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well i can always throw this into the mix

Dreamkiller: A Hybrid Shoddy

it doesn't require high CDR and you can probably do with less strength making it less hybrid
it focuses on pet rings + monkey kings trickery.. knives to reduce resists.. main synergy is traps + nightmare mastermind

well... i suggested illusionist and you didn't like it  :P

there is occult but thing is.. if you choose occult ring you sacrifice 1 pet ring

that's ok but i reread your conversation on steam.. and what was suggested is not really a trapper.. it is just a melee (spear) or archer (bow) with side points on traps.. a true trapper is a toon with stat points and gear aiming to make traps as strong as possible.. meaning all or most of its damage comes from traps

like this character by icefreeze this is a good example of a true trapper brigand

I'm not saying a melee or archer is weak.. it's just not a true trapper brigand.. like for example i have a mage summoner (earth + nature) and i have side points on pets.. that doesn't make me a petmaster.. it is still a mage with side points on pets.. that's because my gear is for making my spells stronger, not making my pets stronger

so if you want a true trapper brigand, i think icefreeze can help better.. i can help too but they are all "i thinks".. or if you want a spear or bow brigand with side points on traps, then ask the guy.. it is easier for self-farmed anyway.. in fact, just 1 or 2 years ago that's how i would've built my brigand, with only str and dex and no int.. then with side points on traps.. but after seeing icefreeze's vids, i saw there was something lacking on my theorycraft that i doubted for a long time.. if i am to build a brigand now, it will be closer to icefreeze but with less points on dex and more points on str so i can swap captain's signet with a pet ring + monkey kings.. but that's harder for self-farmed

and your titancalc link is wrong.. you should copy the return link at the bottom of the page

edit: i don't post vids as much as i used to anymore.. after spending time on this thread.. i know what the next one will be  ::)

and it turns out... bonus damage from shield also doesn't add to weapon (athenas mirrored shield)

Spoiler for Hiden:

dummy test with and without shield
Spoiler for Hiden:

Actually if i remember well, flat damage on shield is transfered to weapon even if you are not a defender.
i remember reading this here:

Unlike dualwielding, where flat modifiers from one weapon to another does not transfer, this was reported to be different for a shield. If you have a shield with +damage, it is applied to both weapon and shield. 

a few months ago i tested this and as i remember, the results say otherwise.. meaning flat damage from shield did not add to weapon

but i don't remember how i tested it.. so i retested again.. this time with svalinn (burn and frostburn).. the flat damage is high enough to be noticeable but to make it more noticeable, i tested with a shitty starter weapon.. i used my summoner then took back all the skill points from volatility so there are no damage spikes.. the DPS on char sheet and dummy test doesn't show additional damage

Spoiler for Hiden:

dummy test with and without svalinn

Spoiler for Hiden:

i also wanted to test with shield of the shades (vit) and deathweavers (pierce) but wet TQcollector says i don't have any

so.... i don't know.. maybe there was confusion.. or maybe it was wrong in the first place.. or maybe it was changed in one of the updates

interesting.. it's better than i expected actually.. hmmm maybe hybrid shoddys aren't that hard even for self-farmed toons if carefully planned :))

of course you can because many items grant bonus attributes.. and even if you can't, that means you can equip an epic version green shield.. socketed with a legendary charm/relic, and a good spear like phorkos trident.. yeah that should be better than a staff

ok I'm not forcing you to choose illusionist.. i just think it's the safest/easiest for a self-farmed trapper.. but trapper brigand and assassin rely on 80% CDR.. do you really think 80% CDR is easier to get for self-farmed toons than the items i suggested?

edit: 80% CDR and +4 to all skills

you know.. the more i think of it.. playing xmax x3 both self-found on multiplayer where monsters get stronger per number of players.. whatever class you choose, that's tough.. good luck to both of you.. you'll need it  :-X

Im checking the database for a decent armor but im not sure if i should go for a str one or int or if there is even a dex based requirement armor.
didn't i say
lastly, if you are building a trapper, don't follow any fixed ratio stat distribution.. because you only need enough to equip items.. so you are better off saving your stat points

there is but only very few.. the one I'm thinking is tunic of the magi which is int based

for a self-found toon, str route might be better.. unless you don't mind playing as full support to your buddy

str build is better for self-found.. start with calculated strike then just respec to traps and pets later.. just abuse flash powder

you don't have ragnarok right? so no thrown wep? and you want sthenos + SB cuffs? so

weapon - if you can find phorkos trident, that's a very good option.. it drops in epic.. or if you can find a very good staff.. but hmm I'm just allergic to staves (edit: spears have high dex req but low str)

pet ring - the best you can find.. but nature has strength of the pack so probably physical

