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Pretty sure that runeword explode doesn't proc with melee attacks, so you could spend thsoe points elsewhere. Other than that very cool build once again!
ahh, that seems about right, thank you for the reminder, I'll push the points elsewhere and reupload the rune tree :>
wait wait wait.. i tested this long time ago and i remember runeword explode procs with melee attacks.. it is runeword burn that does not proc with melee attacks.. it's easy to see if you test it.. the animation is different, it feels like it slows a bit, but it hits multiple enemies.. can you test again Tor?

edit: no fragments but hits multiple enemies.. that's how i remember it

edit 2: that said, i would take 5pts off heat shield and spread the pts on the core dweller.. but i could see if you don't want any pets

do you mean melee earth + nature? hate to break it to you but your choice is not beginner friendly.. and even those experienced enough don't usually play this kind of build

the first obvious question would be: what is your LMB skill? not that normal attack can't work endgame but there are many masteries that offers an LMB skill and you didn't choose any of those

my 2nd question would be: what is your AoE damage? personally, i always like my builds to have a good AoE damage.. earth has lots of AoE skills but they are spells.. spells work best with cast speed and CDR.. it's possible to get those with str or dex items but you'll have to do a lot of farming with that.. and the easiest way to get cast speed is through occult ring.. occult ring boosts elem damage, which is worthless if you don't get int

str melee players usually want their AoE attacks to be weapon attacks like shield charge, phantom strike, etc

if you really want to play a melee + pets build, consider substituting earth with warfare (champion)

about DA, I'm not planning on wasting my stat points on dex just to get 1k DA.. I'm not very high on DA too.. i meant i plan to get 1k DA by replacing blessing of the gods with essence of styx after completing the Stygian lurker quest.. if i do that, i think I'll have to spend about 5pts on dex just to equip SB cuffs.. my pierce res will be lower to 41% but my HP will be about 4700 (including lampidos potion quest).. my armor will also be higher and DA to 1k

I'll post soa's question again just so it won't be missed
I think the difference of attack speed is due to gender of your character. Male characters have a single animation that is faster than the female's one.
That's only true for throwing weapons ?

ADCtH and life leech resist:
according to this, you reduce life leech resist your ADCtH becomes higher.. see P4

DA: yes but i still want to get 1k DA  ^-^

life drain: of course i tried it too.. you know me, i try everything i can think of :))
but it's too clicky already and it costs too many skill points.. it's easier to use soul vortex.. click and forget

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [TEXTURES] Custom Textures & Skins
« on: 13 July 2019, 03:37:24 »
well, that hardest challenge did not come from me.. it's what pops out if you Google search "musashi miyamoto hardest challenge".. lots of sources there

but let's put this to rest.. nargil's thread isn't about this ^-^

I think the difference of attack speed is due to gender of your character. Male characters have a single animation that is faster than the female's one.

Can confirm. 200% for female, 208% for male. Ragnarok never ceases to amaze
ahh that's clears it up.. thanks to you both.. i didn't know that.. so if you want to play thrown weapon + shield build, male would be better choice

i wonder if female has an advantage on male on other areas

the only reason i can think of is when Russell Westbrook was traded to the rockets, people wondered how he and James Harden will share the ball.. and i think everybody agreed they would have to play with 2 basketballs.. the internet couldn't process how there could be 2 basketballs on the court at the same time so it resulted in a worldwide bug creating excess of everything.. my game got infected and it resulted in my oracle having excess attack speed

Hm, may be out topic but why do you get 208% attack speed with 1throw weapons?
Mine and some people only got 200% is max speed when equip 1 throw weapon (both licenese and cracked game version).
dunno but mine is 208 with dark covenant, and 201% without

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [TEXTURES] Custom Textures & Skins
« on: 12 July 2019, 12:36:43 »
From what i know ( by playing Samurai Warriors game, some movies, mangas), the most famous weapons of Musashi Miyamoto is Dual swords or sword and paddle.
yes.. what i said above, i meant for sasaki kojiro

