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haven't read the guides but one note:

batter used to be bugged in TQIT, like it causes a delay on your attacks or something.. so people used to not like batter for LMB

but I've read reports that it has been fixed in AE.. so if it's also fixed in ps4 version, batter should be a good LMB skill

Carnyx works with Ternion Attack, but specially. Carnyx's shock wave still look like 1 wave but deal dmg 2 time, and still pierce through target.
it shoots 1 wave that passes through enemies and deal double damage? interesting.. but it's still not mass AoE

Carnyx don’t work with no ternion :(
really? that's a bummer.. and it's weird since carnyx is a staff.. i was thinking of a reduced requirement build for it tsk

thnx for your test.. will edit

i should also add that the caster haruspex is better played with ragnarok because of throwing weapons (specifically neith's will).. to my knowledge ps4 doesn't have ragnarok yet.. it also requires a bit of knowledge of the game, as with most casters
Spoiler for Hiden:
but the survivability is great.. every attack is AoE CC, has petrify with high recharge, can easily reach 1k+ DA with throwing weapon, has CTAP, can perma study prey, and best of all can abuse monster lure.. but it can get boring because it's a one skill attack, and enemies don't really hit you so you just watch them attack monster lure while you kill them.. and the few that get to you, you can easily petrify.. if i hadn't get bored playing it i could've finished x3 with zero deaths :)

welcome to the forum.. i wrote the int haruspex.. it's actually str + int haruspex with a few dex.. great survivability but it's gear dependent.. a spear or bow haruspex is more beginner friendly.. but frankly, for a spear toon I'd take warden over haruspex

edit: warden with high attack speed and maxed shield attack procs

Ragnarok has insane OP items.  I think we can all agree on that. But this topic is different. This is about the items that are probably overlooked because of seemingly better items. There are items like Nerthus Armbands that are only blue but obviously very good for a Summoner (Nature + Earth). I'm not talking about those items.  This is about the ragnarok items that are probably discarded as "not good items" at first look, but are actually great even for endgame.

Neith's Will

First is the purple throwing weapon that drops in any of your character playthroughs even if you don't look for it. But this is actually one of my favorite caster weapons. The base damage is low but it doesn't matter for a caster. The recharge and the %total damage are important for casters, throw in the resists and this is just perfect. The requirements are not that high too. Plus if you play a caster with hunting, you get the huge bonus to DA because it's a throwing weapon, even if you don't use it to attack

Marbod's Mask

This one i completely overlooked when i first found it. "Meh not good, probably never going to be used. put it in tqvault just for collection". But days, weeks, or maybe months later when i was trying to gear my str + dex assassin for 80% CDR permanent battle standard, i saw this on my tqvault and i saw the -50% int requirement for armors. There, it's possible for a str + dex character to wear archmage's clasp

and archmage's clasp is just perfect for this build because it solves my CDR problem, it gives me 40% attack speed, it solves my slow cast speed, and it even has a small chance to reduce resistances, which applies to both weapons and knives.

Dagger of Basbona

It looks like a good early epic item. Only early epic because the base damage is low. But wait, the %proc chance is total damage. So if you use it for multi attack AoE spells like ice shards, VO, and eruption, that %chance proc is sure to trigger every time. Add in the 20% recharge and this is really good for a caster even in endgame. The thousand cuts granted skill triggers upon taking damage but the 75% chance of impaired aim, 75% chance to fumble attacks, 30% chance to avoid projectiles should give you a little bit of extra survivability.  I also did not see this item's true worth when i first saw it in tq database.

Rings of the Rhine

I really see this as the devs' gift to casters or petmasters/trappers. It's only a blue item and the damage blocked is low so it's probably overlooked. But it gives a bonus DA of 300. It has a str requirement of 284 but is only really 241 because the -15% requirement also applies to it. And it also applies to other items including weapons. That 241 str req is easily reachable for characters in legendary even for toons that doesn't invest on str. And yep 15% recharge. A combination of this and a good throwing weapon is a good substitute for a staff.

Carnyx Staff

Now this one i admit i haven't tried on an actual character so this is mostly theoretical. The base damage is only 100 but this staff has a hidden attribute: 100% chance to pass through enemies. So combined with ternion, it would be great AoE. The damage is physical so this could be good for a str + int ternion spellbreaker or soothsayer
edit: wolpak and icefreeze tested ternion with carnyx. it seems ternion does work with carnyx but it works differently. and it's weird so just read the comments. headscratching. devs have weird imagination.

I realize most of the items are for casters but that's really how i play so those are the things i see. If you have other items that fits this topic, please share in the comments.