last question - very early game it might be better to attack with a weapon so pet rings might be useless very early game

since you seem concerned on your stat points, just invest a little on int enough to equip epic sthenos wisdom.. and more on dex for SB cuffs

you have another character right? if so it would be very good if you can pre-farm epic SB cuffs and a +2 to rogue.. both have lvl 25 requirement.. if you can do that, i can assure you by lvl 25 your rogue will be smooth sailing.. or if you want i can just give you a +2 to rogue amulet and epic SB cuffs

maybe this will help:

edit: more updated build of my illusionist

it's also possible with some int like i suggested.. in fact, i think it's easier for self-found toons

here for sthenos wisdom and SB cuffs
both can be farmed in the same area

for rogues in general:

edit: SB cuffs, farm for both

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 February 2019, 21:49:33 »
might be cool to see an earthquake skill.. Poseidon is also known for earthquakes.. maybe it's possible to get the animation from scroll of earthquake and put it onto a skill?

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 February 2019, 20:01:55 »
why is poseidon a problem? you can give it cold (sea) and pierce (trident).. there should be a logical explanation for one more.. vit? energy leech? or it can only be 2 and the other one is like for pet mastery (god of horses)

wow that someone doesn't know illusionist at all

warfare is indeed good option but some time ago I've soured over my assassin.. that's because the stationary nature of battle standard forces you to stay in melee range.. and i like my trappers to be ranged toons.. you don't get the benefit of throwing traps away from you

so I'm not taking my assassin over my illusionist or my dreamkiller.. yes i have many trappers.. i like my trappers to be traps + knives because both scale with cast speed and all skills.. and knives are a good way to reduce enemy resistances and spread confusion.. pet rings + monkey kings trickery

i don't have a trapper brigand yet but i can see hunting should also be a very good option.. as is storm and earth but that forces you to play spellcaster + traps.. something you might not be ready yet

actually nature might be the easiest because HoO and strength of the pack gives you additional cast speed.. something not easy to get with a str build.. don't know what that dude is thinking.. but the best way to build a self found trapper imo is just enough int to wear sthenos wisdom, and just enough dex to wear SB cuffs.. because the farming spot of both is the same and it's not that difficult to farm.. then farm the merchants for some pet rings.. i would get a shield for that.. yes it sounds scary because it sounds hybrid.. but it's the best for optimization.. and once you get enough int and dex, you'll have lots of free stat points because traps don't scale with your stats.. the next logical stat placement is health but if you choose nature, HoO compensates for that.. so that leaves you more stat points more than enough for a low quality shield

lastly, if you are building a trapper, don't follow any fixed ratio stat distribution.. because you only need enough to equip items.. so you are better off saving your stat points

what's the one @icefreeze mentioned before? and the one i mentioned:

fafnir's teeth - bone splinters does..... nothing

dvalinns simulacrum - also what did icefreeze say here? something like let it die, teleport to town, then go back to it's corpse?

long time ago i noticed if you let it die somewhere in the cave of manticore.. then soon after get yourself to die, when you get back to it's corpse it drops some of your items.. weird eh.. maybe a simple town portal will do

the uhhh the act 5 MI item that grants reflect damage.. it doesn't drop in legendary (edit: on 2nd thought, maybe it's not intended not to drop because 500% reflect damage is maybe unfair to bosses?)

boots of valkyrie - bonus of normal version is higher than legendary's

and then there is a bug in user botebote - why is he so noob in grim dawn?

and if devs indeed read this: dear devs, we want TQ2.. many thnx

more edit: elemental reaver - is it really just like that?

the sword in the stone and hati still don't drop

no there is no debate.. because like i said I'm not going back to that old style anymore.. so there is no winner or loser   :P

what i think about wodan and freyja sets? i haven't completed both yet.. but i think corselet of freyja, brisingamen, and gungnir are stupidly OP items that deserve a nerf.. i only have corselet of freyja and i held on not wearing it for about 2 or 3 months until my elementalist.. elementalist is just too hard to gear so i gave it my forbidden jutsu

but the wodan set is weird.. what makes it worth completing if the completion bonus is that shitty? freyja bonus is better but why attack speed? maybe it's intended for a ternion build? i don't play ternion so i can't comment for a ternion build

i tried a defiler test char before full with very good items.. i then tried it with a real char (can't remember what).. then reality vs theorycraft: the journey getting there still makes str worth getting.. and even at high level already, one handed weapon + shield still makes it easier to gear and makes it more defensive.. it doesn't look like it but I've always been defensive minded.. that's why i don't like close combat

edit: and i don't like pelaron.. don't know why but it makes things more difficult for me

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