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A few months ago, i tried to build a thunderer but it appears soon to be so squishy that i stopped the char. Now with better gear, i make another try in Xmax.

The main objective is to push as far as possible the thunderer main skill: rune weapon. Every strike landed increases intelligence by 100% at max level and 140% at ultimate level, asides from raising elemental damages. Therefore skill rotation implies first rune weapon (with melee or ranged weapon) to gain charges and either a high damaging spell like ligthning bolt, either thunderstrike for discharge.

A high dps should be obtained if the maximum attribute points can be afforded in intelligence for a big boost and no points in strength. 

This tactics implies fighting at close or medium range with a char of terrible health pool. On the other hand, the thunderer has a few means of protection:
- squall
- menhir wall
- energy armor
- sacred rage
- energy shield

But it is unlikely sufficient in Xmax.

So, the first stage consists in leveling up to L55, fighting from afar with iceshards and wearing the best green armor possible.
At L55, the char will be able to wear one of the two sets for mages: Wodan or Freyja's set. Unfortunately Wodan's set is bugged.
At this level, it will be the time to engage with rune weapon skill as a booster for lightening bolt.

This journal will keep track of leveling, difficulties and progress. The char is not expected to survive along the whole journey.
But relative success will be achieved if at the end of legendary, the thunderer will not be a glass-canon mage.

Up to now Tokamak is a young thunderer level 10, ending its first encounter Nessus:
Spoiler for Hiden:

bug reported about the Wodan's set:

first here a pic with the char naked for reference stats:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Now a 2nd pic with 3 pieces of wodan set:
Spoiler for Hiden:
all is ok up to now in bonus set

And finally a 3rth pic when checkin the combined armor value:
Spoiler for Hiden:

bonus armor is not taken into account, whereas intelligence bonus is ok

i remember reading this here:
Thanks Bote, i couldn't find yesterday the source  ;)

And your test with Athena's shield is clear (or with particle effect mentioned by Alcyon): flat damage on shield is only useful for a defender. Good to know !

For me it is evident that it this an error, like some many others in the game.
If you think that all you mentioned are bugs and not features, i encourage you to feed the discord thread, so that i can update the list here.

- Ragnarök MI shields have weapon affixes, not shield ones.
There was a discussion about this feature:

ALL (you can check : all) the MI, epic and legendary Ragnarök shields deal  burn damage ! Wtf ? Is it a bug or a feature ? (Don't forget that damage on shield is effective only with Defense shield attacks : do all Defense char necessarily need to deal burn damage, scaling with Int, by all means ?).

Actually if i remember well, flat damage on shield is transfered to weapon even if you are not a defender. But a resistance debuff has to be landed first by a shield attack. Therefore only a defender can make a good use of a shield of the betrayer.

Ok, so i updated the list from here and from discord thread.

Thanks Medea, it will be great if they can take into account all these reports  ;)

Maybe we can close this thread so that new reports go on discord thread ?

what i think about wodan and freyja sets? i haven't completed both yet.. but i think corselet of freyja, brisingamen, and gungnir are stupidly OP items that deserve a nerf.. i only have corselet of freyja and i held on not wearing it for about 2 or 3 months until my elementalist.. elementalist is just too hard to gear so i gave it my forbidden jutsu
Yep, maybe the corselet of Feyja needs some adjustment... On the other hand casters need to survive better and TQ devs have to find a balance between squishy casters and OP items. I will avoid the question since i don't have tested this set yet.

but the wodan set is weird.. what makes it worth completing if the completion bonus is that shitty?
Yeah, you really dislike high armor value for a mage ;D
This set is ...unexpected ! New ways, new builds.
When building my runesmith, i was lacking of such gear (armor+flat intelligence) and i had to take the strength route. This set should help for great intelligence runesmith i guess, both melee and casters, as well as good intelligence berseker and dragon hunters.

Some of us have reported bugs here and there. Since a new patch is under development, a thread gathering bug reports may be useful (with the hope that TQ devs read this forum).
I will update the list as soon as you feed it.

  • King Gylfi: the power of Nerthus relic is the same in normal/epic/legendary modes.
  • Giesel quest: before completing the quest, it says you get a relic reward. But when you complete you just get gold and exp
  • The burning sword (Mimer): reward blank message
  • After the fight against gods in Asgard, if you don’t speak immediately with Wodan (and prefer going to chests, or marchants, or other NPC…), Wodan and Loki disappear after a while.

  • Spirit mastery: Enslave spirit is unusable in legendary since Ragnarok expansion, monsters have more than 5 levels above the char.
  • Granted skills from ragnarok have no description.

  • Staff of the chosen: a normal version of the staff is dropped in legendary.
  • Wandsworth shield: has a grant skill according to the tooltip, but none is available.
  • Fafnir's teeth: bone splinters does nothing
  • Dvalinns simulacrum: teleport to town, then go back to it's corpse trick
  • MI Icescale armor: it doesn't drop in legendary
  • Boots of valkyrie: bonus of normal version is higher than legendary's
  • Sword in the stone and hati: still don't drop
  • incorrect icon for Staff of The Deep MI
  • Bear rider MIs: have no bonus whatsoever
  • Wild Hunt: has a blank Grants Skill.
  • Troll's Branch: missing from troll mages
  • MI Dvergr Runestones: missing from Skeletal Dvergr ~ Bolters
  • Wodan set: the bonus armor set is not taken into account into the combined armor value (pics).
  • Outrider’s Tunic and Skullcap (MI) have Str and Dex requirements on normal but Str only on epic and legendary.
  • Karra’s Stirrer and Staff of Njord (epic staves) grant skills don't work.

