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New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: Today at 06:58:20 »
@nargil66 more like pressure plate traps  ;)

Wow, I didn't knew it's even possible. Indiana Jones style, eh? What about a huge rolling ball... or darts spitting from the wall... just daydreaming here :D

Installation and Tools / GAMING TOOLS A-Z
« on: 20 April 2019, 05:43:23 »
List of tools for players (some are usable ingame, others outside of it):


Camera Mod Collection (Full)
Download Link(s):!FTphWC4T!TMeNNoq4N-w5P5MyBI_x56VQ0XSvg_dBvaI4XJcWrVk

Clear All Fog (TQIT)
Creator(s): p0a
Description: With this mod, you can reveal all dark corners on the map that you have not explored yet. For it to work, you must have visited the area first.
Download Link(s):!1GoFVASa!Wq2bliPCZz1mPCLhs94wllWRdRj629I2bnnK5NKGTWg

FastSkill & QuickFire (TQAE)
Download Link(s):!1G4HnKxI!GMAkgPeSbqrGgzXcmCq0CdoUE6QOTxcD2FPtwop0UAE

Grim Dawn Defiler 2.3.3
Creator(s): SoulSeekkor
Description: Allows editing of Grim Dawn characters. Partially supports AE/Ragnarok.
Download Link(s):!ZH4hhawK!gUEAyT-ASC9kLxZTn7i2BpY4rM8uILIdSMPcb77dhdk

Soulvizier Skill Calculator
Creator(s): ?
Description: Offline mastery calculator for Soulvizier mod. (Outdated)
Download Link(s):!9HojAIrR!6Z_Q19GlhHxMFnnXGVSbJkS57VoFJ2WbqQEtSqM2Wl8

TQ Blacksmith 0.1.3
Download Link(s):!QTxhnA4A!RViobYHyxixPzaj0gApwC5WB83xa3DSayWhxp4vQgJA

TQ Cheat Engine Tables
Download Link(s):!gXwz0YpB!ss3jlMM86PUcZ9TgxjVOGZ9XmirfiPMpxwZkl92zN04

TQ Equipment Database 2.0
Creator(s): ?
Description: Offline database of TQIT items + 3 mastery calculators.
Download Link(s):!xL5zlAjY!ogKue_g8WBdwCwbdXsXEomTP_4_VWe62smy7iG9YNY8

TQ Respec
Download Link(s):!la43yAQa!ri_NGtJ2yG9BJOLwCtgUxpE2_HcKHgjm2e8xYq5060g

TQ Collector 1.1.3
Download Link(s):!RChREK6Z!mtrJNLPoYvkkEVu4emm7P4tnBxunYdidkTHe-bzhuYU

TQIT Fanpatch 1.17a + Patchfix 1.17c (TQIT)
Creator(s): ?, Malgardian (Spectre)
Description: Community fix of some issues for vanilla Immortal Throne. Do NOT use for AE!
Download Link(s):!ICgBEQra!pVu0UeaXyf_9EOKJwNhQTBcL-ZGGvQSZ4OZ5lHr2q-Q

TQ Defiler 1.3.9
Creator(s): SoulSeekkor
Description: Allows editing of Titan Quest characters for Immortal Throne and partially for AE.
Download Link(s):!tToH2AgK!9T6HtIRoesZ1WYD27Z4IMTKE-lYlwiVxZSiqG96WEAY

TQ Vault AE 2.6.0
Description: Offline storage for Titan Quest items. Supports custom game characters as well as AE/Ragnarok.
Download Link(s):!8HhDCSqJ!wbtxF7bqQYgm8_jKBUfWJ6HiPeSbLc3P5tOr7HO5Sng

TQ Vault XL
Creator(s): HandballFreak
Description: Offline storage for Titan Quest items. Supports custom game characters as well as AE/Ragnarok. Slightly different from TQ Vault 2.6.0
Download Link(s):!ZfxTnQhD!Y-SAv4xxhDAOTyy6fyZe1oB3fZtRFFVd4z0jg4GzGvQ


Other Modifications / MODDING TUTORIALS A-Z (PDF)
« on: 20 April 2019, 05:29:37 »

Here are some tutorials, old and new, to help those who want to try modding. All are converted to PDF.