Texture & Skin Modding / Re: [TEXTURES] Custom Textures & Skins
« on: 12 July 2019, 02:11:13 »
sorry but I've never read anything that links that weapon to musashi miyamoto.. I'm not even sure that weapon existed during miyamoto's time.. could you give a link

as far as i know musashi miyamoto's most famous fight was against sasaki kojiro.. his weapon was a long sword called monohoshizao.. his technique known as tsubame gaeshi

edit: meanwhile, if you Google "musashi miyamoto hardest fight", lots of sasaki kojiro pops out

Storm AE / Oracle - Weapon Damage Converted to Elemental (WIP)
« on: 11 July 2019, 22:10:55 »
because we never learn

Spoiler for Hiden:

Hello again. Here i am with another unconventional build. And yep, i know, i know, I'm biased against staves. And with that 266 damage blocked, let's be honest, that s*** couldn't block anything later on. But there's just something about 10 items that isn't easily gettable with 9 items. I'mma go all Jerry Macguire here and say "You... Complete... Me". Eew, have i had you at Hello? Onto the build...

First, I'll throw this right here so you'll know what to expect. If you are looking for a safe, tanky, easy to play character, this is not the build to play. However, if you want a flashy build that summons damaging pets, casts powerful spells, and kills with a weapon, this is a good candidate. Basically an all in one, do-it-all character.

Second, no, Lightning Dash is not a great LMB skill. It's the highest tiered LMB skill but it's the most underperforming LMB skill. Maybe it's not an LMB skill after all...

A few weeks ago when i changed my converted to elemental dreamkiller into a psionic beam + traps build, i was left with these 3 items:

Spoiler for Hiden:

The completion bonuses of those were not done through TQvault editing. The 1st eitr i got the comp bonus from luck iirc just by auto-sorting. The 2nd eitr i got the comp bonus using this trick long ago before Atlantis. The gambanteinn i got the comp bonus again out of sheer luck (my very first try).

Well, if you have those 3 items just lying around gathering dust, i bet you'll be tempted too to build around those items.

So let's see how this thing works, how you can get seemingly all playstyles into one character. And in all holy hell of classes, an oracle. duhh...

1) Caster - By converting our damage to elemental, we also make int our main stat. That means lightning bolt is not compromised. The more you spend on str, the weaker lightning bolt gets. Lightning Dash is a single target skill. A character with no AoE damage is like a fish taken out of the water. Lightning Bolt is the AoE and the caster aspect of this build.

2) Petmaster - Because i was just reusing those 3 items, and because i need socrates and occult anyways for lightning bolt, i don't have access to pet rings. And because i promised pets that actually does good damage, i had to rely on skills that boost pets. I have to get eye of the storm, and i have to make dark covenant active at all times. And fortunately, all 3 pets of oracle does considerable elem damage. I'm not really a fan of the liche king because it requires too many skill points. But for this build, it improves greatly with eye of the storm and unearthly power. Plus it helps with reducing enemy resistances (assuming you have invested enough points on the base skill for the RR value to be higher than squall's). The Outsider is great with 80% CDR. Summon it often even if there are no bosses, the cooldown is only 72 secs. Remember that these pets are controllable, even the outsider. So if you know there are dangerous mobs ahead, you can make them take some agro first before you attack. The health cost of dark covenant does NOT apply to pets.

3) Weapon - Eye of the Storm and Unearthly Power also boost my attacks, both lightning bolt and lightning dash. Dark covenant is great for this build. It makes this character not too mana hungry, and making it always active means you can leave spirit ward active all the time even when there are no undeads. Less drink of mana pots and treating spirit ward like a permanent buff makes this easier to control. But to counter the health cost of Dark Covenant, i need a good weapon with life steal, low str requirement, but still does good damage. Enter Chakram of the Moon. The str requirement is 288, not much higher than Rings of the Rhine (284). And with the 15% requirement reduction that comes with the shield, the str requirement is now only 245. Plus, the +10% to int makes up for the stat pts you spent on str. And with fully maxed necrosis with very fast attack speed, we might as well forget about the health cost of Dark Covenant. A good alternate weapon is chakram of the sun.

This is how my DPS looks like with both eye of the storm and unearthly power active:

They are always active in every battle. But you see, the DPS doesn't tell the whole truth. That damage is single target only. Ternion build, even though it shows less DPS, actually outperforms this build in terms of kill speed. (see spoiler notes below for a little comparison)
This still has good AoE damage though thanks to lightning bolt and pets.

