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1 & 2 definitely happened to me
1 i think only once
2 this happened after one of the updates. happened all the time and it was very frustrating. but i think one of the updates fixed it. i think the latest is 2.9?
3 i don't remember

There's also a patch.
The patch notes are from pc version ? or on switch ?
uhhh i don't know if I'm alone on this but any updates on PC kinda scares me now. it's clear the devs don't play the game, they just make new features that are unneeded and they refuse to fix it. like the auto targeting that forces your character to move, for example
(edit: it's like they don't know the purpose of arpg is giving the players complete control of their characters)
what we'll just get is more bugs
every update slowly destroys the game
i honestly believe it's better if they just leave it alone. except maybe if they decide to play their game, but they won't

What are your rules, a pic for each main boss ?
i think that requires too many unnecessary pics. just a pic from time to time will do. like after beating Typhon, if that's your first pic I'd count it.

Edit: do you allow scrolls ?
yes. i intended this to be vanilla so everything that goes with vanilla is ok. e.g: scrolls, potions, cheesing, controller use, console use... except getting skills from the 2nd mastery
and also no manipulation of game files. like completing a quest and going back to a previous save and redoing the quest if you don't like the rewards. or completing an artifact and going back to a previous save if you don't like the completion bonus. or if you die, and going back to a previous save that shows zero deaths

Hello everyone. I just thought of maybe could be an interesting challenge that i think anyone can join and play.

From the title, it's a single mastery challenge, but there is a (sort of). That's because you are allowed to get a 2nd mastery, BUT you are not allowed to get any skill from your 2nd mastery. That is, you are only allowed to put points on the mastery bar of your 2nd mastery, but only the mastery bar, no skills from there.

So by this rule, i think it shouldn't be too hard because the drawback of getting too little health, mana, and stats is eliminated. But it's also not too easy because it's untwinked (no inheritance items allowed), and it's a hardcore challenge so you are not allowed to die.

What do you guys think? Chime in with your opinions and post your entry character/s if you like.

Tauceti - Ni - Defender L7 - Pellana Valley

yyeeaaahhhh. it looks just like her too

Heroes & Bosses / Re: Post Your Enemy Hero Screenshots
« on: 29 June 2020, 20:57:26 »
"debuffs your buffs"
i have never heard/read that phrase before in any RPG game  :)
yeah i know what you mean. Lysia Spellbreaker removes status effects. but "debuffs your buffs", i have never heard/read in any RPGs before :)

General Discussion / Re: What Am I Doing Wrong?
« on: 29 June 2020, 03:34:13 »
Then what do you suggest I do differently? You got any better ideas?
i don't really mean what you are doing is wrong.. just that it is not right either. eh hard to explain.. just that if you look at the best players in the world, they are not bound by any rules. and in the case of chess, if you know Magnus Carlsen, you'll know he is not bound by any rules. that guy is crazy.

for character early game progression, i believe i posted something above for each mastery. but don't take my word as holy grail. time has passed and i believe I'm slipping also in this game. what i posted above is just how i remember how i used to level each mastery. should still be good i think
edit: reply #11 in this same topic

General Discussion / Re: What Am I Doing Wrong?
« on: 29 June 2020, 00:57:33 »
going back to OP's topic...
I've been watching a lot of chess tournaments during these pandemic times, and i liked what Peter Svidler said in the latest episode of chessable masters. can't remember the exact same words but the gist is:

when you're just beginning to play the game, you learn a certain set of rules, and when you start to follow them that makes you a better player. but you get to a certain level where you realize something, and you start unlearning what you have just learned. and that makes you an even better player. and he said those happen to all professionals, not just chess players (which is true)

you followed a certain set of rules where you just leave a point to the skills you think you will take, and put the rest on the mastery bar. you progressed and learned more about the game. maybe it's time you break your rules 😉
(edit: i think most of us used to do this, just 1pt.. i know i used to)

there are others actually, but you'll get there

So going back to the Switch version I discovered something that really shocked me last night! The skin they are using for the Wisp in the Storm tree is now a Raven similar to the Storm Raven from Grim Dawn.
weird.. as i would think the wisp is based on will o' wisp'-the-wisp
it's not a will o' the wisp if it's a bird.. maybe they haven't been able to make the trick work on consoles yet

also, get well soon Thanatos.. it got scarier here as i heard we have neighbors who are "quarantined"

Sorry for being out of the loop, but I'm curious as to why you say you are "cursing" the game. Like I said, I'm kind of out of the loop, and I can't even keep up with all of the changes TQ has gone through any more.
more like cursed. past tense. I'm too tired of complaining now because it's just the same over and over again. people report bugs left and right. some get fixed, some don't. but one thing constant is every update, even though it may fix some bugs, it will introduce new bugs

just recently, this lol bug happened to me;topicseen#new

just so it doesn't get taken out of context, the game is in a better place because of people like Medea and line of epic heroes.. is all i mean

There should be a statue of you outside THQ Nordic and Crate Headquarters.  ;) I will submit these bugs.
actually yes, along with line of epic heroes.. even when people (including me) are cursing the game, they are firm "everything's ok devs will fix it"

don't have an office.
i see

General Discussion / Re: Mastery Questions of Certain Skills
« on: 09 June 2020, 05:03:13 »
I've read that Spell Shock and Spell Breaker are very good for taking down enemies with lots of energy. But is this skill only truly useful and capable of doing this if you are a mage character heavily investing in intelligence? Or can warriors accomplish this too?
you are reading old guides.. no, not possible anymore no matter your stats are.. there are updated guides in this site if you do a little digging here.. and if you are interested at warrior storm, you can use the search function above and search for elemental conversion or weapon damage converted to elemental. or just eitr. something like that

General Discussion / funny annoying %@ей
« on: 07 June 2020, 02:26:13 »
lolz. i thought about playing TQ again. i thought hmm how about vanilla solo self-farmed hybrid deathless. i have no previous saves btw, all my characters are gone now. the game is still a buggy mess. i got to the poisoned spring quest and as i was about to enter the cave, the old bug triggered. i got stuck on the entrance of the cave. so i pressed the reset button where your character spawns on a different location near you. lo and behold, i got transferred to act 5 where there are high levelled harpies. and there is no way to run because there is always a lag when teleporting. i died. lol nice troll. so much for that deathless run. i don't know if I'll start again or continue. it's still sucky. hopefully sports starts again soon

General Discussion / Re: What Am I Doing Wrong?
« on: 03 June 2020, 14:51:30 »
interesting fact about onslaught (pre and post AE)

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