Download Folder:!JbpDHI4I!5eH2N0-Y1uuRPGsLTprjKg

Also, a link to the Modding Guides section in the main TQ Fandom Wiki:

List of included tutorials up to this moment:
From and other forums:

1. 51 Things to Know in Modding by HandballFreak.pdf
2. Adding a Miniboss to Unique Proxy by Bumbleguppy.pdf
3. Adding Effects to Animations by Bumbleguppy.pdf
4. Beginner's Guide to PSEditor by Asylum101.pdf
5. Building Changes into the Main Database by Poinas.pdf
6. Changing the Game Fonts by Heron.pdf
7. Create a Custom Item and Get it Ingame by Asylum101.pdf
8. Editing the Records by Sonny.pdf
9. Extract Wireframes from Existing Models by daloonie.pdf
10. Getting Started on Your Own Map by BlackHitman84.pdf
11. How to Create a Custom Mastery by Poinas.pdf
12. How to Make Your Own Mastery by HeavyMetalFreak.pdf
13. How to Setup ArtManager by Asylum101.pdf
14. Making a Difficulty Mod by Munderbunny.pdf
15. Modding the Titan Quest UI by Kirii.pdf
16. Play as Monster Mods by Poinas.pdf
17. Quest Modding from A to Z by Tarim.
18. Titan Quest Mechanics.pdf
19. Tutorial Collection by Talon.pdf

From this forum (only strarted converting them):

1. Add a Custom Monster by WNG.pdf
2. Add a New Weapon by WNG.pdf

New Projects / Re: Hamunaptra Mod - Development
« on: 20 April 2019, 03:17:15 »
Is this what i think it is? A mine?

The Gaming Tools with links are added to the first post. Some descriptions are still missing.
Damn, I liked having 1111 posts, lol.

Other Modifications / Re: Tips & Tricks with MeshView
« on: 17 April 2019, 13:43:42 »
Proof of the bone transfer theory - the first armored nymph in TQ history (well, only partially ;)):

It was alot harder than i expected tho. Neither 3ds max or viewer could do it perfectly, so i just switched to "manual mode".

Here is the new nymph mesh, is someone wants to try it:!NDIgyQgb!8C35qMzjwBIubM0uYp0y64BJ0wEgEuG9qYNMU9TSOnY
I also removed some parts of the mesh with MeshDrawCS - the bow, necklace and bag, as well the annoying side hairs (always floating).

The tools update is started (see the first post). Now all tools are on display with separate links. For now I added only the modding tools, gaming tools are coming next, as well as tutorials. About 3rd party programs (not directly related to TQ) - ill post them in a new thread.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 15 April 2019, 11:08:08 »
Latest progress on the chariot - half of the ridiculous horse turning problem is solved. I just took the male emote animation (where he looks on both sides) and combined half of it (left turn) with a bow attack animation. The right turn however... i still cant find a suiting one.
You can see how it looks here:

Other Modifications / Re: Tips & Tricks with MeshView
« on: 14 April 2019, 22:44:59 »
Trick #4 - Transfering bones between meshes

Do you know what mesh rigging and skinning is? I didnt knew neither of those terms untill recently.

Rigging - Rigging is the process of setting up the skeleton in a model. It includes linking the bones in a hierarchy, setting constraints on the bones' movement, and setting up controls (which are aids for the animator).

Skinning - Skinning is the process of attaching vertexes to bones. Skinning also refers to an animation technique where a model is animated using a skeleton (primarily when a vertex may be influenced by more than one bone).