Guides AE / Re: Super Tanky Caster (Summoner) Build
« on: Today at 04:08:08 »
lol i just wrote my mage summoner just recently

but mine is more balanced for offense and survivability.. yours look like super focused on tankiness.. hard to get 80% CDR for that without sacrificing something

Guides AE / Re: Rune Skills for Beginners V2 [Ragnarök Guide]
« on: 17 October 2018, 22:39:18 »
i see there is a V2.. and you asked for the old thread to be deleted or locked.. so i link this to my all skills upated to AE thread instead of the old one

one thing about guardian stones, i lack the knowledge to provide data/file so just observation, flat damage bonus to pet don't apply to them.. possible explanation is because they don't use a weapon.. but % ele damage should affect them

one request: could you at least add my spellcaster thunderer video to your rune build compendium? :)

I'm too lazy to write a build thread about it.. but I'm quite proud of that character because i made a non-caster mastery like rune into a pure spellcaster  :)

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 22:24:20 »
Consider that all mobs get 60% elemental resist in legendary.
that's too high.. that's like boss level resist.. most mobs (if not all), if they have high resist against 1 element, chances are they are weak against another.. fire sprites and fire jotuns are tough against fire but weak against cold.. undeads are weak against fire.. water elementals and monsters like turtles are tough against fire but weak against lightning

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 10:36:10 »
Facing 24 Typhon is not like 1 or 3 Typhons, and when there are many of them, their cast Reflecting dmg anytime, not all cast the same time=> i don't think fight them at front is smart choice  >:D
yeah i just think it's funny.. you never even saw 1 Typhon  ;D

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 06:20:30 »
Only if you attack with it and then it only lasts 3 seconds per stack.
yes.. don't know about the effort though.. when i tried it with a test character before, it was rapid alternate of left click and right click.. left click, left click, right click, right click, right click, left click, left click.. i guess it depends on the player if he/she wants fewer clicks or not

but rogue is really best played with speed

and thunder strike and menhir wall is best with high recharge

edit: just saw icefreeze brigand vid.. speed really makes a ton of difference when playing rogue

edit 2: lol at typhon fight.. but the road to typhon was what i was referring to...  "thread lightly, and with speed"
that's why they call it stealth

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 01:14:06 »
elem damage? why not? and all skills is easy to get

edit: wolpak, rune weapon is an aura that activates after you attack.. so when you attack with rune weapon, then cast throwing knives after, you get the effects of rune weapon including the synergies magical charge and energy drain.. transmutation doesn't seem to affect throwing knife

Rogue AE / Re: [Guide] Poison and bleed trickster with traps
« on: 17 October 2018, 01:03:13 »
you really hate int huh?  ;D

int could've solved your slow cast speed.. archmage's clasp is good for every build with int, and even if you don't have archmage's clasp, stheno's wisdom will do the job.. and rune weapon affects throwing knives too, but calculated strike doesn't

Runemaster AE / Re: Dragon Hunter is the best Rune class?
« on: 16 October 2018, 05:09:47 »
So basically how is this elemental stuff works?
i also don't know :(
i guess just playing the game over and over again with different characters and see what works.. but i can say lighting works against everything.. plants still take damage from lightning.. it just seems like they are more susceptible to fire than lightning

edit: but mages that have storm nimbus aura.. it seems they have resistance against lightning no matter what their race is.. but it's weird because ice shards work well against them

Have you try the Marduk with Sacred Rage stacked? If it still doesnt work then i will go with ElemRage.
nope.. and it's not that it doesn't work.. i just mean for a squishy toon with low health, you might not even get to that 10% or 15% HP before you die.. and dual thrown dragon hunter looks like a squishy toon with low HP

Oh and i wonder, lets say i could get 100% WBDbE from lets say 2x Moirae and Golden Agris Helm...basically i dont have to spend any points in transmute right?
somewhere in the later changelogs, it was mentioned that transmutation is now permanently active as long as you have points on it.. and i think it's easier to spend points on transmutation and be free of those items.. but the answer is yes you'll have 100% conversion with those items even without transmutation

blessing of the moirae  -  33% conversion ( thrown)
eitr  -  20%   (charm)
gambanteinn  -  50%   (artifact)
golden agris  -  50%   (helm)
falcon cape  -  50%   (torso)
hofud  -  50%    (sword)

Runemaster AE / Re: Dragon Hunter is the best Rune class?
« on: 16 October 2018, 01:43:03 »
about rune weapon DPS stat sheet, it is mostly accurate because it shows the damage increase when charging.. BUT.. most monsters in legendary have elemental resists and that is something the stat sheet cannot show.. these are just persnal observances and no concrete proof:

beasts/beastmen have some elemental resists but maybe weak against fire.. plants have some resists against lightning but also weak against fire.. frost and fire sprites yep.. and the jotuns

as for marduk's.. well, I'm familiar with squishy characters :))
most of the time in legendary you won't even hear that "DUDUN" sound when you die.. so that absorption proc will not even trigger

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