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General Discussion / Need Advice For Next Playthrough
« on: 24 May 2020, 02:17:10 »
Finally, after nearly 100 hours, I beat the entire game from the start to the end of Ragnarok. Man, this is one heck of a long game! Even other role-playing games at most take me about 40 hours.

I think I did better this time than I did back when I played the game when I had only the Immortal Throne. Again, I beat the game with a Conqueror. But this time, I didn't die a single time! Though I did have some close calls though.

Still I don't think I've gotten the whole hang of the game just yet. So I will need some advice for future playthroughs.

1. For melee builds: should I stick only with swords due to them having the fastest speed in melee combat?
2. I've found a lot of Epic items during the playthrough but sold most of them due to having no use for them with my character. I don't think there would be enough room in my shared stash for all of them. If I find a good epic item, should I start a new character that can put it to use? What should I do with all those epic items I find on future playthroughs?
3. I've been collecting and storing all of my charms, relics, and recipes in my stash. Is this a good idea or not?
4. Apparently, some skills would be much more valuable on higher difficulties. How will I know if a skill is not worth getting on Normal difficulty? What priorities should I follow?
5. I've been investing most of my stat points into strength and whatever else I earned during Normal in Dexterity. Should I do things differently next time I make a fighting hero, such as dividing points equally between strength and dexterity? When should I start investing heavily in the other?
6. I've been using the Altar of Separation a lot to recover charms or relics, yet some items got really expensive to destroy? How do I know if I should keep the item, the relic/charm, or not?
7. What's the best way to deal with enemies who attack from range with either bows or throwing weapons while taking as little damage as possible?
8. I found pieces of head scrolls. What purpose do they serve?
9. What can I do in the Tartarus Pit and what rewards can be earned?
10. When is the best time to start Atlantis?
11. How long should I stay in an Act in terms of gaining experience and loot?

General Discussion / What Am I Doing Wrong?
« on: 21 May 2020, 20:13:15 »
I just recently got to Act 5: Ragnarok with my Conqueror. This is the first time I've ever gotten to Act 5 as a player. I beat Atlantis yesterday and finished the first quest of Act 5. By the way, Corinth in my opinion has the best music of any city or town in the game.

With my Conqueror, I've been investing stat points in a ratio of 2:1. For every two points I put into strength, I put on into dexterity. Physical damage is more important to a conqueror as it is his/her style of damage judging from the available skills. Currently I've put 62 points into strength and 31 into dexterity. If I follow this to the max level, I'll have 124 points in strength and 62 in dexterity, so I'm halfway there now!

Still, there have been some places where I've struggled. I've had some close calls fighting certain monsters such as one of the generals in Hades' Palace and one of the generals in Atlantis. Often I find that the enemies are dealing too much damage to me at once and I'm not dealing enough. Even when I had a weapon with life leech, I wasn't dealing enough damage for the life recovery to be high enough to not depend on potions for healing. This even though I had maxed Onslaught by the middle of Act 4. I've also maxed Weapon Training, Triumph, and Ardor. All other important skills have one point in them, including the Adrenaline tree, Battle Rage, Battle Standard, Batter, Rend Armor, Shield Charge, Hamstring, Disruption, Colossus, Unyielding Phalanx, War Wind, War Horn, Doom Horn, Slam, the Battle Awareness Tree, and the three shield passive attacks. I had tried out Ancestral Horn, but the damage was pitiful so I got rid of it with help from a mystic. When I got to Act 5, I went to the mystic and removed the points I had invested in Dodge Attack and Ignore Pain and then put them into Rally and Defiance for more life recovery, elemental resistances, and damage reflection which would be more useful. I also started buying and wearing items that increased health by flat numbers and percentages. Maybe that's why I had some problems earlier in the game, because I wasn't using certain skills and spending points on skills that I didn't need yet. I think some of those skills are more useful in later difficulties are thus not worth getting in Normal.

What am I doing wrong? Am I going to have problems when using other classes? How can I avoid making the same mistakes with other builds?

