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Other Modifications / [Tut] Misc Tools Guide
« on: 04 November 2018, 19:44:32 »
A quick guide on how to use Viewer and Bitmap Creator.

Initial set up
For the tools to be able to see the game's contents you'll need to set TQ folder's path in Addition browse directories field in AM, Tools/Options.
Spoiler for Hiden:

I. Bitmap Creator

Setting Up
For it to work properly you'll need A) an unpacked .dbr of your item in the Database folder (...Steam\steamapps\common\Titan Quest Anniversary Edition\Database) and B) .dbr of your item presented in Database.arz with the same path.
That is if you place records/sword.dbr in the Database folder, you'll need to pack it in Database.arz under records/sword.dbr as well.

Open BC and choose your item from the list.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Add Light and adjust Width and Height of the new icon (for instance shields usually have 2x2 of 32 size).
Spoiler for Hiden:

Use arrows to move lights.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Adjust camera accordingly using RMB and the wheel. (use Zoom button to get on the optimal distance).
Spoiler for Hiden:
Finally when your icon is ready press Save Icon.
To save your current icon size, camera & lights position you can use Save Layout button.

II. Viewer
A really useful tool if you're working with anything related to meshes and animations.

Choose a mesh from the list to view it.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Choose an animation to apply it to your mesh. Click Play button to run it.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Under View tab you can enable displaying attachments, hitboxes, bones, skeleton, wireframe view etc.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Under Attach Point tab you can create a new attach point, choose its parent bone and attach a .dbr entity to it.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Click View/Properties to see various mesh & animation data. Under Animation tab you can create & edit callbacks for your animation.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Under Ragdoll tab you can view & edit various mesh's bones data required for ingame ragdoll physics.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Press File/Save MIF Data to save/create .mif with changes you did to your mesh, and Save AIF Data to save/create .aif with changes to the animation.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Also note that it still doesn't recognize XPack2's path, to view Ragnarok contents you'll have to repack it manually.

New Projects / [PvP Map]TQ 2000
« on: 26 October 2018, 19:03:06 »

General Concept
You're presented with a small arena. At the beginning you receive a weapon and a set of skills. Everything's way faster compared to vanilla TQ. Every hit is lethal.

Starting out
  • Create new character you'll be using only with this mod
  • At the start use the dye. Set Laser Shot and Laser Burst skills on LMB & RMB respectively for maximum efficiency (optional)
  • Play

Inspired by: tq2000 folder in the sandbox, Hotline Miami, and a bit of Serious Sam.
Used assets from: Talos Principle, Serious Sam, Grim Dawn, A.I.M II. Credit goes to all the people involved in creating those.

Known problems
There's been cases of sudden ambient music artefacts (such as noticeable distortion) when you start a game. Should you encounter that, exit to the menu and restart it.

Spoiler for Screens:

Spoiler for Links:

Spoiler for legacy stuff (cancelled):
In a short foreword:
For a while now I've been thinking TQ could use some sci-fi and more action. In this mod I'd like to try and make these two vague ideas into something playable and, more importantly, enjoyable.

General Concept
You're presented with a short looping level full of enemies. At the beginning you receive a weapon. Each time you die you start over with enemies respawned. Possibly difficulty increases after you complete a circle.

Skill concepts for the player & enemies

Some early scenery concepts
Spoiler for Hiden:

Other Modifications / Misc Mod Stuff
« on: 26 October 2018, 01:34:28 »
Recently I've come to realize that I'm sitting on a pile of modding related stuff that will never be properly realized due to lack of time, interest, or simply because it wasn't going anywhere in the first place.
However I wouldn't like to just throw away the time & effort that's been invested so I figured I'd get it out there anyway, whether it could be used by someone else or just for pure entertainment.
Feel free to use anything I post here.

I. Militarish gear

  • Combat helmet (helmet)
  • Combat vest (chest armor)
  • Fire hatchet (Axe)
  • Fire hatchet (on fire!) (Axe)
  • Handgun (Thrown)

Credit for the source assets goes to Croteam (models) and Crate (fx textures)

Spoiler for Screens:

Spoiler for Source:

II. Tυφῶν ~ Heroes' Bane
Concept of a mod where you play as Typhon, fighting waves of heroes on the Olympus arena.

Notable features
  • Revived unused typhon's skills such as liches spawn and earthen barrier debuff
  • Gods' statues are destructible again
  • Typhon's model received some more glow

Starting out.
Launch typhon ~ startup mod, it'll get you to the main menu. Come back to Custom Quest and create a new char. Restart the game and run Hereos' Bane ~ olympus mod with the char you just created.
You start at the typhon prison. Proceed through the portal on the arena and face them puny hereos.