If you have winds of asphodel, that would be a good secondary weapon. Pair that with another rings of the rhine. If you don't have winds of asphodel, a green thrown weapon of the betrayer enhanced with shen-nongs will do. By lowering enemy resistances, you not only increase your own damage but you also increase your pet's damage as well. It's good against bosses. For my low bleed res, i carry with me dwarven bone fetish (amulet).

My recommended target build:
If you notice, i left some pet skills 4pts shy of fully maxed. That's because the liche and the wisp don't die easily. Most of the time when i get a mastery shrine and resummon them, the liche and wisp stay alive the rest of my play session. But you can put more points if you want. You may or may not fully max spirit mastery.

This is reeaaalllly tricky to build. DO NOT rush lightning dash. If you don't do anything with it, it is vastly inferior to lightning bolt or ice shard. And the first half of the game there's hardly anything you can do with it. I suggest starting as a storm caster first since your main stat is int anyway. Or if you are more comfortable starting with Ternion, that's fine too. Even though lightning dash also works with staves, it's still no match for Ternion. When you have 2 eitrs, pearled cap, a good weapon and a good shield both with low str requirements, that's the earliest reasonable time to switch to lightning dash + lightning bolt. Slowly build storm nimbus tree starting 1/1/max and later maxing all 3. Your other targets are squall tree, deathchill aura tree, dark covenant tree and eye of the storm. Around late epic, start putting more points on pets.

Stat distribution is even more tricky. I can't help you there. Just save a lot of stat points so you don't go over the necessary str requirements. Dex should be just enough to equip items and reach 1k DA. I spent exactly 12 pts on health. Oracle has an awful low HP.

Remember that completing the Lampidos Potion quest in legendary will give you +10 to str and 200 health. Completing the Stygian lurker quest will give you +8 to str, dex and int. However, it's already near endgame. It's not my practice to wait that long. I also don't edit my stats through TQdefiler, hell no. If i make a mistake then so be it. Nothing is easy here. This requires a lot of experience, a lot of patience, and a lot of planning. You see, I've done this a few times before but i still made a little mistake. I got my str a little higher than i should have. But hey, I'm not finished with this yet. I'm still thinking of replacing blessing of the gods with essence of styx. That will lower my pierce res to 41 but will increase my armor and health. My str will get lower if i do that but I'm planning to only do it after i complete those 2 quests mentioned above. Mid act 4, i still plan to get my health to about 4700 and DA to 1k.

additional info:
Spoiler for Hiden:
* if you bind lightning dash to RMB instead of LMB, and you use a thrown weapon, you can dash even without a target. but only do this if you have high enough CDR already because lightning dash has 0.7 sec cooldown. if you right click during that 0.7 sec cooldown, your character will not do anything at all. but if you have it on LMB and you left click during the cooldown, your character will at least attack with a normal attack. at 80% CDR, the cooldown of lightning dash is only 0.1 sec so it hardly matters. this can make things faster and also can be a means of escape (minolord/s). but also be careful because you can sometimes unintentionally get very close to dangerous mobs. again, dashing without a target only works with ranged weapons.

* yep, i know those are not the best items. i have some good items but i gave them away to my other characters. i am also too lazy to farm and too stubborn to duplicate items through
TQvault or dream image bug. also too stubborn to use the act 5 blacksmith quest reward.

* another requirement reduction item seems like it would be good for this build. but i couldn't come up with a gear setup that doesn't sacrifice my resists. also, see above. i had to make do with what i have.

* of immortality is a better prefix than of grace. if you do the maths, of immortality translates to more stat points than of grace, of might, or of erudition. but I'm just reusing those 3 items. i don't know if i have extras but i don't bother to check. and at this stage of our TQ days, i can't be bothered to farm. i would rather spend my time playing sudoku than farm. lolz