General Discussion / Performance Issues
« on: 20 May 2020, 01:26:44 »
I recently started the Atlantis act. Over the course of the previous acts, there have been sections where the frame rate isn't as smooth as it usually is. This seems to happen at certain points in caverns and cities. But in the first city I enter in Atlantis, throughout the city the performance is reduced so that the action isn't as smooth. Does this have anything to do with my computer and graphics card?

General Discussion / No Left Click Attack For Your Class
« on: 19 May 2020, 02:58:22 »
I've been going through the Titan Quest Skill Calculators, and I know of all the left click attacks that you use for a main attack. Warfare has Onslaught. Dream has Psionic Strike. Spirit as Ternion Attack. Rune has Rune Weapon. Rogue has Calculated Strike. And Hunting has Marksmanship. None of these attacks has a recharge time so they can be used indefinitely as long as you can meet the energy needs.

But the other masteries, Earth, Storm, Nature, and Defense have no skills that you can use as a left-click attack without recharge. So if you make a character using two of those masteries, you'll have nothing special. Which means you may need to just use the basic attack. And some of the other masteries listed above in the first paragraph have the same problem if you use an attack style or weapon that cannot use the attack. For example, the melee Spellbinder, the Spear Warden, the Guardian, melee Paladin, melee Juggernaut, etc.

So what do you do if your character has no left-click attack that lacks recharge?

General Discussion / Getting Started and Improving Playstyle
« on: 25 April 2020, 06:10:50 »
After numerous playthroughs of Diablo II, and numerous attempts at Titan Quest, I've come to see that Titan Quest is an overall much more difficult game. To me, the difficulty feels uneven because even the monsters at the start of the game can pose a challenge. Apparently, even the satyrs and boards are much stronger than even the Fallen in Diablo II. I feel like I'm not doing enough damage. Weapons with fast attack speed don't deal enough and stronger weapons don't attack fast enough. And some of the enemies deal more damage to me than I to them. Some of the earlier bosses I struggle against such as Nessus.

On previous playthroughs, I used to pick up and sell everything, making frequent trips back to town to pawn off my inventory, but eventually, that got tedious. And like I do in Diablo II, I tend to re-explore previously explored places in new games to get more loot and experience. And even though I'm spending most of my skill points on the masteries, I still feel underpowered much of the time. Even when I successfully took a Conqueror through Immortal Throne years ago I felt like I wasn't doing enough damage and taking too much, frequently drinking healing potions. I find myself asking if I'm doing something wrong with the way I play the game.

Some players use mods, but I don't want to because I'm a purist. I tend to play on normal speed because anything faster than that is too fast for me. I have difficulty making good equipment choices and determining which piece is overall better. Like I do in Diablo II, I focus on trying to improve my character's resistances.

I have looked online at beginner's guides and videos, but they don't seem too helpful for me. So I now turn to the Titan Quest community on how to improve my playstyle.

General Discussion / Supertough Hero Monsters
« on: 22 April 2020, 00:38:15 »
For the last couple of days, I've been playing Titan Quest again. This is my first playthrough of the Anniversary Edition with Atlantis. But yesterday, I went into the cave before Delphi in act 1, and I ran into a monster called "Shadowmaw". I swear, he wasn't in the cavern when I played Titan Quest with the Immortal Throne expansion years ago. So he must have been added by the Anniversary Edition.

Damn! Shadowmaw was tough for me at my level at that point in the game. I had many close calls, had to lead him outside (he wouldn't follow me too far outside the cavern), and finally wore him down gradually just when I was about to run out of health potions. When I played through the path from Megara to Delphi again, this time I ran away when I encountered him in the cave again.

What were the game producers thinking when they decided to add in this creature? Just how many more creatures are there in the whole game who are practically too powerful for you to take down the first time you find them? When do you know that you're strong enough to fight them?

General Discussion / Tips On Character Building
« on: 05 March 2020, 00:36:54 »
As I said in my first thread, I only took one character through Immortal Throne in the past and not playing anymore because I didn't think I was any good at the game. The character was a Conqueror, which I thought was a good choice for a beginner because this class has the highest base health of all characters when both masteries are maxed. I struggled through the game and felt like I wasn't doing much damage. I had to frequently visit the mystics in order to reallocate skill points, whether to spend on other skills or the mastery itself. Even when I reached Hades, my character wasn't dealing impressive damage and I didn't have high-level skills like I usually do when playing Diablo II.