Spoiler for Screens:

Spoiler for Source:
Spoiler for Mod:

III. Bosses' equipment for player

  • Hades' Staff (staff)
  • Charon's Oar (staff)
  • King GoldTooth's Tree Trunk (club)

Spoiler for Screens:

Spoiler for Source:

IV. Various Equipment

  • Automatoi Head (Thrown)
  • Automatoi Warrior Helmet (Helm)
  • Automatoi Warlord Helmet (Helm)

Spoiler for Screens:

Spoiler for Source:

Do feel free to post your work here if you'll ever find yourself in the same situation as me.

New Projects / A Few Bug Fixes AE & Ragnarok
« on: 22 October 2018, 22:51:21 »
A brief foreword;
This mod's sole purpose is to fix obvious errors. I don't intend to interfere with the developers' vision of the game or questionable balance decisions (looking at you, Giant's Tooth).

Changelog as of 11/9/18

  • Water demons Kelpies now have the original horse models. Do feel free to let me know what you think, whether you like it or would rather prefer the vanilla look.
  • Fixed up an unused yak (ambient animal) model; Oxes in mountain & snowy areas in Orient replaced with yaks.
  • Revived Dream Guide, an unused pet from Dream mastery. Now serves as a pet of a nightstalker hero.

  • Added and fixed up missing side quest The Spectral Wolf. You might want to take a walk in Birch Forest near King Gylfi's Settlement
  • Gilfy's reward chest now drops Power of Nerthus relic with accordance to difficulty (originally drops normal version for the all three difficulties)
  • Recreated deleted cyclop quest scene. Now incorporated in Polyphemus vs soldiers encounter.

  • Missing thrown weapon Hati added to drop tables (Weren't obtainable previously)
  • Fjord Ichthians now can drop legendary version of Icescale set
  • Troll mages now can drop trolls' MI staff Troll's Branch
  • Some Dvergr and Skeletal Dvergr ~ Bolters now use thrown weapons with a chance to drop dvergr MI Dvergr Runestones (were previously unobtainable)
  • Increased the size of Dvergr Runestones and its projectile so the player can actually see them
  • Some Jackalmen archers are now using thrown weapons with a chance to drop MI Jackalman Sling (were previously unobtainable)
  • Revamped an unfinished Jackalman Sling model and gave it a proper projectile
  • Fixed incorrect icon for Staff of The Deep
  • Revived some of the unused common weapons and shields; Some common weapons and shields that had different versions looking the same received new looks; Aetolian aspis (the one with the omega pattern) now has a chance to drop from guards in Sparta, Delphi and Athens fighting scenes
  • Normal common torches received new unused look. The vanilla appearance reserved for Epic & Legendary versions that now drop in accordance with difficulty (originally drops Normal version for all difficulties)

  • Added Delphi actors' temple model for non-ragnarok users (originally you're presented with a black hole in the ground unless you own Ragnarok)
  • Polyphemus received special treasure chest

Install & Uninstall
To install, proceed to ...Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\475150\1543063841\A Few Bug Fixes (or alternatively wherever you downloaded it from gDrive) and move Database and Resources folders to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Titan Quest Anniversary Edition with replace.

To uninstall you can verify integrity of the game's files which will revert them to the original state.

Q. Why not make it a bounce mod?
A. The missing quest fix required repacking the main campaign map (hence the mod size, too), which isn't feasible via a bounce mod.

Q. Can I play in multiplayer?
A. Yes, with the players who have the mod installed.

Spoiler for Screens:

Spoiler for Links:

Feel free to report bugs and I'll see if it can be fixed.

Other Modifications / [Tut]Creating models
« on: 26 August 2018, 22:22:12 »
In this thread I'll try to do a quick write-up on how to create a mesh for Titan Quest using 3ds Max.

1) MSH tools by tokloo v1.0.8.3
Spoiler for Links:
MSH tools is a macroscript for importing & exporting .msh and .anm files. At the moment it's the only tool that allows you to import meshes and animations from the game formats as it is, which gives you crucial points of reference.