Design flaws
  • Shade set: the bonus set 6/7 is impossible to achieve (bow/shield/staff).
  • In Ragnarök, all "normal" (not MI nor uniques) melee armor items have nearly the same Str requirements and armor values, for the heavy ones and the light ones
  • Ragnarök MI shields have weapon affixes, not shield one
  • All MIs, epic and legendary Ragnarök shields deal  burn damage
  • Some rare affixes with OA bonuses still roll on ranged weapons (which is useless)

  • Invisible Blocked object in the road down from mountain( or up) like the road run to Surtr place
  • Feiyan's missing though she's shown on the min-map (pic)
  • Missing place name in mini map, after relog (pic)
  • Missing Temple near the actor in Delphi for non-ragnarok users
  • visual bug: Just ran into it again in the Catacombs (pic)
  • visual bug: video late act III
  • attacking through the wall: video late act III
  • There is a little glitch at the door between Gladsheim and Vallhöll, near the Asgard portal.

  • In the InitialEquipment\Misc section. The blooddragon charm seems to drop only the Legendary charm and not a loot table with all three difficulties.
  • The cold min value in the item base damage is entered in the "offensiveBaseColdChance" instead of the "offensiveBaseColdMin" slot.
  • some bosses essences are named as Mykical essence ? shouldnt be Mystical ?
  • Typos in french localization : the tooltips for Donar's might and Yen Lo Wang's relics says "enchante toutes les armures", which means "enhance all armor".
  • Items that don't drop properly (you can see them vibrating on the ground until you wait a minute and they finally settle).
  • Pets that can detect underground enemies, creating a problem with them attacking the above-ground enemies.


I feel what i said is clumsy. Bote, the debate is still open  :) i rely on your experience.
So what do you think of the Wodan and Freyja sets, do you see something lacking ?

Actually what i proposed is not a claim, but more a hope. But you are right: enough theorycrafting, i should give it a try and check incoming difficulties.
Wodan and Freyja drop rates seem fair enough and i hope to complete one of these sets in a while.

When looking at your setups, Bote, i expected more differences in armor value between str/int and pure int builds. There is a difference but not that much.
So i tried to understand why.

Apparently your main objective is to get the str requirement for a good shield, like Pelaron or Priam. On the other hand, your str/int setups need heavily of casting speed and/or CDR which can be found mostly on intelligence gears. This could prevent a full str gear for a higher protection (correct me if i am wrong). In these setups, intelligence, although important  isn't that crucial because the toons deal physical+elemental or with the help of traps.

Regarding your pure elemental casters like Prophet or Thunderer, i was pleased to see that you choose the high intelligence route. In particular, i tried a thunderer a few months ago, but he was so squishy that i stopped my tests with this char. So i am curious of what you feel about your thunderer.

On the other hand, Ragnarok brings also solutions with 2 great mage sets: the Wodan and Freyja' sets. The first one, when completed, gives an armor value comparable to what a melee toon usually wears pre-Ragnarok. The second one, Freyja, weither we like it or not, gives a very high DA. Therefore mages now have tools to survive better. These 2 sets convince me that the full intelligence route should be favored as soon as intelligence is the main stat. The first step is then to be able to survive from the early levels up to L55, the level requirement of these sets. In that case, the master seer gear could do the job.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development Thread
« on: 09 February 2019, 00:23:08 »
Nice artwork  8)

Humor / Re: Funny Videos
« on: 08 February 2019, 00:14:12 »
How have Pandas survived ?

Forum News and Info / Re: Closed Beta Program
« on: 07 February 2019, 13:21:05 »
This is great news !

I wouldn't bet on a new act though, the game in one difficulty mode is long enough.
On the other hand, beta testers may be needed for a new mastery due to the complicated interactions with other masteries. I hope so.

Hardcore mode, offhands, two-handed weapons, mounts, all good ideas  :D
I cross fingers.

The Kirmizi guide seems outdated now. I guess that the intelligence route was motivated by pet bonus on staff.

Now with Ragnarok, you can find bonus pet on strength gear. Some new blues were clearly designed for a petmaster.
Ideally, your weapon would be the fervor of Leucetius if you can find one:

Furthermore the strength route will give high armor so that you can fight next to your pets, with all the tools of the warfare class.
To my mind, ancestral warriors are not the key skill for a champion because of the cooldown, even with refresh.

Battle standard is the main skill.

It will help to boost your dps, you and your pets, and help you surviving a boss. BS should be maxed.
On the other hand, you can save points in the war horn tree, 1 pt is enough imo. But well it's more of a gameplay styte, war horn won't help you much against boss.
The onslaught tree deserves all the points you can afford too, even if you play with a throwing weapon. And Susceptibility in the plague tree for later difficulties.

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