So before I try this character again through Atlantis and Anniversary Edition, (or any other character for that matter), I'd appreciate it if someone could answers these questions to help me build a good character and spend my skill and stat points wisely.

-Which masteries are best to start the game with?
-Should I wait to pick my second mastery even at level 8?
-How many points per level should be spent on the mastery and how many per level on skills?
-How do I know if I should get a skill right away or if I should wait?
-What determines if a skill should get more than one point or be maxed?
-Should I max some skills as soon as they are available?
-Should I spend my stat points as soon as I get them or should I reserve them?

General Discussion / Mastery Questions of Certain Skills
« on: 04 February 2020, 04:08:16 »
I have been using the online Titan Quest Calculator for Atlantis trying to choose appropriate skills for builds I have planned. But I have questions concerning some skills that I would appreciate being answered by more experienced players.

-Does the damage increase of an active Onslaught stack with the damage of other combat skills such as Marksmanship, Calculated Strike, Rune Weapon, Psionic Strike, etc?

-Does the increased stun duration of Concussive Stike affect only your physical attack or does it work with any skill that can stun?
-Do you need a shield in order to use Battle Awareness?
-Is Armor Handling necessary if you wear mage armor?

-Do you need to have fight in melee in order for Finesse to take effect?

-What skills and properties work with Throwing Knife and it's synergy Flurry?
-Does Lethal Strike only apply to melee attacks?
-Can your attributes increase the damage of traps?

-Do Earth enchantment and its synergies increase the damage of Core Dweller? Does it affect other pets?
-How does Heat Shield Work?
-Does Volatility increase the damage of the Core Dweller?

-Can Storm Surge be activated by your pets?
-How does Energy Shield and its synergy work? Does Reflect use physical damage when your enemy strikes you?

-Do your attributes affect the physical, bleeding, pierce, and elemental damage of wolves and nymphs?

-Is Deathchill Aura necessary even if you are a mage or a long-range fighter?
-Does Vision of Death stack with Flash Powder?

-Do Lucid Dream and its synergies work with pets?
-Does Phantom Strike work with bows or staves?
-Does Trance of Empathy stack with Rally's Defiance in terms of damage reflected?

-Exactly how does Rune Weapon work?
-Is Runeword Explosion's synergy work with melee weapons?
-Does Runeword Feather work with bows and staves?
-Does Aftermath stack with Obscured Vision?
-Which skills can or cannot work with staves, bows, and throwing weapons?

General Discussion / What I Have Learned So Far
« on: 02 February 2020, 01:29:34 »
For many days now, I've been looking at an online skill calculator for Titan Quest at and trying to choose appropriate skills for each class. For some classes, there is only one sure way to make them. For others, there can be more than one build for them depending on if one mastery has combat skills that support different weapon types. Each mastery to me is designed for one style of gameplay.

Warfare: This mastery seems to be strictly melee due to having nothing to offer spellcasters. Choosing this mastery means you'll be developing a character built for melee combat. There's also the possibility that the character will dual wield.

Defense: Another mastery made for melee combat. Practically every skill requires the use of a shield, so using one is a must if you choose this mastery.

Hunting: This mastery has combat skills for bows, spears, and throwing weapons, though the synergies for marksmanship do not work with throwing weapons. There are also prebuffs for increasing pierce and bleeding damage. Choosing this mastery means you'll either use a bow or spear, as well as depending on bleeding or piercing damage.

Rogue: Mostly for damage supplementing. There are skills that use poison, piercing, or increase bleeding damage, as well as some combat skills that can be used for either melee or long-range. You can also build traps to aid you. Choosing this mastery means your character will focus on the use of poison, bleeding, piercing, or building traps.

Earth: Purely for spellcasters as it has nothing to benefit only fighters. Choosing this mastery will mean your character will focus on fire and burning damage, although there are skills to increase physical damage and give you access to a powerful minion.