Spoiler for Installation:
Place the script in your 3ds Max Scripts folder.
Launch Max, click MAXScripts and run MSH Tools script.

Right click on Utilites Panel, click Customize... In the popped up window choose MSH Tools in Category rollout.

Drag Export & Import MSH buttons onto Utilites Panel.

Spoiler for Description:
Partially salvaged from via wayback machine

Spoiler for Import:
Open Import MSH to import a mesh or animation to your scene.

Choose the file format in "Files of Type:" rollout.

Spoiler for Export:

Spoiler for I. Scenery decorations:

Before exporting a model, make sure it's converted to Editable mesh and has texture coordinates.
Open Export MSH and add your model under Objects tab, Meshes rollout.

Choose a shader in Textures tab below. Click Add button, you'll see the default list of shaders.
Usually you'll be using StandardStatic - for unanimated objects, and StandardSkinned - for everything that has bones and Skin modifier.
You can set any shader existing in the game and edit their properties manually.

Double click and set your texture paths in baseTexture & bumpTexture fields accordingly. Via Import button you can import texture sets of existing meshes.

Once you've set up your texture, assign its number to a model in Meshes rollout by doubleclicking on it.


Use Box objects to create a hitbox for your mesh.

You'll need to Center Pivot to Object for your newly created Boxes.

Then place them at zero Absolute coordinates, otherwise they won't be exported properly. After that adjust your Boxes in accordance with the model.

Convert the Boxes to Editable Mesh and add them in Objects tab under Hit Boxes rollout.

Finally your mesh export is set.
Under General tab, click brouse and choose the name for your file.
CLick Export to export your model.

Spoiler for II. Pieces of equipment:
A) Weapons

When working with equipment you'll be better off importing some similar mesh from the game and using it as a template.
Import a dummy weapon.

Align your model accordingly. Notice Anchor1 & Anchor2 attach points, the space between them defines trace effect's source (when characters swing a weapon).

Add your mesh & assign textures in Export MSH. Weapons are unanimated models, use a static shader.

Add the attach points under Objects tab, Dummies rollout. You can select every objects in the scene (Ctrl+A) and click Add Selected button, it'll only add Dummies.

Now your model is ready to be exported. Note that equipment doesn't need hitboxes.


To adjust your armor properly you'll need the player character mesh imported(Creatures\pc\female\femalepc01.msh; Creatures\pc\male\malepc02.msh).
Just like with weapons, you can use a dummy armor mesh.

Align your mesh accordingly. Add Skin modifier and required bones, tweak weights.

Once you've done, open Export MSH and add your mesh, textures (you're using a Skinned shader now). Export it.

Spoiler for III. Collision mesh & Ground points:

Collision mesh is used to create a pathable surface for a mesh.

Create a low poly copy of your mesh.

Add it in Objects tab under Collision Mesh rollout.

Double click on it to see pop up menu.

Click Show button, it'll autoselect the mesh. Select pathable faces for your collision mesh. The unselected parts will serve as a hitbox (on a side note: You don't need to create a hitbox if a model already has a collision mesh). Click Set button.

Ground Points are used to attach the pathable part of a mesh to terrain, which is necessary in order for characters to be able to walk up on to the mesh from terrain and vice versa.

Use Cross Point Helpers to create ground points. Attach each ground point to vertices of the pathable part of your collision mesh in the counter-clockwise order. Click Edit button under Ground tab to see the list of ground points.

Another example of ground points placement

Now your mesh is ready for export.

Multiple Ground Points groups

Spoiler for IV. Portals, i.e. grid entrances:

Use a Plane object to create a portal plane. Convert it to Editable Mesh before exporting.
In order for portals to work properly, entrance & exit meshes need to have an attach point called "ChokePoint" with carefully adjusted coordinates. Use a Dummy object to create ChokePoint and place it at the bottom center of the portal plane.

Z axis of the dummy should face a character as he enters the portal.

Add the portal plane and ChokePoint under Portals and Dummies rollouts respectively.

It's worth noting that outer grid entrances (the ones being placed on a terrain region as opposed to a grid)  usually have a collision mesh to smooth pathing transition.
Spoiler for V. Vertex Color:
Spoiler for VI. Attach Points:
Using dummies you can attach a .dbr to your mesh, be it an effect entity, light source, or a piece of equipment.
Double click on an attach point in Dummies roll out to fill in an entity's records path. To attach it to a specific bone, set the bone's name in Parent field.

