what i could do with it. That's an unconventional build.

Some thoughts:
- why do you put so many points in Circle of power ? usually i put only 1 point for the lifeleech (and vit dmg if needed) I understand that CDR is needed for Call of the Hunt and Soul Vortex (what a lovely new skill, i bet you use it often) but you already have the hood & the jade emperor. It's a question, not a criticism.
- How do you compare troll's branch to staff of the chosen ? Don't you miss the 2 sprigglings as a meat shield ?
- Your dps is great but you take too much damage. Well it's subjective and more of a gameplay debate. That said, most people use The Jade emperor, it's a great artifact sure. But silver heart / Sigil of bast / golden belt are better imho for protection. It implies some lost in CDR but you can recover it with other items like brisingamen.
- Your change from cold essence to primal magma is fair.
- what about Staff of the chosen with rogue ? wouldn't it be great ?
- Do you think Dream with the new skill Psionic beam could be better for the use of troll's branch ?

Thanks for having shared your build  ;)

New Members Introduction / Re: Greetings to everybody.
« on: 07 June 2019, 21:32:39 »
Welcome Nuchy in this place ;)

What was your feeling of all yours chars ? In this thread Gasconron gave a detailed comparative study bewteen classes. It would be interesting if you share your feeling about your builds: difficulty, evolving rating with difficulty mode, gear constraints and the most important imho: your funmeter !.  I think it would be appealing to TQ fans.

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