Storm: Same as Earth, it's for spellcasters, but for the elements of lightning and ice. There is a pet that can increase elemental damage. Choosing this mastery will focus on using cold and lightning damage for your character.

Spirit: Another spellcaster mastery with a powerful minion, but with limited damaging skills, instead offering vitality damage. There is also a skill that increases all types of damage and a powerful skill for use with staves. Choosing this mastery will result in a character that will either use a staff or with a focus on either pets or vitality damage.

Nature: The only mastery lacking any combat skills, so it's more of a support mastery. Many of the skills are geared toward prebuffing life, healing, weakening your enemies, or summoning pets to aid you. This mastery is for characters who want to depend heavily on pets.

Dream: A hybrid mastery that has something for everyone: spellcasters, fighters, and petmasters. Depending on your other mastery, choosing this will result in a character that fights melee, long-range, spellcasting, or relies on pets.

Rune: Another hybrid mastery, but without pets and limited spellcasting. You can also dual-wield with this mastery. Choosing this mastery will help create a character that focuses on dual throwing or focusing on elemental magic for either melee or ranged combat.

For me, certain classes are meant to be only used in one way according to the mastery classifications. Any class that chooses either warfare or defense will focus on melee combat. Earth, Spirit, and Storm are meant for casters. Spellcasters who choose Spirit will make heavy use of their staff for damage with the Ternion Attack. And those who choose nature will rely heavily on their minions either for damage, meat shields, or strengthening themselves.

Since Hunting, Rogue, and Spirit have the best skills for increasing bleeding damage, the best classes for this type of damage are the Bone Charmer, Warlock, and Brigand, as Spirit has Necrosis and Hunting has Flush Out, both of which reduce bleeding resistance. However, from what I have read online, bleeding is more of a secondary damage since many enemies have high bleeding resistance or are even immune. And unlike Diablo II where you had a hireling to help deal with enemies immune to your build's chosen skills when making your character, here in Titan Quest, you're on your own. Poison has the same problem and should be more of a secondary damage type not one to build a character around. From what I have seen, the only skill that decreases poison resistance is Susceptibility in Nature mastery. Since Rogue is the only other mastery that has poison damage, the best character for poison damage as a secondary damage ability is the Illusionist. The Brigand is the best character for piercing damage as both hunting and rogue increase piercing damage and reduce piercing resistance.

Based on what I have learned so far, I am trying to put together a list of builds that make good use of each mastery. However, it's going to be more difficult than what I did with Diablo II because I have no idea what the best ideal equipment will be for each character or exactly which skills they use and how many points each skill will have, or where exactly to assign attribute points to maximize each build's effectiveness. I know strength focuses on melee damage, dexterity for poison, bleeding, or piercing damage, and intelligence for spellcasting and elemental damage, and I don't want to feel that what I've invested will be a waste.

Of course, I have seen on Youtube some builds such as a casting Thane, casting Paladin, Throwing Knife Assassin, as well as Templars and Harbingers using staves with Psionic Beam. The problem with these builds according to a skill calculator is that you'll have too many skill points leftover and you are missing out on what both masteries have to offer. What's the point of choosing Warfare if you're going to make a spellcaster. And same with Defense if you are not using a shield?

There's a table of class guides on the Titan Quest wikia that suggests how each class should be made and a list at which shows each class by difficulty in using and how they are best suited. For example, a Conqueror would be strictly melee. Same with the Corsair and the Warden.

All in all, I felt like I learned a lot so far, but still got a long ways to go.

New Members Introduction / New To Titan's Quest
« on: 01 February 2020, 04:45:29 »
Hi, I'm new to this game. Titan Quest seems to be a much more complicated RPG than Diablo II. In the past, back when the original Titan Quest forum was still up, I only had Immortal Throne and only went through the whole game once, but I wasn't really all that good at it and had problems building my character. I did try joining the original forum but for some strange reason, I wasn't allowed to even post anything even after registering.

Now I have the full game, including Atlantis, but I have yet to play through the two new acts. I'm going to wait until I understand this game much more before I start playing again.

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