Spoiler for VII. Animation:
Couple of notes about animation:
Animation only works with bones.
First frame of an animation has to be the default T-pose, in order for the script to capture beginning of the animation correctly.

When exporting, animations only require bones, you don't need to set up the model/hitboxes/dummies. In most cases you'll need to have Export all bones box checked.

2)TQ's 3ds max plugin (x86 max)
There's no official documentation to be found anywhere, however evidently its set up is similar to 3ds plugin for GD.

Spoiler for Setting Up:
In order for Max to be able to see the game's contents, proceed to C:\Users\*User*\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\ and open Tools.ini. Set core Titan Quest directory (If you have mods with custom assets you'll be using add their paths too) path in additionalbuilddirs field.

Copy over .dlls found in Titan Quest core directory to 3ds Max installation folder. Copy MaxPlugins.dlo to your 3ds max plugins folder.

For the game shaders to work properly you'll need to set Direct3D in renderer settings. Launch Max, in Preferences Settings (Customize->Preferences on Utility Panel) open Viewports.
Click Choose Driver, then Revert from Direct 3D. Select Direct3D and press OK. Restart 3ds Max.

Spoiler for Description:

To export a model you'll need to assign it a one of the game's shaders.
Open Material Editor (M), set it in Compact Mode. Click Standard button and select "Shader" material.

Click on the elipsis to choose a shader.

After you've set textures' paths the material is ready to be applied to a model.

Use hitbox helpers found on Create panel/Helpers to create a hitbox for your mesh.

Export Object

Upon finishing up, place one Export Object somewhere on the scene.

Save your .max to your mod's source folder.
Open Art Manager and Auto-Create Asset for your model. Build your mod.

3) GD's max plugins ('09/'11/'12 x86 max)

Guide by one of the devs is found here.

GD and TQ meshes differ by the fourth byte in their files. 02 for GD; 0a and 0b for TQ. 0a type allows only one texture per mesh so you'll never really need that.
Once you've built your models in Asset Manager convert them via any hex editor and they're good to go for TQ.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Although I have to add GD uses more advanced technology, some of the mesh data will essentially be a dead weight when used in TQ. No idea whether it affects the game performance in any way.

New Projects / [WIP][PvP Map Pack] Between The Rays
« on: 09 June 2018, 18:03:30 »

I. Swamp Realm - Done


II. A Land of Ruins ~ 80%


III. Christmas Village Massacre - Concept stage

IV. ...

Optional goals:
1. A secret enemy for each map. (Done for Swamp Realm).

Used assets from: Serious Sam BFE, Talos Principle, Grim Dawn; Credit goes to all the people involved in creating those.

Spoiler for Changelog:
BTR v0.53 9/17/18
Land Of Ruins
-Various scenery decorations adjustments
-Minor map tweaks

BTR v0.52 9/16/18
Land Of Ruins
-Minor map tweaks

BTR v0.51 6/11/18
Land Of Ruins
-Minor visual tweaks
-A few scenery objects got their hitboxes adjusted

BTR v0.5 6/9/18
Swamp Realm
-Fixed an issue where chars would occasionally get stuck in certain scenery decorations.
-Tweaked a few sloppy hitboxes.
-All map regions received a teleport zone.

Land Of Ruins

Note. If you have the old Swamp Realm from Workshop installed, delete it before using this version. Having two mods with identical names causes unwanted behavior.
You'll need Titan Quest AE + Ragnarok to run this mod.

Spoiler for Known problems:
Land of Ruins
1. Game occasionally freezes as it loads multiple objects containing HD textures at once, which can eventually lead to a crash, especially for lower specs PCs.

2. A bug has been encountered where the game starts crashing when it tries to load a char that's already been on the map. Proceed to your Custom Quest save folder: "*User*\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest - Immortal Throne\SaveData\User", find your char and delete "Maps_a land of" folder. It'll wipe most of the map data, you'll start from the default spawn point.

Download btr v0.53 825MB
google drive
Steam Workshop

cumulative 0.53 (if you have the previous version (0.52))

Please report any problems and feel free to share your feedback and suggestions.

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