* naturally, i tried Ternion build for this too. or more accurately, lightning dash on LMB and Ternion on RMB. If this turned out to be vastly inferior to the known Ternion build, i wouldn't even have wrote this. Thankfully it's not. In fact, i favor this build more. Ternion staff beats this build in terms of kill speed hands down even though the stat pts i spent on str becomes useless. But for ternion builds, it seems CDR is what you really sacrifice. At least with the limited items i have, CDR is what i end up sacrificing. I don't want to sacrifice DA, resists, +4 skills, ADCtH or attack speed. And i like the tricks i get with 80% CDR, most notably dark covenant and summon outsider which becomes more important with increased mob mod. Even soul vortex i cast it often. Freezing blast against Dragonians, Dactyl.
Ultimately though, if you have a very wide selection of OP items, and you somehow manage to get everything (+4 to all skills, 80% CDR, resists, 1k DA, ADCtH, attack speed, cast speed, damage, health) with just 9 items, ternion build probably wins.
From my experience though, it's very hard to get all of those with just 9 items. And an oracle that has a very low health and doesn't give any bonus to DA? well, dunno
But hey, most people prefer damage, i just like complete builds more.

* i took a short break from TQ when Atlantis came because i didn't like it. that means i lack Atlantis items except for a few i picked up along the way. after this char, i probably will take another break :/

more to come probably. maybe a vid. i wrote this now just in case I'm not able to update it. at least I'm able to contribute a different way of building an oracle.

a lot has changed since the TQIT of long ago. some for the better, some for the worse.

just an idea.. might sound stupid.. don't take too seriously

what if there is an optional area (maybe a secret area).. where ordinary monsters are way stronger than mobs you see in the game.. they do not go in bunches because every monster there is like one man army.. but the thing is, they also fight each other.. they fight whoever they see whether you or other monsters.. if you engage 1 and you see it very difficult, you could lure it to another monster and it will be a 3 way fight.. free for all lolz

not saying I'm against this.. but i used to play multiplayer and there were plenty of times we didn't like portaling to towns.. the early games you might not have enough health pots so you might have to buy some.. but like i said, too lazy to portal to town.. so we just ask each other for health pots, which requires dropping a stack of health pots.. iirc, there was a trade option but it takes too long.. just dropping a stack of health pots was faster

later game you might have more than enough health pots but i play casters and I'm shameless ;D  .. casters are mana hungry and i would ask my playmates, even those i just met through online gaming, to drop me some mana because i was too lazy to portal to town.. (i even ask them to buy me mana pots whenever they portal to town)

now the question is: will this mod be popular enough to generate online multiplayer buzz?

edit: is the online multiplayer community still even alive? i mean are there still plenty of people there?

edit 2: iirc, even around epic difficulty we still had to buy/ask for health pots.. hmm maybe those were the untwinked times

but what happens if you just delete everything on the epic folder of your save char?

Defense AE / Re: Journal Thread: Hybrid Stat Melee Conqueror
« on: 04 July 2019, 19:52:11 »

what conqueror uses freyja set pieces? apparently this one:

archmages leggings saves the day
an item i once ridiculed is now an important part of this build. HAH :D

* that weapon is so i could steal energy.. this is a mana hungry conqueror if without energy leech
* both OA and DA still goes up a little bit if i activate battle standard (OA 978).. i always have battle standard active.. but still, about 5-10 more points should be spent on dex
* that health will easily go over 7k once i complete the poisoned spring quest (if i ever felt like playing this)
* no act 5 blacksmith quest rewards used (as much as possible i want to avoid using this on any of my chars)
* that high cast speed really helps for this build.. this casts a lot of skills even when surrounded by mobs

about the build:
this is a petmaster + melee conqueror.. ancestral warriors can be permanent now since Atlantis.. but as strong as ancestral warriors are, unyielding phalanx might be even stronger.. the problem with unyielding phalanx is they don't move.. but the solution is simple: keep the mobs and phalanx close to you.. also, unyielding phalanx is better used with quick cast disabled and using shift key on a fully zoomed camera angle.. that way you can summon them on the edge of your screen where mobs can't see you.. these pets are also very good against bosses.. imagine battle standard + colossus form with a lot of strong pets.. a build as strong as this
should be fighting 3 bosses.. no idea why the devs thought a conqueror needs this much improvement

edit: it's not anubis wrath on kthonian razor.. it's valor of Achilles.. kthonian razor already has life steal

edit 2: i don't know if people still measure damage based on the DPS shown on the char sheet.. i don't look at it as it's a poor indicator.. i just play and see how well the toon kills
but that damage goes way up with battle standard and onslaught enabled.. more when adrenaline triggers (and it almost always does).. and these pets are some of the best pets in the game.. plus, shield charge spamming is oomph

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