What does this has to do with Mesh View, you may ask? Well, MeshView allows you to edit, replace or even rewrite the skeletal structure of a mesh, which affects 3 things: the shape of the mesh, its animation, and last but not least important - its attach points.
Transferring bones from one mesh to another is pretty simple actually. All you have to do is this:

In this example the bones of a nymph are being replaced with human female bones. The mesh appearance will not change much, but its animations/attach points... I'm pretty sure after some adjustments the nymph can wear human armors. I'll show some examples later.

I'm preparing a big update of the Tools/Tutorials database. Recovered alot of old tutorials using Wayback Machine, also translated some more from other forums and converted them to PDF. There are new tools as well. Everything will be reorganized soon and made easier to access.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 13 April 2019, 06:57:43 »
@icefreeze I already did :P. This normal horse is just for testing. You're right, the Hades horse is more epic.
I gave up on the wheels for now, will try again another time. Today ill try finishing the animations (for bow/staff/thrown only).

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 April 2019, 22:03:38 »
Today's progress... I dont get what i miss. I made the wheel in Max, attached a bone and animated  it, then exported both mesh and animation:

 But ingame... it spins for 2 seconds and stops. Im missing a step somewhere. Have to find what it is or think of another method. This is the RIGHT way to do it, but im doing the right way wrong.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 April 2019, 07:08:37 »
@botebote77  Your formula idea sounds good... dodge % is calculated in the same way, yes? I would do it, only if i knew how.

@icefreeze Yes, my intention is to make it a playing character mod... and ofcourse a mummy uber boss in Deities. Probably in the Valley of the Kings or Giza, where is more open space.
About the turning horses, i found something like an answer in 3dsmax (called attachment constraints). I'm pretty sure its possible, only it will take time to learn how to do it... i'm not the fastest learner for things like this.
About 1 horse chariot - historically a chariot is driven by 2, 4 or 6 horses. I think to stick to that, and it looks cooler imo.

Added a few more bow animations, including the 90 degrees turning ones. It still looks wooden, but at least the horses are moving when they turn.

Another problem is the wheels are not spinning... but there is a possible fix for that. Since i dont know how to rig and skin a mesh yet, i have another plan. The plan is - make both wheels invisible (delete texture). Then find something in the game that can spin... like a wheel or a spinning cylinder or something (if someone has seen such an object, in the old game or Ragnarok, let me know). Next step, if i do find the object is making it invisible and attaching it 1 or 2 times at the place of the two invisible wheels. Then I'll take and combine its spinning animation with that of the charioteer and the horses. The final step would be attaching the wheels again, this time as a visible decoration (the games allows attaching mesh over mesh over mesh only when the final one is a decoration template, otherwise it will crash). The attached visible wheels will use the animation of the parent spinning mesh, while the original wheels will be invisible. I think it can work.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 April 2019, 05:10:24 »
Hmm, how about 90% cap? Um, by multiplicative, you mean like % over the base %? I don't know how to do it yet... need to change the formula somehow probably... Donno.

Next update with the chariot - first animation (bow run) is done and doesnt look bad. BUT there is one big problem - the turning animations. The horses rotate with you when you turn, and if you rotate to 180 degrees, it looks ridiculous...
I had an idea, which may work or may not. I'm not sure if im right, but i think every animation comes with it own set of attacment points. This means that maybe i can make new attach points for the turning animations. If it works, the charioteer will turn alone on the platform, without affecting the horses.
The only other way I can think of is to greatly reduce the speed of turning animations. Will see.

New Projects / Re: Deities Mod - Development
« on: 12 April 2019, 01:20:50 »
Man Nargil, some extremely cool stuff!

Thanks bro, I hope it goes well (I'm not certain yet)

Update on the charioteer - the pulling idea didnt work good, because all attachments that were connected to bones became messed up when i moved them. I gave up on the idea and just returned to the old push variant.
The other problem is with combining the animations - this time it went very bad. Good news are its possible to "stretch" animation frames in 3dsmax or to reduce them. I'll try that with the horses and make their animation speed a little slower, to be able to combine it later using Tamchi's Composer with more types of existing animations.

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